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Thread: Yankee Stadium [I] (1923 - 1973)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJH1923
    A football post card.
    wow it looks so different set up for football. I really think they should have 1 last football game there before it closes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteU
    That had to be a lucky place to live, wouldn't you say?
    During that time it was a good place to live. Unfortunately, in the mid to late 1960's, the neighborhood went down the drain quickly. Historically, a few things happened beginning with the building of the Cross Bronx Expressway in the 50's, followed by the opening of Co-Op City which opened the floodgates for the existing middle class at that time to evacuate the area, toss in the serious financial / budget problems of the city in the mid 70's and finally the blackout of 1977 finished off the neighborhood.
    Who could forget the aerial shots on ABC from the blimp of the Bronx burning during the 1977 World Series. That neighborhood has certainly had its share of tough times.
    The neighborhood presently still has its moments, but not on the scale of 15 to 25 years ago.

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    On a happier note.............another photo.
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    Those ticket booths in Left appear to have been given a good amount of work during the renovation as well. The last pictures I have seen of them they are covered in concrete and I didn't see any of the vents or windows they used to have.

    I would immagine these booths are used for some type of storeage if not for purely visual appearance.

    I'll try and post some more pictures tomorrow, I still have something like 80 to post.

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    You have GOT to see THIS!

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    I love this picture!....Yankee outfielder Earle Combs singles to start off the bottom of the first inning during the first game of the double header against the Philadelphia Athletics at Yankee Stadium. This was Game One of the famous doubleheader in front of 86,000 in September of 1928, when the A's led by a half game. NY swept to take the AL lead and would win the whole thing (unfortunately). Historic sets of games, this is part of it!
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    Wow. Great, lollar. I love the '26 WS pics.

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    Yogi makes the catch 28 Sept, 1951

    4 Oct, 1961 - World Series

    Bleachers, date unknown

    The Bronx ballyard from above, date unknown

    7 Oct, 1937, fans wait to get in to a game of the Subway Series against the Giants

    Witey Ford and Elston Howard, the big pitch and the big catch before the first game of the 1961 World Series - 2 Oct, 1961

    World Series - 1 Oct, 1941

    First game of the World Series - 30 Sept, 1947

    The scene outside the World Series 2 Oct, 1926

    From the bleachers, World Series 3 Oct, 1963

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    World Series 4 Oct, 1939

    World Series, almost 20 years later, 4 Oct, 1963

    World Series, 5 Oct, 1949

    World Series, 5 Oct, 1951

    World Series, 5th inning with Joe D heading for home, 30 Sept, 1947

    World Series 6 Oct, 1949

    Sixth game, first inning, World Series 3 Oct, 1955

    World Series, 7 Oct, 1950

    World Series 28 Sept, 1932 - I beleive this is a view from the Bronx Courthouse

    Crowd control - World Series 30 Sept, 1947

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardLillard1 View Post
    World Series, almost 20 years later, 4 Oct,1958
    Took the liberty of correcting the year.

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    We still need some more color photos of the old satadium.....50's, 60's & 70's
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    Wow....look how young they were.
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    Color Screen Shots

    Here are some nice color shots from a 1959 Jimmy Stewart movie called the FBI Story. Theres a scene that was filmed on 161 st. subway station and both outside and inside YS. I rented it just to see these scenes. I wish there were more scenes filmed there, but these give you a nice glimpse inside. And in crisp clear color. Anyone know of any other movies flmed at the old stadium?
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    More from the FBI Story:
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    Even more shots:
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    Here are my last two shots.

    The more I watch these clips, the more amazed I am. The shots inside on the ramps show how similar the current stadium is to orginal on the inside. Those are the same ramps that are there now, just instead of wire mesh, it's now solid tin. Even the "windows" on the outer wall are still there.

    The shots of the food stand looks like it's right inside of gate 6. I've never been to the original, but that stand looks pretty nice! With the glass squares. Anyone who was there remember this? Were they all like that?

    And this last shot of the cab driving away is where the pedestrian plaza and ticket windows are today.
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    Great shots! Its awesome to see both the interior and exterior in color for a change.


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    Great additions. I love those interior shots. There was a lot of standing room in that old stadium. It is great to see color shots. I hope to see more.

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    Great photos. Here's a link to films made at the stadium (probably incomplete):,%20USA

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    Old Yankee Stadium in the movies

    A film that Mickey, Yogi, and Maris was in might have had some establishing shots of inside the old Yankee Stadium, its called "That Touch of Mink" from 1962...I remember a few years ago YES did a show about Yankees in movies and tv shows/commercials, and that film was in it, I think it was shot in color as well. Spiderico, would you be able to get screne shots of those yankee scenes? Loved those shots from FBI Story...

