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Thread: childhood baseball highlight

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    A couple higlight I can remember. One from last school season and one this fall ball.

    School Season: We were up 11-5 in the 6th inning on the #10 ranked school in our state. They have 3 players going to big time colleges, 2 to Hawaii and 1to University of Washington. Our reliever comes in and gives up 3 runs without getting an out and I have literally about three pitches to get warm. They rushed me out there with 0 outs, bases loaded, 11-8 ball game. I get a ground ball to second which gets the out at home. Bases still loaded with 1 out, grounder to SS for a DP. Got out of the inning with no damage done.

    The 7th inning comes we are up 11-9 and I strike out the first kid. Then I walk the next, give up a single, strike out the next kid. Then they have their 3 hitter come up and he has one that has a scholorship to University of Washington. I end up walking him on a 3-2 fastball that was a bit outside. So bases are loaded with 2 outs, 11-10 game and the best hitter in the league steps into the box. He has a full ride to Hawaii and is in the running for SPSL (our division) Player of the Year. I get a curve over for a strike, then 2 balls, then a fastball for a strike. 2-2 is the count and I throw a fastball as hard as I can inside and jam him. He pops out to 2nd and we win the game. It was very intese and I loved every moment of it, especially finishing off the best hitter in the league for the final out of a game which coulda put us out of the playoffs.

    This Fall Ball:

    I am going to be a senior this year btw. I face a community college team and only go 3 innings because it's fall and we are only allowed 2 or 3 innings. I made them count however. I got 7 of 9 outs on the ground and only gave up 2 hits that were both off the infielders gloves. This is the CC that I was planning on attending, so I needed to pitch good and I did.

    My stat line for that game was 3 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 BB.

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    I was about 6 or 7 years old playing Pee Wee T-Ball. My friend promised me that he'd let me use his batting glove, but when it was my turn to bat, he wouldn't let me use it. So I started crying and panting. So he finally let me use it. I hit the ball and I got so excited that I couldn't find first base. There was no chalk line drawn from homeplate to first so I panicked and ran straight to second! Moments later, a coach took me by the hand and redirected me to first. After that I have no idead how the inning ended.

    I also remember my cap being too big. I played T-ball for 3 years and every year, I was given a cap too big. So big that I always had my ears tucked in. Yeah it looks mom has pictures to prove it.

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    Mine happened last year, I was a year older then every one in the leauge because of my birthday. I got a nice hit into center but had to stop at first. next pitch I took off and ripped my pants, but I was safe. After that on the next pitch I took off for third slid. When I got up, (I was safe) I felt something, looked down. RIght down my leg was blood in two spots. I ripped my pants twice I scored. Thank god my best friend on the teams dad was there( He's a doctor) Went in to play 1st the next inning. Almost ripped the bandages on some nice plays(If I do say so myself)

    Also I took one for the team one day and my first base coach(who was 14) missed my hand when trying to give my a high-five for getting a game winnig RBI. His slap hurt more then the pitch

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    A bit past childhood, teen years; not baseball, softball.

    Played four times against "The King and His Court"; seven at bats against Eddie Feigner, six strikeouts. The one time I got my bat on the ball, I "launched" a swinging bunt down the first base line and beat it out.

    In the interest of full disclosure, it should be noted that at the time of this feat, Feigner was pitching from second base, blindfolded. His first baseman was standing next to him, to field any line drives hit back through the middle (highly unlikely) and to retrieve the return throws from the catcher. He was, of course, in no position to field my "hit," which hugged the first base line.

    A final note: In addition to getting a hit off an unhittable pitcher, I believe I also set the modern day record for use of the term, "It'll look like a line drive in the score book."
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    Little League, summer of 1968. I played 2nd base for the Firemen! We won the regular season and first two games of the playoffs. In the championship game we were leading 7-5 going into the bottom of the last inning. The Braves loaded the bases, there were 2 out and one of the best hitters in our league was batting for them. He hit a towering drive to deep center. There wasn't a fence out there, just empty space that went on forever.

