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Thread: Fenway Park (1912 - 1975)

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    Fenway Park (1912 - 1975)

    Fenway Park (1967)
    Fenway 1967 aerial.jpg

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    Original caption: Carlton Fisk hits the ball in the 12th inning for a home run, winning the game 7-6 and tieing the series 3-3:

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    Fenway Park, 1912.

    Fenway Park, during it's first season.
    Fenway Park 1912.jpg

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    The first baseball pitched during the 1912 Grand Opening Day of Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox, is displayed during a preview of a sports memorabilia auction. The baseball is expected to sell for $30,000-$50,000:
    First Ball Fenway.jpg

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    Pesky Pole

    Former Boston Red Sox player Johnny Pesky stands next to the "Pesky Pole" (L) for the national anthem before celebrating his 87th birthday before the start of the American League MLB baseball game between the Red Sox and Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts, September 27, 2006. The Red Sox officially dedicated the right field foul pole, which has been known for years as "Pesky's Pole", in Pesky's honor:
    Pesky Pole.jpg

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    Yaz bows out

    Boston Red Sox veteran and star Carl Yastrzemski waves to fans at Fenway Park during the last game of his illustrious career. Yastrzemski, who has played in more games than any other man in baseball history, is retiring after 23 years in the game. The Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians played their last game of the season at Fenway Park on October 2, 1983:
    Yaz goodbye.jpg

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    1946 All-star Game

    Fenway Park will be the scene of 13th annual All-Star baseball game July 9th. Players to make up National and American League squads have already been named for the event:
    Fenway Park 1946.jpg

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    Fenway Park action. Hooper sliding in to third, 1916.
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    Fenway fire 1934.
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    Fenway opening day, 1934.
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    The beginning of the monster in left field.
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    Duffy's cliff 1928.
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    Fenway Park shuttle.
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    The great one, Ted pitching batting practice at Fenway.
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    Fenway map.
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    Fenway Park blue print.
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    Fenway Park (1956)

    Original caption: General view at Fenway Park, April 17, as 32,563 fans attended the opening of the Red Sox 1956 season at home as the Red Sox took on the Baltimore Orioles:
    Fenway 1956.jpg

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    Fans at 1967 WS

    Original caption: Boston: "By the dawn's early light", young Red Sox fans set themselves atop a billboard at Fenway Park and await the start of the first game of the World Series:
    Fans 1967 FWP.jpg

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    Photo shows baseball action in Boston's Fenway Park. The pitcher has just thrown the ball.(Date not listed):
    Fenway Park.jpg

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    Opening Day (1964)

    Attorney General Robert Kennedy throws out the first pitch on Opening Day of the 1964 Red Sox season. Proceeds from the game were donated toward the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library at Harvard:
    RK first pitch.jpg

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    Fenway Park:
    Home of the Boston Red Sox, April 20, 1912 - present.

    Original 1912 seating capacity: 35,000
    Present: 33,871
    Night Lights installed: 1947
    ------------------------1917------------------------------------------------------------------------------1950 to present

    ---October 17, 1914, World Series



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    Here's an image of Fenway Park during the year 1940-46:

    It obviously looks a lot different, and what's different about it? Look very closely at the picture, you'll find a lot of different features of Fenway.
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    I figured I'd made some contributions to the Fenway page so here goes...

    Obviously not much has changed to Fenway's outer facade in nearly a hundred years. Unsure of the date.

    A collection taken from around the same time. Unsure of the date.

    Fenway postcard circa 1915 or so.

    Newspaper ad for Fenway's first opening day.

    And lastly can you picture Fenway with a full upper deck? It almost happened a few years back, these are from an orginazation called Save Fenway Park. It also shows how much larger these new corporate ballyards have become.

    The proposed change compared to Camden Yards. Looks like it would have been a winner to me, might have been rough without a roof though.

    Clay cross-sections of Fenway and Coors Field illustrate how much closer you would have been to the action.

    And a promotional drawing of the sideview.
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    A closer view of the same type of "map" of Fenway posted on the first page. This one is dated 1917.
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    Wow it's cool seeing the Fenway Park photos. It hasn't changed much since the 40's. I was born on the same day as the opening of Fenway Park, April 20th. You said earlier that you have 15 years to see Fenway, you think Fenway will be replaced in about 15 yrs. If so then I'll definately go to see a game there, even though I'll probaly just sit there and enjoy a game and won't root for anybody.

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