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Thread: Tom Hicks must sell the Rangers

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    I don't know if you all agree with me on the fact that Jon Daniels is an awful GM, but if you are, things just got worse. Jon Daniels signed a one year extension.

    What the h*ll is the matter with this management?
    Texas Ranger Baseball 2008..

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilkerson_rulz-06 View Post
    Oh my God, no offence, this is pathetic, he can have as many franchises as he wants.

    Just because he bought Liverpool with George Gillett (Montreal Canadiens owner) and has interest in other teams is no reason for him to sell the Rangers.

    Come on people, like, what the hell?
    It's not as if an owner has a pivotal role when it comes to the success of his franchise, besides giving money in hundreds.
    you're not serious are you??? An owner can have incredible amounts of influence on the success of a team. It was Hicks' decision to release Doug Melvin, hire john hart, fire grady fuson, hire jon daniels and keep Hart on as an advisor. Now Doug melvin is tops in his division in the NL with milwuakee and Grady fuson is on top of his division with the padres as well.

    Ever since Tom Hicks took the team over in '97 the team has been in a steady decline and is now starting to hit rock bottom.

    Tom Hicks reminds me of the owner in Major League....

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