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Thread: Sportsman's Park Photos

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    just posted this on another thread...but rightfully put into this sportsman park thread...some fantastic video here...!!!

  2. Great videos, ghost! Thanks for sharing the links.

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    Sorry for the double posting. Webmaster, you may remove this.
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    Renovations from Sportsmans Park to Busch I Stadium

    The picture referrenced as the last game played at Sportsmans Park indeed has to be from 1953, the last year the Browns played there but the first year August Busch owned the park. No remodeling has begun but six small placards of Cardinal mascots have been placed on the fascia of the pressbox roof. During the following off-season Busch performed a number of revisions. Eight skyboxes were suspended from the roof along each side of the grandstand from the media boxes already in place, through four bays of columns, to the last column of the first light standard. The cantilever of the upper deck in front of the columns around the infield was extended down 4 more rows toward the field to accomodate six rows of newly installed loge box seats. The box seats of the lower deck around the infield extending from below the new cantilever of the upper deck to the field were replaced and pushed closer and lower to the playing field with the brick wall being replaced with a railing. The green brick walls that angled toward the foul poles beyond first and third bases remained. The dugouts were demolished and new ones were built twice as long in front of the new railing. The second pair of light standards on both sides of the infield received three more rows of lights to total 13 rows, whereas the first two light standards closest to home plate were held to five rows of lights. And of course the scoreboard was renovated and a new Longines clock was hung on the right-center field light tower. Much of the renovation can be seen on photos by Bernard Waxman which were taken in the early 1960's.
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    Great Pics on that link CHUCK !!! More Sportsman's Park photos on the Cardinals Photo thread on the Cardinals forum. They are worth checking out even if you can't stand RED !

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    Lots of good Sportsman's Park photos on a couple of other threads. Try the fantastic Panoramic Pictures by BSmile thread in the History Of The Game in the General Baseball section. This is one FANTASTIC thread Sportsman's Park or not, Period! Also check out the Bill's Babe Ruth Photos thread also in the History of the Game in the same section. Bill Burgess = Fabulous!

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    1907 Sportsman's Park Photos

    Here are four "new" photos of Sportsman's Park when homeplate and the grandstands where and the NW corner of the block--Spring and Sullivan (prior to the move to the configuration the park would have for the rest of its life):
    1907 sportsman's park 1.jpg
    Looking from centerfield in toward homeplate and the grandstand.

    1907 sportsman's park 2.jpg
    Looking toward homeplate from foul territory beyond first base.

    1907 sportsman's park 3.jpg
    Looking from foul territory behind first base toward right and centerfield.

    1907 sportsman's park 4.jpg
    Looking from homeplate toward the leftfield corner.

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    Sporting News, 1937. Sportsman's Park's turn. Only place in the majors with broiled hot dogs!

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    That's a nice article. It's interesting that he doesn't mention anything about segregated seating in the pavilion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brownieand45sfan View Post
    What's weird is, the highest attendance for the last WS at Sportsman's Park (1964) was 30,805.

    Did the Busches take out seats?
    Yes, Gussie Busch closed off the centerfield bleachers and mounted planter boxes on the benches in which were planted shrubs for a new hitter's background. Also, for big games like the world series, several rows of temporary seats were added in front of the existing seats, going from foul pole to foul pole.
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    Credit for all but the last photo on the post by "Stan the Man" should go to Bernard Waxman who took these and a couple dozen more photos, taken in '61 and '62.
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    That aerial view to which disgreg or shouless joe3 refers (this thread is too confusing for me) as being taken in 1915 couldn't have been taken in 1915 because the expansion of the ballparks grandstand to the foul poles didn't occur until the '20's when the Browns management erroneously predicted the Browns would win a pennant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by disgrig View Post
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    Here's another.
    That looks like Bob Feller walking from the visitor's dugout to the mound.

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