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Thread: CKL All Decade Team (1960s)

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    CKL All Decade Team (1960s)

    Player of the Decade: Willie Mays
    Pitcher of the Decade: Sandy Koufax

    First Team
    C: Bill Freehan
    1B: Willie McCovey
    2B: Dick McAuliffe
    3B: Harmon Killebrew
    SS: Maury Wills
    LF: Frank Robinson
    CF: Willie Mays
    RF: Hank Aaron
    SP: Sandy Koufax
    SP: Jim Bunning
    SP: Juan Marichal
    SP: Camilio Pascaul
    RP: Don McMahan

    Second Team
    C: Elston Howard
    1B: Norm Cash
    2B: Pete Rose
    3B: Ron Santo
    SS: Jim Fregosi
    LF: Carl Yastrzemski
    CF: Mickey Mantle
    RF: Tony Oliva
    SP: Dean Chance
    SP: Gary Peters
    SP: Fergie Jenkins
    SP: Joe Horlen
    RP: Stu Miller

    Third Team
    C: Joe Torre
    1B: Jim Gentile
    2B: Junior Gilliam
    3B: Dick Allen
    SS: Rico Petrocelli
    LF: Billy Williams
    CF: Jimmy Wynn
    RF: Roberto Clemente
    SP: Luis Tiant
    SP: Bob Gibson
    SP: Sam McDowell
    SP: Don Drysdale
    RP: Hoyt Wilhelm

    40th man: Orlando Cepeda
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    Major Accomplishments

    Thanks Mark!

    This decade concluded in similar fashion to MLB, except that some names were changed:


    Instead of Roger Maris, the single-season HR record was broken in 1961 by Jim Gentile, who belted 77 of them over the Tiger Stadium wall. Incidentally, Roger Maris played the role of Mickey Mantle (76 HR).


    In 1963, Carl Yastrzemski of the JW Skipjacks completed a 46-game hitting streak, second longest is baseball history behind Joe DiMaggio's 56 game streak set 22 years earler. In real life, it would not be until 1978 that DiMaggio's streak became threatened (Pete Rose, 44 games).


    In 1966, Matty Alou of the PAP Redbirds came very close to hitting .400, finishing with a .392 average. Nobody in MLB through the 60s came close to this mark (.361 by Norm Cash in 1961). Rico Cary hit .366 for MLB in 1970; does he have a shot at .400?


    We had two Batting Triple Crowns in MLB in the 1960s: Frank Robinson in 1966, and Carl Yastrzemski in 1967. For the DMCKL, this distinction was handed to Orlando Cepeda in 1963 (again for the PAP Redbirds).

    We had three pitching Triple Crowns in MLB, all by Sandy Koufax (1963, 1965, 1966). Only once did a DMCKL pitcher achieve that mark: Luis Tiant in 1968 for the Legends. Koufax came close several times but couldn't nail down all three stats.


    On June 22, 1965, Knights pitcher Sonny Siebert tossed nine perfect innings against the PAP Redbirds (this team is showing up a lot isn't it?)... the final score, 6-0. It was the first perfect game since Don Larsen's historic World Series performance in 1956. Do you know who caught this game Mark?

    Catfish Hunter pitched a perfect game in real life in 1968.

    I'll fill this in as we go along...
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    No Hitters

    Comparing MLB to DMCKL through the 1961-1969, we see there were way less no-hitters accomplished (31 to 7)... no surprise considering we use modern-day reliever usages:


    (1961) Warren Spahn
    (1962) Sandy Koufax, Bo Belinsky, Earl Wilson, Bill Monbouquette, Jack Kralick
    (1963) Sandy Koufax, Don Nottebart, Juan Marichal
    (1964) Ken Johnson, Sandy Koufax, Jim Bunning
    (1965) Jim Maloney, Sandy Koufax, Dave Morehead
    (1966) Sonny Siebert
    (1967) Steve Barber / Stu Miller, Don Wilson, Dean Chance, Joe Horlen
    (1968) Tom Phoebus, Catfish Hunter *, George Culver, Gaylord Perry, Ray Washburn
    (1969) Bill Stoneman, Jim Maloney, Don Wilson, Jim Palmer, Ken Holtzman, Bob Moose