    I thought the game was lost, but our little centerfielder (who didn't get to play a lot that summer) ran back, back, back and made a terrific catch, falling down. The ump signaled the out and we were the champs! We all ran out to centerfield and lifted him up on our shoulders, celebrating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianKid View Post
    I have the 2 game balls from my 2 1 hit shutouts from last year. As well as the my first homerun ball which was in the city championship semi finals.
    all my game balls and home run balls are lost i used them all to practice

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    I have had numerous clutch hits and 6 game winners. My most memorable one is the year we won our tournament. I was up last inning two outs and I was sooo nervous! I remeber, I watch my tape of it I got 1-2 then hit one deep left that won the game for us. I was so excited when I did.
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    Winning the league tournament when I was in 7th grade. I was the winning pitcher and got the go ahead RBI.

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    Yankeebiscuitfan Guest
    I have written something about me playing left field. But today I remembered a thing that was even better.

    I have pitched a couple of games; most of them were not a succes.

    But one game I came in as a reliever. We were trailing huge, so no big deal.

    One of the batters I faced fell behind in the count. Then I threw a second strike with a curve ball. You must know, that at the level I am playing at, throwing a curve ball is not a common sight. Then I struck the guy out with another curve ball. It was the only time that a player of an opponent applauded, after being struck out.

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    I've got three...
    1) Making a game saving diving catch while playing right field.
    2) Full count, bases loaded, tie score, bottom seven, game winning single.
    3) Anytime I struck someone out with my Eephus Pitch-like Curve.

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    Well, I haven't played since Third Grade, but I'll be coming back in the Spring, I'm in 8th grade now.

    Memory 1: In 2nd Grade, playing as the Yankees, I hit a ground role double with the bases loaded, and won a game against the other amazing team in the league. (We were among the top 3, and went on to the championship and lost 5-2.)

    Memory 2: This one isn't as challenging as a feat, for some reason, our first game was against a bunch of younger kids, and I went 5 for 5 with two doubles, a triple and a single. The triple was purely because of an error.

    Memory 3: Winning the championship in 3rd grade and going 3 for 5 in the championship game, with 1 RBI in the third inning.

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    i have a million but one of them is this. i was playin juco ball in AZ and in an intersquad we turned a triple play. i was playing third and it was 1st and 3rd. they tried to bunt and the kid on third got really far down. the bunt was popped lightly to the pitcher. he dove and caught it and threw to me which was an awful throw. i held the bag falling with my stretch. i turned over to my butt and saw the guy on first was trying to tag up and be sneaky. i threw to second from my butt and he was out. it was sickkkkk

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    I was in i think the 11-12 year old team and hit a game winning inside the park almost out homerun. It was against the 13-14 year old team so that was realllllly cool. I still have the ball to.
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    have a few

    (1 had 3 pickoffs in one game
    (2 had two no hitters in one season
    (3 making a diving grap and throwing the runner out at home in nationals
    (4 beating the snot out of a kid who tried to run me over at first base
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    My best highlights were when I was eleven and I nailed four runners in one game while I was catching (and it was only even a six inning game). Also, when I was thirteen, after starting the season on a six game hitless streak, I got two hits in one inning and then I continued it to end the season with a nine game hitting streak (I know it does not sound that much but I was a small fish in middle school facing pitchers in high school)

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    i remember mine vividly. my sophmore year of highschool coach was subbing out all the regulars as we were getting blown out i was called upon to pinch hit with the baseas loaded and ended up belting a grand slam, allbeit with an aluminum bat. it was great but unfortunatley we still lost the game. to date it's the only one i ever hit

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    I was about 12 or 13 and playing catcher. I was in two collisions behind the plate on one play and both runners were tagged out! They would have been called out anyways due to the fact that we had a slide or give yourself up rule. I blocked the plate as I was taught and I just held onto the ball for dear life. As I was lying on my back I heard my teamates yelling "Get up! He's coming home! I got up as quick as I could and I couldn't believe it when I saw the second runner barrelling down on me. I blocked the plate again and then POW! That one really hurt. I was taken out of the game after that for fear of a concussion. As a matter of fact, I am getting a headache just thinking about it.
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    I was 14 playing on my middle school team. We were playing the best team in the league. They hadn't lost a game in 3 years. My coach put me in to start against them because they supposedly couldn't hit a curve. I threw a curve the first pitch of the game and the guy hit a long foul ball home run. I ended up throwing a perfect game. I threw nothing but fastballs and change ups the rest of the game. That was the only loss they got that season. We lost ot them later in the playoffs.

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