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Thread: Blue Jays VHS Tapes

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    Blue Jays VHS Tapes

    Hi there,

    I'm just wondering if y'all could help me out here building a list of all the Blue Jays VHS tapes released. I was inspired by this because I recently bought "Sky High! The Story of the 1989 Toronto Blue Jays" off of Ebay, and I've heard that there was also a 1990 video released as well. Here's the tapes that I know of so far:

    -1992 World Series
    -1993 World Series
    -Oh! Canada (1992 seasonal overview)
    -Back 2 Back (1993 Season overview)
    -Sky High! The Story of the 1989 Toronto Blue Jays

    Got anymore?

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    Welcome to the forums Goldsac...with that name you will fit right in don't worry . I had another one, I forget what it was called but it wasn't any of those. It was made in 1999 I think and it was on the Jays first season.

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    Hehe, thanks...I only hope you're right. Anyways, cool to hear that there was a '91 video - if you could find out the title of it that would be great. But you did say you 'had' it, so I guess that means it's gone at this point?

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    I see them all over the place in thrift stores.
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    Ya I lost it a few years back.

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    The only one I have is Back 2 Back. Sorry I can't be much help, but welcome to the forum.

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    For those interested, someone who owned all the tapes gave me the names:

    1985 - Mission Impossible
    1989 - Sky High
    1990 - Tradition of Success
    1991 - Four Million Memories
    1992 - 1992 World Series
    1992 - Oh Canada!
    1993 - 1993 World Series
    1993 - Back2Back
    1993 - Chasing the Dream

    Someone earlier mentioned a tape from 1999, but it was the first and last time I've heard anything about it.

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    Blue Jays Tape

    The Blue Jays issued a VHS tape celebrating their 10th anniversary as a club.
    The tape came out in 1986. It was narrated by Tom Cheek.

    It featured interviews with Doug Ault, Roy Hartsfield, Bobby Mattick, Ron Fairly, Cito Gaston, Garth Iorg, George Bell, Jesse Barfield, Lloyd Moseby, Jimy Williams and Tony Fernandez.

    Does anyone own this tape. It's a classic.

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    I have another Blue Jays Tape that is not discussed yet!!

    Hello, i see this thread is very old but hopefully someone will see it.

    i have a video that hasnt been mentioned yet. it is called "the baseball world of Ernie Whitt" and it features highlights of the 1987 season...note that this is not one of the Tom Cheek narrated videos but does have a bit of him towards the end of the video.

    i also have most of the other videos mentioned above. the only video I am missing is "Four Million Memories" - 1991 season. Is there anyone willing to sell/trade originals or copies? I've been trying to see this video for years and years now. I'm happy to share my other videos too, great memories with Tom Cheek.Please let me know; thanks!

    the baseball world of ernie whitt 1987.jpg

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    My name is Ian Jefferson and I'm the son of former Original Blue Jays pitcher the late..Mr. Jesse Jefferson. I was wondering if this tape is still available or where I can find one.


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