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Thread: Which Newcomer Do You Think Will Be Better This Year?

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    Which Newcomer Do You Think Will Be Better This Year?

    Last Year

    Julio Lugo - .278 .341 .421
    JD Drew - .283 .393 .498

    Drew is always a risk health who do you see having the better season?

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    If healthy, it will be J.D, a great addition behind Papi and Manny. I can tell you this right now, he'll get a heck of a lot of RBI behind our 2 cornerstones.

    Prediction: .290/30/125

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    Something about Lugo leads me to believe that he will never take a step forward in Boston. He'll hopefully be decent but as the season approaches I keep coming back to his mediocrity. I'd love to be wrong as he could add great depth to the lineup w/ decent defense (and ability to play 2B down the road).

    Drew has the potential to miss time and generally suck, but the upside is pretty significant. If he can find a home in this AL style lineup and cover RF w/ above average defense... I'm on board. Him in the 5 slot rather than Lowell or Varitek could pound some pitchers into submission.

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    This is a tough one for me, Kyle.
    Drew clearly has much greater potential, but I think it's a matter of time before he goes down. So essentially I'm comparing an overhyped Lugo (just my opinion ) with a walking DL-candidate. Gah.

    Can we have a third option? I think Beckett will have a much better season, as will Coco.

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    Personally I think Lugo will have a better year. I know Drew is a better player assuming he stays healthy, but that is a HUGE assumption. Plus playing at Fenway should help Lugo tremendously. His career BA at Fenway approaches .350. That's pretty good, and should help Lugo post a great BA this season.


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