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Thread: 2007 Regular Season Game Lengths?

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    2007 Regular Season Game Lengths?

    Does anyone have the average length of time of each team? I am just curious and want to see the length of specifically NYY games after watching the extremely long ALDS games. It seems to me that NY purposely moves slow throughout the game (excessive trips to the mound, calling time, God Bless America, etc.)


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    I don't have the team-by-team average game times, but I found this...
    Average National League game: 2:48
    Average American League game: 2:54
    Average NY Yankees game: 3:11

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    I know back in the day, the American League Red Book and National League Green Book used to publish the average game times for each team for the previous year and for the leagues as a whole dating back to the 1920's or so. It amazed me at the time how the game times overall jumped in time length as the 20th century moved on. Obviously one of the main reasons was the impact of television, radio, and commercials, etc., even longer for post-season games. Now with the specialization and switching pitchers for specific hitters (thanks LaRussa), that's just added more time to the game.

    AL and NL game times became distinctly different in 1973 because of the DH and have stayed that way ever since with AL games taking longer to complete. It's amazing how the inclusion of 3-4 automatic and quick outs (by the pitcher) during any given NL game made so much of a difference.

    That being said, I can enjoy a 2 hour NL game (those happen once in a while) as much as 4:30 AL game.


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