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Thread: What is the best treatment for torn up hands

  1. What is the best treatment for torn up hands

    Posada and Vlad hit with bare hands...whats the secret?
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    Moises Alou hits barehanded as well, but I don't think you want to try his remedy
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    I have the older more powerful players tape before batting, some guys have what I call hot spots that they can recognize and tape like on individual fingers. If you are getting blisters or cracking in the palm it is very difficult but not impossible to tape. You have to tape like a boxer tapes although not as much.

    Take a roll of 1in. athletic tape and tear 3/8 ths in. strips about 3 in. long, 9 of them. These are finger stirrups. Take another 1in. roll and tape around your palm and back of hand 3 loops, you can run some loops around your thumb base if necessary. Now put on the small strips between your fingers, 3 per gap from the back of your hand to the palm overlapping the loops. Now lock down the finger stirrups with another 3 loops of tape.
    Wah la a tape glove.

    I have found that bag balm works well with dry cracked hands.

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    lotion, or deadlifting cuz your hands will build up.
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    I ignore it... My hands have been callused for 2 1/2 years now... Pop the blisters if you have to...

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    i rarely get blisters outside of the first two weeks of starting an off season hitting routine. but what i did was after i was done for the day, i put triple anti biotic ointment on the blisters, etc that had ripped off. i would also peel off any extra hanging skin from the blister to make it smooth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BallCoach06 View Post
    Moises Alou hits barehanded as well, but I don't think you want to try his remedy

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    If your hands are torn up from hitting and lifting, keep hitting and lifting. When you have blisters, keep doing it. Once you have callouses built up....guess what...keep doing it.

    I haven't had blisters in several years. My hands are covered in callouses, and I don't have any problems.

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    Yep building them up is the best way. I have heard peeing on your hands helps but I've never tried it. If you do get a blister, poke it with a sterile pin and let the puss and blood drain. Put some zinc oxide on the blister but no bandaid. I find a bandaid doesn't allow the blister to dry up and it becomes soft. You want air to hit it and dry it out.

  10. thanks guys
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    Quote Originally Posted by airplouffe86 View Post
    the other night the pad on my hands right below my fingers and the fold of my hand were are just aching under the calluses when i gripped the bat.

    Ive heard about Alou and even Posada using Urine but i dont think the lady friend would like that too much haha

    That just comes with the territory. Aches and pains is part of the game.

    And really, if ya don't tell her, how will she know? Get some of that fruity lotion stuff to cover it up

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    Go to the website I'm about to provide and purchase a pair of these batting gloves. They are made of goat skin and are more soft and durable than anything else you will ever find in stores. Even if you don't have callouses, your hands will be protected. No lotions or taping necessary.

    The last time I looked they were $15.00 a pair. You will not find a better bargain or batting glove anywhere. I promise you.

    BTW-If your hands are all beat up, go and get the aloe vera gel that you apply to sunburns. It is the best hand lotion and it isn't greasy and slick like regular hand lotions. It absorbs into the skin. Put it on ice and rub it into your skin and face on the days you play in the hot sun. Makes you feel cool and refreshed.

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    rub some ball field dirt on them. I have seen coaches use this method for years and it seems to work for most injuries.

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    instead of pee like moises, i've heard that pickle juice also works the same way. i have no idea where i heard that and i've never tried it but i definitely remember hearing it somewhere

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    Ted Williams would hit until his hands bled and then hit some more.

    Start with a bucket of sand and dive your hands repeatedly into the sand. Slowly move up to small gravel or rocks.


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