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Thread: Caribbean World Series

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    I figured that they were broadcasting remotely from MLB Studios. I KNEW it, in fact when I saw Cookie Rojas in Studio 42 after the third day of the tournament.

    One thing MLBN is going to have to do is get better broadcasters. The "second" team with Uri Berenguer-Ramos was awful. I'm not sure how this guy works for a team like the BoSox.
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    Unit, you seem to know a lot about next year's tournament. Is there an official website for it or something? I'm contemplating making it my winter vacation for 2010 and wanted to look into it. How much are tickets typically for the tournament?

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    2010 Serie Del Caribe

    No, there is not an official web site as of yet. However, while following along with the one that just ended, and reading numerous Spanish sites to the best of my ability, I learned that it was indeed confirmed for Isla Margarita, off the northern coast of Venezuela. I then spent some time with one of the American managers from the champion Venezuela team on the last day of this years, and he confirmed as well that it will be on Isla Margarita. It said this is a fantastic place, that the people are not fond of Hugo Chavez, and love tourists. There are a few direct flights, but more than likely you'll have to switch to a local airline in Caracas, but that airport is away from town so not as dangerous as actually being in Caracas.

    Tickets will probably not be posted until around September. Typicall these things are very unorganized. They have a meeting in May to confirm everything for sure. Isla Margarita was the choice a couple months ago, but after their last place finish it was taken away (according to articles I read). Now it has been given back to them so we'll see what happens in May. Ticket prices range. This last one in Mexicali was the most expensive ones of the 4 I've been too. In Mazatlan I got the strip (the best way to go) which covered the 12 games, for around $420. In Puerto Rico the strip was around $360, and in the Dominican it was around $330. My guess would be around $330 to $375 for seats between the bases, which is where I like to go. Seats in the general admission and stuff would be MUCH cheaper. I've got condo's booked and everything already. Have to do airfare next, but I'll wait until after May when it is officially confirmed, and if I see a web site I'll post it here if somebody else hasn't already.

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