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    Quote Originally Posted by JKBaseball View Post
    Following and rooting for the impossible (Go Brewers!)
    Just finished the 6/8 Mil @ KC game. The Brewers scored 2 in the ninth to win 4-3. They took 2 of 3 from the slumping Royals, and are now in 4th place, one game below .500 and 5 games out of first.

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    Smile Game of the Week, June 10, 1972

    The GOTW is Oakand @ Detroit.
    The backup game is Minnesota @ Cleveland

    On Fri, June 9th, the A's and Twins entered play in tie for first in the AL west.

    In Detroit, Vida had another subpar performance, in what has been a disapointing season for him. Blue gave up 5 runs in 4 innings, including 2 HRs. the Tigers managed only hits, 4 of which were HRs, and defeated Oakland 7-3. Mickey Lolich continued his Cy Young worthy season, increasing his record to 10-6. Blue's record drops to 3-7. The Tigers have been slumping, having just endured a 3 game sweep by the awful California Angels.

    In Cleveland, the Indians jumped out to 3-0 lead in the third (only one of the runs is earned) against Bert Blyleven. The Twins were hitting the ball well (they ended up leaving 6 on who were in scoring position). Gaylord Perry took a shutout into the 9th inning, but the Twins loaded the bases, and with one out Phil Roof hit a triple, which tied the game. In the 10th inning Rod Carew tripled and Harmon Killebrew drove him in with a single. The Twins pulled out a 4-3 victory. Blyleven got a no decision. Dave LaRoche, who got off to a terrible start but has been pitching well recently, got the win in relief. Gaylord Perry took the CG loss.

    Pitching probables:
    Oak (Holtzman 8-2 2.15) at Detroit (Timmerman 5-2 2.42)
    Min (Woodson 8-5 2.73) at Cle (Tidrow 5-3 2.90 or Wilcox 0-6 4.39)
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    June 10, 1972

    The starting lineups:


    Campaneris SS
    Rudi LF
    Jackson RF
    Epstein 1B
    Bando 3B
    Tenace C
    O Brown CF
    Cullen 2B
    Holtzman P


    Taylor 2B
    Rodriguez 3B
    Jata 1B
    I Brown RF
    Horton LF
    Stanley CF
    Brinkman SS
    Haller C
    Timmerman P

    Temp is in the 90, with a very strong wind blowing from left to right.

    In the first inning, Rudi walks and Jackson doubles him in, but Jackson is thrown out trying to strech his double to a triple.

    In the bottom of the first, the Tigers load the bases with one out, then Campaneris boots a grounder by Horton, which ties the game. Mickey STanley singles to right scoring another run (the Tigers have little team speed and the A's have a strong armed outfield). With 2 outs Haller hits whay looks to be a sure double down the first base line, but it hits the first base umpire, limiting Haller to a single. Two more runs score.
    In the first, the Tigers bat around and score 4 unearned runs. Tigers lead 4-1.

    Second inning, Bando leads off with a single, Tenace triples to center. Score is now 4-2. With 1 out Cullen singles to right, scoring Tenace. Score 4-3.
    In the bot6tom of the second the Tigers have 1st and third with two outs, but do not score.

    Third inning and fourth inning: both sides three up, three down.

    fifth inning: with two outs, Campaneris singles and steals second, but hot-hitting Joe Rudi is called out on strikes to end the inning, Tigers still lead 4-3. The Tigers go down, 3 up, 3 down.

    Sixth inning: Jackson lead off with a walk, Epstein singles him to third. Bando hits a sac fly to Horton which ties the game. For the Tigers, Stanley leads off with a single, but can not advance, Inning ends when Rudi makes a nice catch on Timmerman's shallow fly.

    Sevent inning-with one out Holtzman singles. Joe Niekro relieves Timmerman. With two outs, Rudi doubles moving Holtzman to third. Reggie Jackson steps in and is IWed. Mike Epstein who is 1 for 3 steps in. Epstein hits one in the gap and comes up with a bases clearing double!! A's now lead 7-4. Bando walks. Tenace grounds into a force to end the inning.

    Seventh inning stretch.

    Bottom of the seventh: Tony Taylor leads off with a double. Rodriguez hits a long triple, scoring Taylor-score is now 7-5. A's pull infield in...with one out, Ike Brown singles to right scoring Rodriguez, score is now 7-6., but Holtzman gets the next two outs.

    Eighth inning: Tigers pull double switch: Northrup enters game as CF, batting ninth and Chuck Seelbach now pitching and hitting sixth. For the A's, Ollie Brown reaches on an error by Taylor and with one out is sacrificed to second by Holtzman. Campaneris Ks to end the inning, For Detroit, Northrup singles wuth two outs, but dies at first.

    Ninth inning: Rudi aand Jackson open with back to back walks. Next up, Epstein grounds into a 643 double play and Rudi takes third.

    Bottom of the ninth: Knowles and Fingers ready in the A's bullpen. Rodriguez (2 for 4) flies to RF. Jata (2 for 4) grounds to SS. Ike Brown (1 for 2) hits a sharp liner down the LF line and Rudi makes a great sliding catch to end the game!! Final score 7-6.

    Oak 120 001 300-7 9 2
    Det 400 000 200-6 10 1
    W-Holtzman (9-2) L-Timmerman (5-3)
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    Other games for June 10:

    Min 100 100 011-4 9 2
    Cle 000 000 000-0 7 1
    W-Woodson (9-5) L-Tidrow (5-4)
    Woodson pitches his 4th shutout of the season, He is very effective as long as he doesn't give up HRs. He has given up 14 HRs so far, which leads AL pitchers (he is tied with BilL Parsons and Ken Brett of the Brewers). Tovar and Thompson each have 2 hits. Twins remain in first in AL west.

