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Thread: LOOKING FOR DATA? Before asking your question, go here first. CHANCES ARE IT IS HERE

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    Lifetime BA with 2 out and MISP...

    I hope you don't mind humoring a newbie... but where can I find the statistics for lifetime batting average with 2 out and men in scoring position? Specifically, Derek Jeter's number. I heard a number during a recent broadcast and somehow doubt it being correct.

    Thanks - BierGut

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    Home Runs Allowed

    Where can I find home runs allowed leaderboards? By that, I don't mean who's given up the most (that's very easy to find on baseball-reference) but who gives up the fewest/ 9IP.

    The Indians announcer today said Rogers is having a good season as he's only given up 7 this year (through 46 innings). That didn't sound very good and I noticed Verlander had given up 14 through 186 IP. Is that any good?

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    So there is no database/file that I can get GB, LD, FB? Kind of like the lahman database with that in it? I don't know how to use the retrosheet files so I figured I'd ask.

    I'm assuming the answer is no. Would it be possible for someone to upload a file to radpishare if someone has set this file up?

    Thanks either way!

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    ...if I had to pay for it it would not be a big deal either. doesn't have to be free.

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    Does anyone know a database or spreadsheet that has number of pitches seen and number of pitches thrown

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    Is there a database with draft info. I couldn't find one

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    I think might have it.
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    the cube only has 1st rounds. I am also looking for it in a access/excel or mysql format

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    Baseball reference has the drafts online. YOu can copy and paste them or email Sean and see if he will send you the whole thing or possibly show you where to get the whole thing.

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    I'm looking for the 2007 schedule. The simplest format would be a table of the number of home and away games between each pair of teams. I could also use one big long list of games with home and away team listed.

    Retrosheet only has schedule through 2004. B-Ref has them on individual team pages, and and are no help.

    Any ideas?

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    All the schedules are on USAtoday. Check here for baseball:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tango Tiger View Post
    All the schedules are on USAtoday. Check here for baseball:
    I recommend nobody using that schedule for anything large-scale, the main reason being that the both Chicago teams are called Chicago, and the same for New York and Los Angeles.

    Mike Fast sent me a nicely formatted schedule -- if anyone wants it, let me know.

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    That's weird. In the pre-season, it doesn't look like that. If you look at the NHL schedule, that's what it would look like.

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    Is there anyway to access pitch break and velocity data from past games (this year) like how MLB gameday online has featured during games? You can go back and look at past MLB gameday coverage, but it doesn't show each pitch's details.

    Edit: Never mind, stumbled across this looking for something else, for those who are interested.:
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    Stats question:

    I know I should know this by now, but:

    What does BRAR, FRAR, FRAA, WARP3 and RCAA mean?


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    FRAR is Fielding Runs Above Replacement. Other people can explain it better than me, as Baseball Prospectus stuff is sometimes vague (at best). It's how many runs a player creates on defense above a replacement-level player at that position.

    FRAA is the same thing, but Above Average.

    WARP3 is Wins Above Replacement Player adjusted for 162 games and all-time (I think that's it).

    RCAA I've never used, but I'm assuming it's Runs Created Above Average. I'm assuming you're familiar with Runs Created?

    BRAR had its own topic a while ago, and I didn't pay much attention to it. It's Batting Runs Above Replacement, and I can't remember what makes it different from VORP.

    Anyway, there are two resources which are better at this than me.

    1) Baseball Prospectus's stats glossary, as these are all BP stats.

    2) People who aren't me, because I'm a n00b at this stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philkid3 View Post
    FRAR is Fielding Runs Above Replacement. Other people can explain it better than me, as Baseball Prospectus stuff is sometimes vague (at best). It's how many runs a player creates on defense above a replacement-level player at that position.
    Well this one is a little wierd. It has a methodology that's supposed to take the plays the player makes above how many their supposed to make in terms of runs. For example a short stop of a groundball staff will get more balls than a short stop on a fly ball staff. It also takes into accounts the players around you too, for example if Troy Tulowitzki is your short stop he'll take a lot of balls up the middle from the second basemen and the third basemen isn't going to get too alot of balls. So it takes into account things like this to evaluate a player's defense. Whether it does a good job or not, that's not for me to decide...I'll let you guys do that one.
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    Kind of a strange question...

    Does anyone keep data on balks such as most balks in a game, season, or career?

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