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Thread: Classic Boston Braves Photographs

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    Braves Field compared to Nickerson Field (which replaced Braves Field)

    I wish I had this bigger.

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    Braves Field

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    Braves Field

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    The famous "Jury Box" at Braves Field

    25 cent seats.
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    The Braves Ticket office that still stands to this day

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    Harold Eugene Goldsmith (played 1926-28)

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    1914 World Series

    1914 WS.jpg

    Spectators jam the roofs of rowhouses across from Philadelphia's Shibe Park in order to watch the 1914 World Series. The Philadelphia Athletics played the Boston Braves.-Corbis

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    Arthur Nehf

    Arthur Nehf.jpg
    Arthur Nehf (P)

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    The Parking Lot at Braves Field

    Braves Field Parking lot.jpg
    The parking lot at Braves Park for its opening day is shown. The Braves played against St. Louis.(1915)

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    Braves Field

    Braves Field.jpg
    46,000 fans pack Braves Field on opening day in 1915. ( You can see the famous "Jury Box" in the backround.)

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    Bill James

    Bill James.jpg
    Bill James(P) (No, not that Bill James!) on September 17, 1914.

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    Boston Beaneaters/New York Giants (1886, Opening Day)

    1886 Braves.jpg
    The Boston Beaneaters and the NY Giants take a photo together on opening day, 1886.

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    George Sisler and son

    George Sisler.jpg
    Like father like son...George Sisler, famous first baseman of the Boston Braves is pictured with his son George Jr., whom he is teaching the first fundamentals in basdeball.-Corbis

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    Babe Ruth

    Babe Ruth at the PG.jpg
    Original caption: Wearing the uniform of the Boston Braves, the great Babe Ruth delights the fans at batting practice just before the New York Giants met the Braves in the New Yorker's first game of their home season at the Polo Grounds April 23. Ray Meuller, of the Braves, is catching.-Corbis

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    Dodgers Vs. Braves

    Jackie Robinson vs. Braves.jpg
    Original caption: Jackie Robinson, (42) of the Brooklyn Dodgers, is shown safe at first base, while first baseman Torgeson waits for the throw in the 5th inning of the game at Ebbets Field. Umpire Robb calls the play. The Boston Braves won the game 12-10.

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    1948 World Series.jpg

    First Game of the 1948 World Series

    A view of Braves Field (then one of the largest playing fields in the country) as the first game of the 1948 World Series between the Braves and the Cleveland Indians got underway. The Braves won the game 1-0, and the series 4-2. -Corbis

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    Original caption: Half of Boston's pitching punch is Warren Spahn, seen in his pitching pose here for the 1948 National League Champs/Braves.-Corbis

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    A Young Spahn

    Warren Spahn, pitcher for the Boston Braves, who won 16 and lost 7 for Evansville last season, shown at spring training camp before the 1942 season.

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    Phillies vs. Braves, ping-pong???

    Original caption: Great big baseball players off the diamond on a rainy day, but keeping in training with the popular game of ping pong. The Big Leaguers playing left to right are: Denny Sothron of the Phillies; George Sisler of the Braves; Burleigh Grimes of the Braves; and Chuck Lein of the Phillies. Fred Hunter is referee, or "umps". Other ball players look on as this rainy day ping pong tournament takes place in the Alamao Hotel.
    Sisler ping-pong.jpg

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    Boston, November 22, 1937: Casey Stengel, new Boston Bees manager, meets with some of his players. From left: Billy Weir, pitcher; Danny McFadden, also a pitcher; Stengel and first baseman L.B. Fletcher. (Corbis)

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