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Thread: 1880's St Louis Uniforms

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    1880's St Louis Uniforms

    I am doing research on the 1880's St. Louis Browns uniforms. My biggest problem is confirming the colors used. Of course, all photographs were in black and white back then. The only color pictures I can find are drawn pictures. I have found these are often just fantasy! I have found one photo of Tom Dolan from 1887 and one team photo from 1884 that show dark uniforms, presumably used "out of town". I have seen several baseball card drawings showing a red shirt and dark blue pants. As these colors both show the same in black and white photos it is a problem confirming the red and blue. I have seen drawn pictures copying photos that show red stripes on the hats and brown lettering on the shirts with red lacings.A picture of a "St Louis Browns Champion Soap" box I have seen shows the srtipes on the hats as more brown. I am particularly dubious that the team would have used red and blue uniforms when they were called the Browns! The red and brown mix on the shirts and hats makes a little more sense. Thanks for any help!
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    I can't be of any help to you, but those are amazing pictures!!
    The first one looks like more of a military picture than baseball!!

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    I have been told that there uniforms were tanish...........

    Other then that you on your own, sorry.
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