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Thread: Yankee Stadium [I] (1923 - 1973)

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    "In the beginning I used to make one terrible play a game. Then I got so I'd make one a week and finally I'd pull a bad one about once a month. Now, I'm trying to keep it down to one a season."

    Lou Gehrig Stats

    Lou Gehrig Speech

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    GehrigFan I love that picture. Billy Graham sure could bring in the crowds!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardLillard1
    I didn't mean for to be the icon for that last thread, I didn't click on it on intentionally.
    click edit and then go advanced, I think you can remove it.

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    Didn't work, it appears to be stuck there. Well, I'm not too worried about it.

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    Red face

    Oops! ------

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    Elvis, from every picture I have that font on the outfield walls doesn't show up any time before '67. My best guess is that it was put up there along with the new paint job.

    I only have a few pictures of the stadium after the '67 repaint and in all of them it looks like this new font along with some new numbers. It looks like the 461 got changed to a 463 along with the repaint. I need to find some better quality pictures of the outfield wall after the repaint but it looks like there was that changed and a new marker added.

    I'll keep checking and get back to you.

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    Here are some new pix for the thread from my collection. I know how great it is to see some shots you've never seen before, so I though I'd share. Anyone else out there with some new (or maybe I should say, unseen) shots in their collections...lets see em! Thanks to all that have already contributed to this great thread, but lets seem more. I know they're out there!!!

    These are from 1949. Ladies Day (according to the markings on back). I'll put more up later when I have a chance to scan. Enjoy.
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    Great photos spiderico! Do you have any that show more broad parts of the Stadium?

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    Hey Richard I was looking at spiderico's pictures and noticed round objects on top of the ticket Booths. (back to the metal baseballs) what do you think?

    spiderico do you have any close ups of the ticket booth?

    I included a picture of another picture of the booths to compare.

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    I had actually wondered if those could have been the spheres in question back when the subject of them was originally asked.

    The only reason I ever ruled them out was becuase the description from the website said there were four of them outside the main entrance. I guess given what I know now he probably meant he had four of them and there might have been more. Its possible that a lack of details on his part may have lead to my ruling them out.

    I also posted a picture sometime ago of an original Yankee Stadium ticket booth. In the picture the sphere in question was not there. However it is possible that it was removed before the booth was put into the collection it is in today.

    I am still waiting to talk to Osborn Engineering about original plans of the Stadium and plans of the additions to the grandstand from later on. If I get them I will definately talk about any technical parts of the structure that someone wants to know about.

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    There are some computerized renderings of the the new Yankee Stadium on the Yankee's website. Opinions anyone?

    I like some of the exterior plans they have (the grand staircase and lack of towers) but it still looks too much like a cheap knock off to me.

    Its sad to think that with all the land they are using on the new stadium they could have kept the landmark and opened small shops around it, much like Fenway Park has done in Boston.

    I might be a Yankees fan but I respect the Red Sox for preserving their heritage.

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    Heres a close up of the top of the ticket booths. No dice on the baseball tops.

    By the way, how can i get images to appear directly in the post as opposed to showing up as links? Thanks.
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    I checked out the pictures of the new Stadium on the Yankees website. I don't know about the "Great Hall" it looks too much like an airport. where do I pick up my luggage?

    You're right about Fenway. If you're a baseball fan you must make the trip to Boston. Coming from a die hard Yankee Fan, it's a great Ballpark. I was there in 2005.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiderico
    Heres a close up of the top of the ticket booths. No dice on the baseball tops.

    By the way, how can i get images to appear directly in the post as opposed to showing up as links? Thanks.
    Thanks spiderico, Great shot....OH well Back to the drawing board..

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    Hey Rich, Did you ever speak with Osborn? If not, when you do ask about the ornamental frieze on the left and right field stands that covered the upper and loge levels under belly. Ask why and when it was removed. Thanks...

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    I haven't heard from them yet but when I do I will be asking them about who maintained the Stadium up untill the renovation. If it was indeed them then I will ask them about the ornamental endcaps of the stands (along with many other questions!) and get back to you as soon as I know.

    I am actually hoping they did the service and upkeep on the Bronx ballyard for all those years. I also hope they kept detailed records of this.

    My hope is to inquire about a set of the builder's plans from 1922 and any additional plans they have dating up untill the renovation in the 70's. If they were in charge of things up untill then it would mean knowing the answers to all of our questions.

    Here's hoping.

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    I came across these photos on WCBS News Radio 880 in N.Y. I believe early "construction" photos have been posted in the past. This guy put 4000 hours into this project. His name is Steve Wolf. An amazing project!
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    .................................................. .................................................. .
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    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    I've been watching Wolf's progress on that model for some time. I hope he puts up some better detail pictures on his site like the ones he did of Fenway, Wrigley and numerous others.

    On a side note, I have heard from Osborn Engineering!! It is amazing how quickly you will talk to them when you said the email to the right address. Unfortunately they sold a good amount of their plans about ten years ago.

    They kept some and the gentleman who is in charge of the history of Osborn and knows the answers to my questions will be getting in touch with me. The only problem is that he is semi-retired and is on his yearly vacation to Florida untill the end of Febuary.

    If he reads my email or if the lady who replied to my email finds out anything then I will know sooner but we might be waiting a while for some answers to our questions.

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