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Thread: How can Team USA get good for 2009 WBC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Americanoutlaw2.0 View Post
    Davey Johnson is better than Buck but one of biggest thing diffent than last wbc is taking on 3 teams (Yankees,Blue Jays and the Phillies) for warm up than just taking on one team like the giants
    so how weird will it be for Jeter to play against the yankees? haha. Anyway, with teh confirmed roster so far, i keep hearing Wright is going to be on the that for fact? when do they announce the full roster?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DownUnderDodger View Post
    I am wondering if Team USA was given the right tools last time with a lot of managers seemingly against their star players playing in the tournament. If the team had the full support of all MLB clubs and every top player was made available to play the selection of manager would probably not be such an issue, as the all star team that could be selected could almost manage themselves.
    MLB has no recently retired legendary American manager who might be able to make a difference. If this all happened twenty years ago, and Earl Weaver cared, maybe he could have attracted some players. Yet "the Oriole way" relied on good fundamentals; he might have rejected any call to lead a team that would not practice together, and a pitching staff likely to play Detroit Tigers, 2006 .
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