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Thread: childhood baseball highlight

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    1.I was playing in a first round playoff game. I was playing firstbase and the ball was hit foul past the fence. I started to run after the ball and made a sliding catch in foul terriotory past the oppents dugout. It ended the inning and we were only down by one.(I was always put on the bad teams after my one team went 19-0).This got my whole team pumped. Too bad my parents weren't looking. We lost 1-0. Anyway when i got into the dugout I told my team mates it was do to the fact I played MVP Baseball 2004.(I was 12.)

    I always wanted to pull off the hidden ball trick.

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    Yankeebiscuitfan Guest
    I only started playing baseball when I was 25. During the 4 years before I played softball.

    One home game I was playing left field, where I had a very busy day. I caught a lot of lazy fly balls. But I also made a couple of diving catches, shoestring catches and a over-the-shoulder-grab.

    I don't remember if we won that game, but when I came out of the dressing room, our coach was talking with the coach of our oponent.

    The opponent's coach said:"Wow, your left fielder was awesome."

    You can imagine that I had a HUGE smile upon my face.

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    mine are

    1. catching a fly ball and throwing home to get the runner from mid center field.
    2.getting an out then using the hidden ball trick.

    3. always using the idden ball trick after our pitcher walked someone.
    "It's deja vu all over again!"
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    OK, this is ancient history...when I was a kid, we started playing organized ball around 8, and the first season was 1/2 tee ball followed by 1/2 kid pitch. I was the only kid on the team who could throw strikes and was being groomed to pitch, so I was on the mound for our first game. Before the game started, I noticed that the prettiest girl in my grade, who was also in my class, was in the crowd...I started sweating bullets.
    Being the first game, most of the kids were pretty bad at hitting off the tee, including me. About half the kids on the other team popped the ball up between the plate and the mound, and I handled all of the pops without an error...I guess 9-10 chances in 6 innings. My coach, who turned out to be a lunatic, was really happy with me and clapped me on the back after every half inning.
    Next Monday in class, the girl walks up to me and tells me she saw me in the game. I said that I saw her there, too. Then, she gushed, "You caught SOOO many fly balls!!" I was the happiest guy in existence...I told her that it wasn't so hard, but she insisted that I must be really good. I was walking on clouds for days...
    Anyway, never got the girl...also, made the league all star team, but didn't get to play because I was coming home from out of town and my father refused to bring my uniform to the Greyhound station and drive me to the game right away. Told me that it wasn't important enough for all that effort.
    Family issues kept me from playing the next season and I just decided to not ask to play any organized sports after that because it just added to the strife in the household. That was my only organized baseball until I joined the NABA at age 25. I kept playing pickup ball and spent hundreds of hours at batting cages learning how to hit fast stuff in the meantime...but, breaking stuff was a revelation to me at that late age.
    Please don't read me as being too parents had serious problems, and I'm grateful for what they were able to do for me despite them. I was never the big sports star again, but I became successful in other ways and still love to compete as best I can.

    PS - for funny highlights, there was the time one of my teammates wet his pants and started crying during the game...

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    Striking out 17 batters in a 9-inning game. Granted, I also walked 10 and it was against the worst team my high school ever played (they were 2-23!), but I K'd 17 guys.
    "They put me in the Hall of Fame? They must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel!"
    -Eppa Rixey, upon learning of his induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

    Motafy (MO-ta-fy) vt. -fied, -fying 1. For a pitcher to melt down in a big game situation; to become like Guillermo Mota. 2. The transformation of a good pitcher into one of Guillermo Mota's caliber.

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    I made a reenactment of Jim Edmond's diving-with-his-back-to-home-plate catch, only mine was at 2nd base. I think I was 10.

    One senior league game we only had 7 guys show up. (5 guys were on the freshman team, and had practice the night of the game, I was in 8th grade so I was good to go) I played 3rd, SS, and LF all at the same time. I went 6-7 with a hr, 4 2b's, a triple and 7 rbi's. I threw out a runner at first, from shallow left, but we lost 13-12.

    Probably my favorite was my 24-31 streak in high school. (.571 final average is 6th highest in 4-A Iowa history)

    My favorite one that I had nothing to do with was a kid shattering (and I mean the entire friggin thing) a windshield with a home run.

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    I was pitching for my varisty baseball team as a Sophomore in high school. I struck out 17 batters and went 3 for 4 with 2 doubles and 4 RBI's in route to a 9-0 shutout 3 hitter. Was given conference player of the week after going 4 for 5 in the next game with 2 HR's and a double.

    Went 8 for 9 for the week with 2 hr's 3 doubles and 8 rbi's along with 17 K's and a 3 hit shutout.

    I will never forget that week
    "Remember, 90% of the game is half mental" - Yogi Berra

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    I stunk. Was always the worst player on my team.

    So when, at age eleven or twelve, I struck out two batters in my pitching debut, I was the happiest kid on earth.

