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Thread: Regulation Bat Size-Weight for 13 yr old

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    Regulation Bat Size-Weight for 13 yr old

    My son will play 13 year-old Babe Ruth Baseball next year. I can't find any specifics on what the bat size and weight regulations are for that age group. Can any one help?

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    I found this link but don’t know whether or not it holds across all of BR baseball.

    For your son, I would guess that using the HS and College rules for bats would certainly be accepted though. BESR is pretty easy to spot on a bat. If you don’t know a lot about BESR, check out the white paper at
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    The BESR has nothing to do with the weight of the bat. It means Ball exiting speed ratio. A kid that is 13 yrs old should be swinging a -5 and working hard to be able to swing a -3 2 5/8" barrel bat by the time of his Freshmen year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skipper5 View Post
    BESR bats cannot be less than minus three.

    You will not find a BESR imprint on a minus five bat.

    Babe Ruth does NOT require BESR. Senior LL does.

    Thanks skipper, for the info.

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    -5 Would Be The Correct Size For This Year

    A -5 bat, with a BESR stamp would be best. This bat would be acceptable at in any organization of baseball at 13 years of age. A previous poster is correct in saying that -3 is the regulation for high school and college.

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    I'm moving this to Baseball 101.
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    Just to make it clear, LL Senior League (11-12 year old) does not require -3. Because the barrel cannot be bigger than 2 and 1/4 inches in diameter, many of those kids are using -13! Otherwise, I'd check with your league to find out the thickness of the barrel allowed is. I'm assuming that they will allow up to a 2 and 3/4" barrel ("big barrel") bat. You can get a copy of the national Babe Ruth organization rules by emailing here:


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