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    Before you sent a link to the imdb movie link page, I was going to mention Harold Lloyd's classic 1928 silent comedy Speedy. It was the first movie filmed in NYC, so you see many street scenes of NY circa 1927-28, as well as the city and lots of shots at Coney Island.

    The Babe made a cameo, where Lloyd's character gives him a cab ride to Yankee Stadium. They show a great shot of the stadium from a distance as they drive over the bridge on the way there. Shows it once or twice, as well as a shot near the ticket entrance. These are the Murderers Row years of course. There are game action shots, but its difficult to tell if it is at Yankee Stadium or just other baseball footage. Worth seeing for the shots, but great movie too.

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    Stadium Seats


    In regards to the second picture, is this when the box seats were changed from the straight back to curved seats?

    - Thanks
    Quote Originally Posted by RichardLillard1 View Post
    The sign says 457 as was the distance to the left center bleachers wall.

    That is truly a great shot and I am growing to love this thread more and more each time I click on the link to see the new additions.

    In reguards to the warning track it was "removed" some time during or after (I would bet on after) the grandstand extended around the right field foul pole in 1937. Construction actually took place during the regular season and I am sure that must have been quite a sight. As for the original track itself it would be left untill the construction was completed, leaving quite an interesting look on the field showing a mix of the original look of the ball yard and a glimpse of things to come.

    In late 1945 to early 1946 Yankee Stadium underwent its first major refit since the extention of the stands in '37. I beleive it was during this time that the warning track was put back on the field, this time it would remain that way untill closed in the 70's for its major rennovation.

    The following is a couple of pictures that show the Stadium in '37 and '46 respectively. The '37 picture was taken during a game with a packed house, can't remember the date though.


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    Thanks for those great shots. I found myself looking for my grandfather in those pics! Great ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YankeesFan View Post

    In regards to the second picture, is this when the box seats were changed from the straight back to curved seats?

    - Thanks
    If I'm not mistaken it was when the seats were switched out for curved.

    A great deal of the park was changed in that '45-'46 off-season. The three foot (or maybe it was four) concrete backstop was replaced with the fencing one that remained untill the '76 modernization. There were other things but that is the main one which comes to me off the top of my head.

    The only other "refit" that I know anything about before the ballyard was painted blue and white in '69 (?) was in 1961 when the endcaps to the grandstands were removed. I find this to be very odd though as nothing else seems to have changed in the staidum during that time. This would have happened during the off season after the 1960 World Series.

    However, it makes no sense to me because the NY Giants were also using the Bronx Ballyard at that time for football. There wouldn't have been much time to do anyting short of small construction.

    At this time its my best guess that if we could get ahold of some detailed information of what Yankee Stadium's maintenance was between 1946 and 1976 (I personally would like from day one to present but we can't get what we want) we would probably find a great number of small things done every year to the ballpark every few years.

    My guess is that the '60-'61 removal of those endcaps was part of a much bigger refit that had to be done in small incraments due to the amount of use the facility was getting at the time.

    I know this reply went far off the mark of your original question but I hope it has cleared up a few things.


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    The end caps or as I call it, the extension of the ornamental frieze, it seems were removed around 1961. The reason is unknown. My guess is they became structurally compromised?.....just a guess. I e-mailed Tony Morante a long time ago requesting information on this reply........I guess he is too busy for the common fan who does not have a fist full of dollars to offer for a tour. Anyway, the removal revealed the guts of the stadium. I would love to know the official reason as to the removal of the end caps.
    The stadium underwent an mini renovation during the off season of 1966 - 1967 giving it a fresh coat of paint. The facade was painted bright white and the seats were changed from the sea foam green to the stadium blue we know so well.
    Not many people realize that during the extension of the right field stands in 1937, that the bleachers were made concrete and permanent. Prior to this, they were wood. This was also a reason for the outfield dimensions to change. It is amazing to think they were doing hitters a favor bringing in the center field fence in from 490ft. to 461ft.
    The seats mentioned earlier were not fastened to the concrete and were the original box seats. The improvements in 1946 included bolted seats and also featured the auxiliary scoreboards in left an right center.
    Just a little bit of trivia: Babe Ruth did not hit an upper deck home run in Yankee Stadium until an exhibition game was played for the war effort (WWII) off of Walter Johnson. There was no upper deck in right field while he was a Yankee.

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