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Thread: Yankee Stadium [I] Renovation (1974 - 1975)

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    Today there are so many monitoring systems used in structures that you could see in a report someone just walking around the stadium. Would be neat to see how much a place moves with a big crowd.

    I've seen rocker bearings fall out of bridges. They seize up and will slide on their bearing pad. I've seen bearings rust away too therefore freeing them from whatever they were between.

    Honestly the culprit here was lack of proper inspection. 20 years of city ownership may have been a factor.
    And I'll bet that Ol' Girl in the Bronx moved a lot - a lot more than
    might be acceptable if the same renovation were done today!
    RYS to NYS: "Obi-Lonn never told you what happened to your father."

    NYS: "He told me enough. He told me you killed him - in the 1970s!!"

    RYS: "No, I am your father..."

    NYS: "No, it's not true, that's impossible!!!!"

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    Dear Friends,
    I received this review about my book, "Babe's Place: The Lives of Yankee Stadium," a short while ago from Gregg's Baseball Bookcase on Facebook:

    Gregg's Baseball Bookcase
    Sharing my thoughts and giving my own review on the baseball books I read, because nobody wants to waste time on a bad book !
    Babe’s Place-The Lives of Yankee Stadium
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    I am not a Yankee fan in any sense of the word, but I will acknowledge their achievements throughout history and the contributions they have made to both the game and its storied history. The original Yankee Stadium was witness to many of the games greatest players and scores of historical moments. With its closing a few years back, baseball lost one of its historical palaces, but I have found a book that chronicles its entire history and gives the stadium the true respect that it was due.

    By:Michael Wagner-2015

    There have been a few books in the past that have made me go wow, but this one beats them all. Author Michael Wagner starts from the stadium’s original construction and provides all sorts of details about building a stadium in the 20’s. It covers stories about building delays, internal political struggles, how many bricks that were used and monetary costs to build the palace. I am using that brick number to dazzle my friends when we start asking each other obscure baseball trivia. It obviously does cover the great moments that happened there during its original incarnation and gives the reader a good feel of what the stadium was like during that early era of baseball.

    Next the book takes another in-depth look at the remodeling of the stadium in the mid 1970’s. The deconstruction and remodeling details are plentiful in this book and gives an inside look at what really went on behind the scenes during this remodeling phase. Many of these things you will find hard to believe when you hear the lengths they went to preserving its original heritage. This portion of the book also covers the great moments that happened at Yankee Stadium during this second phase of its life. This is the phase many of us are most familiar with so it was nice to relive some of those memories.

    This book provides an enormous array of pictures. From the original building of the stadium to its remodeling. Many are from the authors private collection, and they are a unique insight to the process and how large of an undertaking it was to remodel this stadium.

    Finally, one aspect I found interesting was the personal correspondence of the author attempting to get memories from those who played there. He had success to varying degrees, but it was a fun way to see what players thought about the old girl during her prime.

    It doesn’t matter if you are a New York Yankee fan or not this is a book worth checking out. The original Yankee Stadium has given way to progress, but I personally think it should have remained and been revered in such ways that Wrigley Field and Fenway Park are today. Old Yankee Stadium had a large historical value and this book has done a wonderful job on preserving some of the details and memories for generations to come.

    You can contact Author Michael Wagner directly via email for information on how to order this great book for all baseball fans.

    Happy Reading


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