    (Of course, I struck out the eighth and ninth hitters. Then I walked the bases loaded. Then I caught a dribbler to the mound and tossed it to the catcher. All I know about the next inning is that I didn't finish it. )
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    While baseball has nearly always been my favorite sport to follow, I was and am better at competitive swimming so my baseball career was rather short (unfortunately, but you've gotta stick with what's working). However, I remember my very first T-Ball at-bat as a 4 or 5 year old. I cranked it (for a 4-year old) out of the infield and past the "outfielders". It was our first "game" and they really weren't sure what to do with it and I got homerun in my first at-bat. I'll never forget it.

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    I have a few moments. I'm only 13 so I might have a few more moments this year but I'll remember these plays.

    My first had to be when I was 10. We were in the playoffs and I was in left field. We were losing at the time and a comeback seemed unlikely. The other team's best hitter hit a fly ball to left field. It caught me off guard so I had a late jump on it, as it was over my head. I remember running as hard as I could and putting my glove up, while running, and somehow making an over the shoulder catch. It was my only catch of the year, so when I stumbled and fell to the ground I thought I dropped the ball. But there it was in my glove. I tossed it back into the infield and took in the congradulations from everyone. We would come back and tie the game, but lose in the bottom of the last inning. I still don't know how I caught it but I remember the play.

    Another game I remember was last year. In the playoffs, we were losing to the other team 7-3 and were two innings away from losing. We started a rally in the 5th (Only 6 inning games) to make it 7-6 but our best hitter grounded out with the bases loaded and 2 outs. We managed to hold them in the top of the 6th. I was leading off in the bottom of the 6th and I hit asharp line drive to third base. He fielded it cleanly but his throw wasn't too hard. I was able to beat it out by a slim margin. The 3rd basemen may have bobbled it but I never glanced his way and ran my hardest to first. Our next hitter struck out. The next hitter hit a weak grounder to the shortstop. I made it to second but he got the runner at first. Our next hitter was one of our worst hitters. He had been doing slightly better but things weren't looking good. My best friend was playing second for the other team (It was a local league) and he said with him batting, the game was over. I told him miracles happen. I think the pitcher managed to get two strikes on him but on the next pitch our batter golfed it (It was such a low pitch his swing looked like a gold swing.) I hustled home and slid, though there wasn't a throw home, I just wanted to slide. We went on to win on a sac fly.

    I hope I have more moments like these this year.

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    If you're fortunate to play the game for a long time (through college) the people you play with and just putting on the uniform every year becomes a bigger memory than games and specific events. Running out to your position on opening day is special.

    A very vivid memory is after my last game in the locker room. I didn't want to take my uniform off. I knew I'd never put on a uniform again. I knew I'd never be hanging out in locker rooms and dugouts with all the friends and characters I encountered along the way, with all the laughs we had and all the pranks we played on each other. I felt this more than just losing an NCAA regional.

    This is why you see pro athletes cry when they retire. It's not playing they'll miss. They know they're done. It's the camaraderie of the game they don't want to lose.

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    I have two to share:

    1) It was my last year in Little League, and the same coach decided to try me on the mound, and I was feeling confident, but then right before the game I got a little anxious, but I managed to settle down right in the warm up pitches; (keep in mind this is the very first time I pitched) I ended up striking out 12 kids, and throwing a two hitter. One to the right-center gap and one in no mans land.

    2) It was in modified b baseball, we were facing brockports #1 team (we were Batavia's #2 team) I was pitching, I was our ace that year, its kinda funny, because I threw only three pitches: fastball, palmball, and knuckleball, and i still throw those three pitches today on JV. Well, anyway, I ended up throwing a one hitter and walking one, my coach took me out for some reason, and we still won, so I didn't mind.

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    Hitting 3 MASSIVE homers, stealing 5 bases and catching a DEEP drive to center in a softball game in Phys Ed. This is also the same game that a friend of mine crushed the ball into the pitcher's nuts!

    Please note that we don't really have Little League over here (it's annoying), so this'll have to do!

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    i have 2

    1) Last year. Summer travel team, 12U. Little League. However, I was older than everyone in the league. I strike out 8 in the first 3 innings of 6. I strike out another 2 in the last 3, because coach told me not to throw the curve anymore. I pitch a complete game. Oh yeah did i mention this was a championship game against a highly-favored team?

    2) First game of the same league. 1st at bat, groundout. 2nd at bat, stupid sidearm pitcher throws a meatball in the middle of plate. First HR ever for me. Next at bat, 2B. 2 for 3, HR, 2B, 2 RBI.
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    Talking aaah memories!

    Hey I got a few!

