Has anyone else noticed a lack of hustle, especially when it comes to running out grounders to first? I've seen more than one very close play that may have been called in our favor while watching Vidro or Sexson fart their way up the line. On a team like the Phillies you would have been benched for such a lack of hustle. Sexson is lanky and awkward, but he could make it down the line pretty quick with those redwood sized legs of his. Even Ichiro sometimes seems like he's just dawdling around the basepads (an example was that extremely lazy inside the park home run he hit I believe in NY{??} earlier this year). But I guess at least he's usually safe even when he's lazy.

I think some of our players could use a little talk about hustle from Riggleman. And somebody please teach Betancourt how to run. He looks like he's running really hard but he's actually not even moving. He's worse than Tino was, lol.