    (1961) Ted Bowsfield - Legends
    (1963) Larry Jackson - Gamblers
    (1965) Sonny Siebert - Knights *
    (1965) Juan Marichal - Pirates
    (1966) Sonny Siebert - Knights
    (1967) Pete Richert - Skipjacks
    (1968) Bill Hands - Legends
    (1969) TBD

    * Denotes Perfect Game
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    Black Ink & Gray Ink Scores

    BATTING SCORES: 1961-1969

    The scores noted use the same formula as Bill James' MLB Gray Ink forumula with the exception that OBP has replaced games played garnering one point. Scores are for leading/top ten in the entire league. A total of 157 batters qualified with at least one Gray Ink point.

    Black Ink
    A total of 45 players earned at least one Black Ink point. Players are ordered by Gray Ink score second:

    26 - Aaron H
    25 - Mays W
    25 - Killebrew H
    18 - Cepeda O
    13 - Gentile J
    13 - Alou M
    13 - Morgan J
    11 - Mantle M
    11 - Yastrzemski C
    9 - Brock L

    8 - Pinson V
    8 - Wynn J
    8 - Wills M
    8 - Callison J
    7 - McCovey W
    7 - Clemente R
    6 - Robinson F
    6 - Oliva T
    5 - Williams B
    5 - Rose P

    4 - Cash N
    4 - Wagner L
    4 - Alou F
    4 - Davis W
    4 - Aparicio L
    4 - Jackson R
    4 - Carty R
    3 - Allison B
    3 - Davis T
    3 - Fregosi J

    2 - Mathews E
    2 - Campaneris B
    2 - Kaline A
    2 - Siebern N
    2 - Versalles Z
    2 - Bressoud E
    2 - Johnson D
    1 - Santo R
    1 - Flood C
    1 - McAuliffe D

    1 - Altman G
    1 - Green L
    1 - Tresh T
    1 - Hisle L
    1 - Amaro R

    Gray Ink
    Players scoring 10 or more Gray Ink points are listed. There are 67 total.

    152 - Aaron H
    138 - Mays W
    109 - Robinson F
    92 - McCovey W
    86 - Mantle M
    84 - Killebrew H
    83 - Allen R
    80 - Williams B
    78 - Oliva T
    76 - Yastrzemski C

    65 - Cash N
    53 - Pinson V
    51 - Cepeda O
    51 - Wynn J
    49 - Allison B
    46 - Clemente R
    46 - Wills M
    40 - Santo R
    38 - Callison J
    37 - Mathews E

    36 - Brock L
    36 - Torre J
    35 - Wagner L
    34 - Gentile J
    33 - Alou M
    33 - Stargell W
    29 - Howard F
    29 - Rose P
    28 - Davis T
    27 - Maris R

    27 - Morgan J
    24 - Flood C
    23 - Boyer K
    21 - Campaneris B
    21 - Colavito R
    19 - Alou F
    19 - Fregosi J
    19 - Powell B
    18 - Fairly R
    17 - Davis W

    17 - Kaline A
    17 - McAuliffe D
    17 - Perez T
    16 - Aparicio L
    16 - Hart JR
    16 - Howser D
    16 - Jackson R
    16 - Robinson B
    15 - Altman G
    15 - Siebern N

    15 - White B
    14 - Green L
    14 - Horton W
    14 - Versalles Z
    13 - Carty R
    13 - Groat D
    13 - Staub R
    12 - Northrup J
    12 - Tovar C
    12 - Tresh T

    11 - Hall J
    11 - Petrocelli R
    11 - Smith R
    11 - Ward P
    10 - Freehan B
    10 - Jones C
    10 - Stuart D
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    Since I wasn't involved in this decade I will abstain from voting.

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    --That is fine if you don't want to. You definately are welcome to participate though. It would be a great way to get caught up on the history of the league.

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    Preliminary Ballots

    --These are all the players meeting the criteria above, plus a few other noteables. If you think a reasonable candidate has been overlooked just point them out and I'll add them to the ballot once the position threads go up. Pitcher will be in a separate post, which I also get up today.

