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Thread: Mickey Mantle V. Willie Mays

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    AL teams to win pennants between 1947 and 1964
    Yankees (15)
    Indians (2)
    White Sox (1)

    While they were certainly dominant, look closely at the standings from that period. The Yankees from 49 through 55 typically won by only a few games. They had competitors, they were just a few games better than the other teams each year. There is a big difference between winning by 4 games every year and winning by 10 games every year. Both are impressive, but if you win by 4 games you have other teams that are competitive, so it is not necessarily a situation where one team is far superior to the others. Now from 56 through 64 things were different. During those years they tended to win by 8 to 10 games which indicates a much higher level of dominance. I don't think it is fair to say the AL was not at all competitive from 49 to 55, other teams certainly had the chance to win, they just were not quite able to do it. The late 50's early 60's Yankees were much more dominant than the 49 to 55 period, they typically won by much larger margins indicating they did not have competitors. I'm not saying the AL from 49 through 55 was necessarily as competitive as the NL, I don't think it was, I'm just saying that during the first half of the 50's the Yanks DID have teams that were competitive. I don't think simply listing the teams which win is a way to really get a picture of how competitive a league was during a period. It does not differentiate between teams that win by 10 games and teams that win by 1 game. I don't think it is really fair to say the Yankees had not competition from 49 to 55, they did. From 56 to 64 I don't think other teams were as close. Did the Yankees dominate the AL from 49 through 55? Yes. But they did have some competition during that period. And while I think the NL had more good teams during that period, that does not necessarily mean the second tier teams in the AL were below the second tier teams in the NL. Had the Yankees been in the National League they might well have won about the same number of pennants. I don't think the fact that the Yankees came in first so much means the AL was weaker than the NL in and of itself. I do think the NL was stronger, but for other reasons.

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    I'd have to do some research to get exact totals, but from looking at old Sporting News guides ... I've accumulated quite a collection ... the Yankees M.O. seemed to be that they'd beat the snot out of the weak sisters, and then would win the series with the teams that were competitive with them like 12-10, 13-9, etc.

    Stengel's first four teams won by 1, 3, 5 and 2 games, and in '55 they won by 3, so they were tested. They just seemed to get it done when they had to get it done.

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