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Thread: my first in Atlanta

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    Thumbs up my first in Atlanta

    Saw my first game in Atlanta last Sunday. Braves beat Dodgers 6 to 1. What a great experience. Coming from Iowa I had no idea how fantastic the new ballpark is. Fan friendly, lots of space to walk, friendly workers. The whole experience was A+. Even got autographs from Rick Camp and Terry Harper. My daughter got great seats (25 rows behind home plate), and admittance to 755 Club. Being a lifelong Braves fan this was really something. I am totally envious of those of you who get to attend many games each season. Go Braves!!

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    I still haven't seen one. I'm from Illinois though, so I've seen my share of Cubs and Sox games. I'd want to go down there sometime though.

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    Wasnt Rick Camp part of one of the longest games in MLB history? I remember him, wasnt exactly one of my favorites...but hey...I am typing on a keyboard and he pitched in the Major Leagues...

    The "Ted" or the "Hank"...whatever you want to call it, is a great stadium.

    Before we signed Greg Maddux we were after Barry Bonds...he was actually looking for a place to live in Atlanta before he ultimately signed with San Fran. Bonds described the "Ted" as a Palace.

    Last year, we had the biggest monitor screen in the world in CF. I dont know if anyone has surpassed that yet or not.

    Visiting the Ted is a great experience....I have yet to try Skips Bar-B-Q though.


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