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Thread: Pedro Martinez

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    Pedro Martinez

    I was just looking at his bbref sheet...and in 1993, as a Dodger his log shows one game at 3b. Does anyone remember the incident and why it happened?

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    He was listed in the starting lineup, but was pinch-hit for in the top of the first inning. Since 1976, a player must actually play the position in order to have the position listed in the stats, so should not list 3B in his fielding stats. (Under modern rules, Gehrig would not be credited with a game played at shortstop.)

    As far as why he was listed at 3B, I'm guessing it was a platoon ploy, though Jose Rijo was steady that year. Perhaps he had left his last start with a slight injury and LA wasn't sure who Cincy would start in that game.

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    Maybe because his brother was pitching that night and they wanted to have both on the field at the same time? Might have been the case, since he was slated to hit 3rd and was pinched hit for in the 1st innings.

    EDIT: He wasnt even on the field for one out. I really dont know.
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    Or they might have done it to get Dave Hansen the PH Guru an AB.

    I remember awhile back during Orel Hershisers days...LaSorda started Orel @ 3B and Orel actually fielded a Grounder.

    Tommy plugged the bulldog into the lineup so that Hansen would get to PH.

    (I think it was Dave Hansen...)
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    Or they might have done it to get Dave Hansen the PH Guru an AB.
    The Pirates did something similar by listing Todd Ritchie (I believe, I could be wrong) at 1B in the final game of the season where Craig Wilson came close to the record for pinch-hit HRs.


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