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Thread: Congratulations, Craig Biggio - #7!!!

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    Craig Biggio #7 - A native Long Islander...

    Everyone: I am new here and from looking over this vast site I noticed this topic on Craig Biggio. He grew up in an adjacent town here on LI-Smithtown. He was a graduate of Smithtown West HS I believe in 1984. I recall he grew up a Mets fan as many back then on LI did but not only did he make it all the way to MLB he played for one team-the Astros-his entire career as we all know here. He definitely is one of the most stand-out players to come from LI in recent years.

    One thing I later found out about him was that during a HS baseball game back in 1983 or 1984 he was on the field when a teammate was struck and killed by lightning during a game. I even remember the storms vaguely-they were particularly nasty- and that tragedy stood out in my mind being a weather fan also. I remember that he was very observant and apprehensive concerning lightning storms-rightfully so in my opinion after what happened.

    Playing in Houston in the Astrodome and then Minute Maid Park was a good fit for him and being a one-team career player just makes me respect him all that much more. He should be a prime nominee for the Baseball Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible.

    In closing: Thanks,Craig to a great baseball career! Long Island Mike

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    It's pretty interesting to see what I wrote two years ago.

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