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Thread: LOOKING FOR DATA? Before asking your question, go here first. CHANCES ARE IT IS HERE

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    LOOKING FOR DATA? Before asking your question, go here first. CHANCES ARE IT IS HERE

    *****Baseball-Reference will be the answer to most of your questions****


    The most up-to-date listings of websites (including those listed below) is on my wiki:

    *** The online historical baseball site. Box Scores, PBP data, players, umps, schedules, the mother load
    Event data, including batted ball types, win probability, pitches thrown
    Includes groundball outs, air outs, pitches thrown Yahoo's player pages where you can see current season, past season, career player splits. Day by Day player game log The place to download the Lahman database Baseball encyclopedia that also provides minor league data for players An almanac of baseball
    Minor league data, including balls in play, and splits Win Shares

    Definitions, glossaries

    Did I mention yet that will be the answer to almost 95% of your questions?
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  2. Where can I get historical GB% data?

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    I included links to Fangraphs and in the first post. Otherwise, download the Event Files at Retrosheet, and parse the data yourself.

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    Win Probability is a representation of the game, as it's happening, with the changes in win probability assigned to the players directly involved.

    If a player happens to find himself in alot of high leverage situations, or happens to perform best with the game on the line, win probability will reflect that, and assign the credit/blame to the players involved.

    It doesn't try to distinguish between design and timing.

    In short, a win probability chart simply quantifies how you feel, with the ebbs and flows of the chart matching your joy and frustration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Patterson
    The discussion of what part of the world/country produces the most players keeps coming up in Coaching 101. Does any one here have a resource that lists current players by place of birth?

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    Here is a page from that has all players in the history of the MLB, not just current players. It's the closest thing that i know of:

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    Baseball reference has a section that lists all the players by country of birth.

    If you want to be able to play with the numbers then you need to get a hold of a database. Which is available in the links provided above.

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    This is an odd question, but does anyone know where to find SH and SF totals in each park? I'm messing around with park factors, and the James Handbook has most of what I need, but I have no idea where to get the two above. Thanks

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    This one might be easier - anyone holding onto batter and pitcher L/R splits for the past five years or so? BIS sells them for $20 a season, which is my only other option until my parsing is up to par.

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    Join the yahoo group KJOKBASEBALL , and he might have the park data you want. Otherwise, parse the GameLogs on Retrosheet.

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    Quality Starts

    Great links! But I can't find a site anywhere that lists historical quality starts. ESPN has the stat for the last several individual years but I would love to find a place to check out career totals for recent pitchers. I heard a trivia question while watching a Brewer game the other day which asked which pitcher since divisional play began (1969) has the most career quality starts. I missed the answer! I just have to know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Since 1957, Don Sutton, and Nolan Ryan was second.

    Basically, the list is similar to GS minus L.

    Since 1957, this is the list for percentage of starts that are QS:

    The top 12: Seaver, Pedro, x, RJ, Gibson, Drysdale, Koufax, Schilling, K Brown, Maddux, Clemens, y

    Good list. x=Mel Stottlemyre, and y=Steve Rogers

  14. Another site that popped up quite recently is
    Some interesting visualizations of win/loss/run data, plus some dynamic graphics you can use on your websites/forums/etc... (like the one that's in my sig)
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    I've been looking for quite a while, so I'm sorry if anybody has talked about this before, but I really cannot find it for the life of me...

    Does anybody know of a way/place where I can see which pitchers have thrown games forcing all outs by Groundball or flyball, or at least a percentage of GB/FB/K?

    Thanks, Colin.

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    SABR stands for the Society of American Baseball Research.

    From it's website it's mission statement is:

    The Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) was established in Cooperstown, New York in August, 1971. Our mission is to foster the study of baseball past and present, and to provide an outlet for educational, historical and research information about the game.

    From wikipedia:

    The Society for American Baseball Research was established in Cooperstown, New York, in August of 1971. The Society's mission is to foster the research and dissemination of the history and record of baseball, while generating interest in the game.

    SABR, which is pronounced "saber" and whose acronym led to the creation of the word sabermetrics (the usage of mathematical tools to analyze baseball), is about much more than statistics. Members include not only "sabermetricians" Bill James and Rob Neyer, but also other people active in the baseball world such as Keith Olbermann, Roland Hemond, and Bob Costas. Jeff Bajenaru is believed to be the only active player with a SABR membership; Elden Auker, Larry Dierker, and Andy Seminick also have been involved.

    Only a minority of members pursue "number crunching" research. Rather, SABR offers a community of fans organized in two ways. Research Committees study a particular issue. Regional Chapters are for members in geographic proximity. They are frequently named after baseball personalities relevant to the region.

    SABR members also keep in touch through online directories and listservs set up through the central SABR office, which is based in Cleveland, Ohio. The central office also maintains a number of research tools on its website, including a lending library, home run and triple play logs, and course syllabi related to the game.

    SABR offers an annual convention to its members at a different site each year. The conference generally includes panel discussions, research presentations, city-specific tourism, a ballgame, and an awards banquet. It also sponsors a literary conference in Cleveland and a Negro Leagues conference, held in a different location each year.

    The 2006 convention was held in Seattle, Washington, from June 28th through July 2nd, with former Major League Baseball pitcher and author Jim Bouton as the keynote speaker. The 2007 convention will be held in St. Louis, Missouri, and will feature Joe Garagiola as the luncheon speaker.
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    Can people try google first? I typed:
    black ink baseball
    and I got this as the first link:

    Typing in SABR brings me to the SABR home page.

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    Sultan, can you create a thread, and add details to your question?

    Mission: what is it that you expected? Can't we expect that the questioner has performed the barest of due diligence?

    Colin: the first post of this thread, the second link, is to Fangraphs. If you look at the Game Log for Clemens, you get this:
    I know it doesn't give you GB outs, but it might help you otherwise.

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    Is Run Support recorded?

    I am aware that Run Support is usually out of a pitcher's control unless he is in the National League but, does anyone know where I can find this stat? I'm just interested in seeing which pitchers have benefitted the most from having good offensive support.

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