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Thread: Mizuno bamboo bats

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    Mizuno bamboo bats

    They are offering a 90 day warranty on this bat. I was thinking of buying the bat but I'm thinking that the warranty would not cover a bat broken/chipped in the skinny part of the bat. There list of choices to get a refund are cracked barrel/dented barrel.

    Anybody got experience with this?

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    I have used a mizuno bamboo wood bats the past three seasons. I got pretty good use out of them and they held up well. i played a 30 game season and i got through the season with about two of them so not that bad for hitting it off the ends and stuff. they can be a little heavy for some people though i guess. some kids on my team didnt like it but i recommend it. if you want a durable bat from my experience these are good for wood bats


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