    C: Joe Torre, Elston Howard, Tom Haller, Bill Freehan, Johnny Roseboro and.....Clay Dalrymple??? (#5 in games caught!)
    1B: Willie McCovey, Jim Gentile, Orlando Cepeda, Norm Cash, Bill White, Norm Seiburn. Mickey Mantle made 2 All Star teams at 1B, but 3 in CF and played significantly more there. Harmon Killebrew made 3 of his 5 All Star appearances at 3B (1 each at 1B and LF) and played more there than here.
    2B: Joe Morgan (didn't technically qualify, but better than most who did), Pete Rose, Dick McAuliffe, Junior Gilliam, Julian Javier, Jerry Lumpe Bill Mazeroski, Tony Taylor and Bobby Richardson.
    SS; Maury Wills, Bert Campaneris, Luis Aparicio, Jim Fregosi, Zolio Versalles, Ron Hansen and Rico Petrocelli.
    3B: Harmon Killebrew, Dick Allen, Eddie Mthews, Ken Boyer, Ron Santo, and Brooks Robinson.
    CF; Willie Mays, Curt Flood, Vada PInson, Jim Wynn, Al Kaline, Micky Mantle, and Matty Alou.
    LF: Carl Yastrzemski, Frank Robinson, Billy Williams, Lou Brock, Tom Tresh and Leon Wagner. Both Robinson and Williams split time this decade fairly evenly between LF and RF. Robinson more in LF and having a better shot at the first team there. Williams slightly more in RF, but having his best shot in LF.
    RF: Hank Aaron, Roberto Clemente, Tony Oliva, Johnny Callison, Rusty Staub, Bob Allison and Frank Howard.
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    Legends 1960s All Decade Team

    Some of these were pretty easy since they've been with me from the start. The rest are those who have performed the best at that position.
    C: Bill Freehan - Has played every game of his career as a Legend.
    1B: Willie McCovey - Ditto Edges out Ron Santo for Player of the Decade
    2B: Joe Morgan
    3B: Ron Santo - Same as Freehan and McCovey
    SS: Gene Alley - I haven't had too many good shortstops. He only played two years for the Legends but is still the best we've had.
    LF: Rusty Staub - Not truly a left fielder, but one of the three best OFers I've had.
    CF: Rick Monday - Edges out Reggie Smith. Not as many PAs but much better production.
    RF: Hank Aaron - Only was with me in 68 & 69, but had two huge seasons and led the team to it's two championships.

    SP: Fergie Jenkins - Pitcher of the Decade
    SP: Luis Tiant - Had two great seasons, including a pitcher's triple crown
    SP: Tom Seaver
    SP: Bill Monbouquette
    RP: Bob Locker
    RP: Ted Abernathy - Also a Legend since the beginning
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    Thanks a bunch Lew, I will probably take Mike Cuellar off the list then.

    C: Elston Howard (61-64)
    1B: Moose Skorown (61-65) or Mickey Mantle 65-67
    2B: Cookie Rojas (64-67)
    3B: Harmon Killebrew (61-69)
    SS: Rico Petrocelli (65-69)
    LF: Rico Carty (64-69)
    CF: Curt Flooyd (61-67)
    RF: Wes Covington (65-66)

    SP1: Jim Kaat (61-69)
    SP2: Gaylord Perry (64-67)
    SP3: Mel Stottlemyre (64-69)
    SP4: Larry Jackson (61-68)

    RP: Moe Drawbosky (63-68)
    RP: Ken Tatum (69)

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    --Half way through the voting and about half the owners weighing in. Please share your opinion before the polls close. Thanks.

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    Sorry for the delay guys...

    Batting Ink scores are up on the first page. Yes Lew, they were done with James in mind. It took a while.

    Anyways, here are the top scores for those too lazy to check back:

    Black Ink

    26 - Aaron H
    25 - Mays W
    25 - Killebrew H
    18 - Cepeda O
    13 - Gentile J
    13 - Alou M
    13 - Morgan J
    11 - Mantle M
    11 - Yastrzemski C
    9 - Brock L

    Gray Ink

    152 - Aaron H
    138 - Mays W
    109 - Robinson F
    92 - McCovey W
    86 - Mantle M
    84 - Killebrew H
    83 - Allen R
    80 - Williams B
    78 - Oliva T
    76 - Yastrzemski C
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    JW, you may want to put up an Ink thread so your work isn't lost. Especially if you intend to update as we move forward.


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