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Thread: Baldelli on DL indefinitely, done for good?

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    Baldelli on DL indefinitely, done for good?

    A shame, the young man had a world of talent and speed, but just cannot stay healthy. Now he has some unknown disease that saps his strength and leaves him extremely fatigued after short bursts of exercise. He is due a large $$ option on April 1st, which of course the Rays will decline. We may have seen the last of Rocco. He and CC were the first true top players produced by our farm system, and now he won't be available anymore. Good luck and I hope they find a cure for what ails you Roc
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    That's a dang shame. You never want to see that happen to a ballplayer. Hearts out to Baldelli.

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    Here's hoping Rocco all the best. Would love to see him come back from this.
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