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    If what you say here is true, and I believe it is, how could what you said earlier be true, specifically: "Many of the women's teams I've played against and have seen play could beat many men's amateur teams hands down, because they are better players and have better fundamentals and mechanics."

    Womens baseball, for the reasons you cited, is not on par with mens baseball. It's not even on par with Single A baseball. If any women are talented enough to play pro baseball, I'm behind them all the way. But they are a long ways from having a womens MLB. No high horse about it. Simple facts.
    I'm talking amateur ball here. I'm not talking the minors and majors, because women don't have that... and we don't even have women's high school or collegiate teams. As I've already stated, women's baseball is still at the amateur level with far less opportunities than men have, yet there are plenty of women who can and do compete on men's amateur teams and there are women's teams that can beat men's amateur teams. Bringing Single A into the picture, or even college baseball, is a moot point, because women don't have collegiate baseball or pro baseball opportunities. Some women who play today (very few) have played high school ball. Most of the girls who have had the opportunity to play on their boys' high school teams are still in high school.

    Of course women are a ways away from having a WMLB. No one has argued against that here. We have stated on here many times before in other threads that in order to have a solid women's pro league, many other things need to happen first, including creating more girls' youth leagues, making baseball a sport for girls in high school, making baseball a varsity collegiate sport for women, and developing some sort of minor league system... perhaps with some of the women's amateur teams that exist now.

    The person who started this thread asked if the reason there isn't a WMLB is because of the strength issue. The purpose of my post was to point out that that isn't the reason there isn't a WMLB, and I stated some of the main reasons why there isn't. I went on to say (supporting my statement that the strength issue isn't a reason for not having a WMLB) that there are plenty of women around the country who play on men's teams and in men's leagues who don't have any problem with doing so and being successful, and there are women's teams that could beat some men's teams because they are better fundamentally and mechanically and that the strength issue doesn't come into play all the time. I'm talking about amateur baseball here, not about collegiate baseball or minor league ball or MLB.

    You stated something to the fact that saying that the women who can play against/amongst men and the women's teams that can beat men's teams are the cream of the crop for women and therefore, it isn't valid to say they can beat men. You stated it as if saying the best female players of today are pro players or something, and therefore it isn't fair to compare them to the average "Joe" who plays. Like I've already stated, 99.99% of us female players have never played high school baseball or collegiate baseball. Most of us play less than 15 games per summer, which I know is far less than what most men's leagues play.
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