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Thread: Average fastball speed

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    Average fastball speed

    Does anyone know any article about the average speed for fastballs at the MLB level?


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    The Bill James 2007 Annual lists the ten pitchers who had the fastest average fast balls in 2006 with average speeds and the ten slowest. I think they also list the ten fastest relief pitchers as well.

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    From that book, on pages 390 and 396, the data is split by league. The average FB speed in the AL is 1.0 to 2.0 MPH faster, which may go towards explaining why the AL is the better league these days.

    Anyway, using that data, the average fastball speed in 2006, for a pitcher with at least 162 IP is 90 MPH.

    Of course, we are dependent on whatever gun in whatever park is being used.

    We need a "park" gun factor.

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    Yes. I have the 2006 and 2007 Bill James Handbooks. IN the 2007 it lists everything from fastest avg. fastball by as reliever, starter, slowest average, how many pitches were over 100 MPH, 95, less than 80. Also included are pitchers with lowest/highest % of fastballs, curveballs, changeups, sliders, and balks.

    The most number of fastballs thrown over 100 mph was by Joel Zumaya with 233, followed by Kyle Farnsworth with ONLy 23. Zumaya's average is 98.6 MPH.
    the fastest starter is Helix Hernandez with 95.2 Slowest is Mark Redman with 84.1


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