    I am 17 around this time, top of the 11th inning of our very long pickup game complete with catchers and someone to umpire.
    Score is 4-2 in favor of the other team, bases loaded 2 outs, running on pitcher's windup. I get up to bat wondering how I am gonna get a (heavy wooden) bat on the pitcher's relatively blazing fastball.
    First pitch is a swinging strike,
    second pitch is a ball,
    third pitch a swinging strike,
    fourth pitch fouled off hard to the right,
    fifth pitch close call umpire called a ball,
    sixth pitch also called a ball way over my head,
    next 6 pitches fouled off,
    hands are starting to hurt from swinging so much,
    next pitch ripped a line drive that the pitcher ducked,
    bases clearing double!!!!!

    The second story,
    This one is more recent, happened about two years ago. I was loosening up before our game against a tough foe and I noticed their catcher passing by, I started chatting with her and she told me that this will be her third game in two days behind the plate. I observed her playing in a previous game and was impressed with her throwing arm. I asked her if she would be catching in the game against my team. I did not have my uniform on yet, so she did not know who I was.

    Well the game starts and our team finally gets within one run by the bottom of the 6th inning. While I was on deck I was observing the catcher and noticed that she did not block the last two pitches very well. She was slow to get to the ball, hmm.... I get up to bat and get walked by the pitcher. Now I am the slowest person on my team, and no one on my team or any of our opponents would think of me as a base stealing threat! So much so that the catcher totally disregarded my huge lead off first base. The batter behind me was not having a good day at the plate. I decided that our team has to do SOMETHING to make the other team sweat some. I was the tying run at first. Snuck a peek at the catcher and said to myself, "This girl is tired, I am stealing second, dont care how good her arm is." Took my regular lead, soon as saw the pitcher's leg go toward home, booked it to second like there was no tomorrow. I go sliding in and feel a ball hit my left shoulder. Umpire looks down at me sprawled on 2nd base, probably to make sure I was still touching the bag.

    It's a highlight for me, because it was the first time I stole 2nd base in an actual game, and because my getting over there eventually led our team to tie the ballgame in that inning. We won it in the bottom of the 7th with two outs on a hard hit single with a runner going from 2nd to home, the ball, the catcher and the runner all arriving at the same time!

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    A few for you guys

    When I was about twelve, I hit my first out of the park homerun, and it was quite unexpected because I had only hit it out once or twice during batting practice that year. When I saw the pitch (down and in) I said "im gonna go down and get that ball" swung, ran hard, but by the time I got to first base, the first base coach had said "its gone!" I was so excited, I tried not to smile in an attempt to look cool and act as if it wasn't my first, but it was Two games later, the bases were loaded and the thought of a Grand Slam never crossed my mind, but sure enough, a frozen rope over the right field fence qualified as my first Grand Slam, quite a feat considering alot of people have never hit one, and I did when I was twelve.

    My other memory would have to be last year, I was 14 at the time, and participating in a 18U tourny in Moscow Pennsylvania, which is always fun since I'm from Canada. But in our second game, we were playing a tough team that was clearly full of 18 year olds, we got spanked, but in my two AB's I had a huge flyout to center that surprised their 6'5 pitcher lol and a grounder up the middle where the 2nd Basemen made a great play to throw me out. The next team we played expected us to be pushovers; and rightfully so, but in the first inning there was 2 out and a man on second when I came up to the plate. The first pitch was a fastball right down the middle, and I jumped all over it. Once again I hustled my ass down to first, thinking it would be a hustle double, but by the time I looked up I saw the ump signalling "Home Run", I went 2-2 in that game with a Homer and a double, before my Coach took me out when I jammed my thumb catching a fastball

    Good times

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    No hitter in freshmen high school baseball. We won 22-0 so it was only 5 innings because of mercy rule but it is still memorable for me. I gave up no walks and it would have been a perfect game had our shortstop not booted a groundball. That was the only man to reach base on the other team.

    Another highlight for me was my first homer over the fence in little league. I was 12 and it was during a fall travel league game.

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    when i was 9 or 10 i was facing the ace pitcher for the 1st place team in our league. it was the last inning and we were down i ended up having the walk off hit. best part about it was it was my first hit in little league and it was my dad's birthday ( rip )

  20. im 16 now and i did this when i was 14 in my last year of bantam baseball. we were in our OBA'S (ontario baseball associton)ontario championships semi final game. we are down by one run in the bottom of the seventh playing a team out of toronto called martin grove. i was the starting short stop on the team but i had been benched the whole tournament becuse i tore my trapzieus muscle in my back, back to the game. down by 1 7th inning 2 out runner on second. coach puts me in to pinch hit, of course im not going to say no. first pitch asks me to bunt, i fail misserably same with the second pitch. so im sitting 0-2 wth two outs next pitch i smoke a double. so were down bye one. then my fav part. im on second next guy up hit a hard hit ground ball through the whole between second and first. im running my balls off and go right through the stop sign my 3rd base coach was giving me. ball come in before i do and i do the hook slide head first pete rose style and we win the game. i was happy.. ended up loosing in the finals tho.

    and my other one was when i pitched a 2 hitter in semi fianls the year before .

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