View Poll Results: Who is the greatest player in Cardinals history?

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  • Stan Musial

    40 86.96%
  • Rogers Hornsby

    0 0%
  • Lou Brock

    0 0%
  • Enos Slaughter

    1 2.17%
  • Albert Pujols

    2 4.35%
  • Jim Bottomley

    1 2.17%
  • Ken Boyer

    1 2.17%
  • Ray Lankford

    0 0%
  • Joe Medwick

    0 0%
  • Ozzie Smith

    1 2.17%
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Thread: #1 player in Cardinals history

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    Quote Originally Posted by OhioBoy View Post
    Shall we string him up by his toenails?
    I wouldn't. Stan Musial was the greatest player. Rogers Hornsby had some of the greatest seasons with the bat.

    But Ken Boyer was a special player. A terrific hitter, fielder - he could do it all. More than that though, Kenny was a leader. Which is why he was team captain when the great Musial was still with the team.

    Ken Boyer was my favorite player when I was a young lad.

    But I voted for Musial as the greatest player who ever played for the Cardinals.

    However, as stated, I would never string up a guy for voting for Ken Boyer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by csh19792001 View Post
    If career value is your sole definition of greatness, then absolutely!!

    I do think that Pujols is about as skilled at the plate as Musial was. Okay, perhaps he's not quite as great as The Man, but you gotta believe he's close!! It's very unlikely he'll pile up the career totals Stan did, given that Albert is injury prone and plays all-out, always thinking double out of the box on every single. I also think Albert has become a better fielder than Stan ever was, and an outstanding baserunner (which Stan also was).

    So, I'd say through their 8th seasons, it's pretty close. We'll see what the next 10-15 years bring. As a sidebar; let's say the perfect confluence of events occurs, and Albert stays injury free till after age 40, with a normal aging pattern.

    Could Pujols end up perceived as the greatest player of all time?
    Through 8 years, Albert has matched up very well with Musial. His OPS+ numbers track very similarly, and his defense is probably a tad better - he even gets a slight boost for playing some 3B as well. Another negative point for Musial, 3 of those first 8 seasons were during the talent-depleted war years. I have no problem saying that Albert has been better through 8 years than Musial, but...

    of course Musial continued at that pace for a long, long time. Albert has a lot of great baseball to play to reach Musial's total amount of production.
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    Does anyone know about Stan the Man's health?
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    Stan is the Man

    Obviously there has been no greater Cardinal than Musial. I know his years in St. Louis were limited but doesn't Big Mac deserve an honorable mention on this poll?

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    At this point it's Stan Musial and no one else is close. If Pujols can continue his pace into the twilight of his career then he may have an argument. But what exactly is the question, "value" or "greatness". Stan played in a much different era where fans treated players very differently. We can't expect 21st century baseball fans to have the same reverence for Pujols that 1940s-1950s baseball had for Musial. So to use that against Pujols is unfair. Plus there is a cultural dynamic with Stan having kind of a good old boy, "awe shucks" image and Pujols being Dominican born player.

    And why is Bob Gibson not in the poll?
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    Stan further voting is needed.

    If Pujols plays at this pace for another 12-15 years, maybe he would be mentioned with Musial and Hornsby.

    "Old sour puss" is good, but Musial gets my vote.

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