    Cal 000 020 000-2 6 0
    Bos 100 000 000-1 4 0
    W-Ryan (4-7) L-Pattin (6-5)
    Ryan strikes out 11 as he edges Pattin in a tense pitchers duel. The Angels have now won 5 in a row.

    Mil 100 000 000-1 4 0
    Chi 000 040 20x-6 10 0
    W-Bahnsen (4-9) L-Brett (1-9)
    Pitching match-up between two of the season's worst starters. Brett gets hurt in 5th and goes on DL. Dick Allen hits his 18th HR of season.

    Cin 110 000 000-2 12 0
    Mon 032 000 000-5 10 0
    W-Renko (6-4) L-Grimsley (2-2)
    In second inning, Bob Bailey, Ken Singleton and John Boccabella hit consecutive HRs

    Hou 200 010 000-3 11 0
    NY 320 000 000-5 12 0
    W-Sadecki (1-2) L-Roberts (4-7) S-McAndrew (1)
    Jon Matlack left the game in the 3rd. He shouldn't miss a start. Light hitting Cleon Jones goes 4-4.

    Chi 001 000 010-2 9 0
    SF 103 000 000 -4 5 2
    W-Willoughby (2-1) L-Hooton (11-3)
    Good pitching match-up between two very good rookies. The difference maker is Dave Kingman's 2 out HR in the 3rd. At this point, Hooton is a front-runner for ROY and CYA.

    Night games:

    Atl 000 002 000-2 7 0
    Phi 000 030 01x-4 10 0
    W-Carlton (9-6) L-Reed (4-6)
    Carlton strikes out 14, and gets 3 hits while getting his 9th win. A good game between two teams that are going nowhere.

    Pit 001 000 000-1 3 0
    LA 100 010 000-2 4 1
    W-Sutton (8-3) L-Briles (9-2)
    40th win of the season for the Dodgers. Great preview of a possible post-season match-up. The Dodgers are on pace to win 114 games this season.

    StL 010 000 200-3 7 0
    SD 000 000 000-0 2 0
    W-Gibson (9-3) L-Greif (4-7)
    Bob Gibson throws a two hitter, which keeps St Louis in first place. Two seperate ejections in the 1st: Lou Brock arguing balls and strikes and Enzo Hernandez arguing after being called out stealing second.

    NY 200 001 000-3 7 0
    KC 000 000 000-0 8 1
    W-Peterson (7-6) L-Drago (7-7)
    After a slow start, Fritz Peterson is pitching well, pitching his 9th CG and his 1st shutout of the season

    Bal 100 000 000-1 2 0
    Tex 000 000 000-0 1 1
    W-Palmer (9-4) L-Gogolewski (4-6)
    Grich's lead-off HR is the difference in this game. Texas's only hit is Frank Howard'd 2nd inning single. Bobby Grich has both Baltimore hits. Baltimore's deadball style of offense is till working for them.

    The standings at the end of the night:

    A League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Baltimore 32 20 0.615 -
    New York (A) 33 22 0.600 0.5
    Detroit 26 26 0.500 6.0
    Milwaukee 24 27 0.471 7.5
    Cleveland 20 25 0.444 8.5
    Boston 20 31 0.392 11.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Minnesota 35 19 0.648 -
    Oakland 34 20 0.630 1.0
    Chicago (A) 26 26 0.500 8.0
    Kansas City 25 25 0.500 8.0
    California 21 33 0.389 14.0
    Texas 15 37 0.288 19.0

    N League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    St Louis 29 19 0.604 -
    Chicago (N) 32 24 0.571 1.0
    Pittsburgh 30 26 0.536 3.0
    Montreal 27 27 0.500 5.0
    Philadelphia 25 30 0.455 7.5
    New York (N) 15 38 0.283 16.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Los Angeles 40 17 0.702 -
    Cincinnati 32 25 0.561 8.0
    Houston 29 31 0.483 12.5
    San Diego 28 31 0.475 13.0
    Atlanta 25 31 0.446 14.5
    San Francisco 24 37 0.393 18.0
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    June 15, 1972

    Tonight, Nelson Briles of the Pirates threw a no-hitter against the Giants. Briles walked one, and the Pirates committed an error, resulting in only two Giants baserunners.

    The Pirates won the game 2-0.
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    Jun 17, 1972

    This week the game of the week takes place in Chicago as the Cubs meet the Dodgers. The Dodgrers have spent the month playing the top teams of the NL east (Cardinals, Cubs & Pirates). The three East teams made a trip to LA, and LA is on the road facing the same three teams. In thi sstretch, the Dodgers have gone 8-5. The only difficulty the Dodgers have faced was when the Cubs came to Dodger Stadium form June 6 to 8, and swept the Dodgers. Yesterday the Dodgers arrived at Wrigley Field and beat the Cubs 4-3.

    The Cubs are second place behind the Cards, but the Cards have a tough summer schedule coming up because they have nine rainouts to make up (8 of which are home games).

    The pitching match-up is Claude Osteen (7-3 2.81) vs Fergie Jenkins (9-6 2.83).

    The back-up game is Baltimore at Minnesota.

    The staring line-ups:

    Los Angeles

    Bill Russell SS
    Bill Buckner 1B
    Willie Davis CF
    Frank Robinson RF
    Lee Lacy 2B (called up this week)
    Willie Crawford LF
    Steve Garvey 3B
    Chris Cannizarro C
    Claude Osteen P


    Jose Cardenal RF
    Carmen Fanzone 2B (replacing Genn Beckert who was injured yesyerday)
    Builly Williams LF
    Ron Santo 3B
    Jim Hickman 1B
    Ken Rudolph C
    Rick Monday CF
    Don Kessinger SS
    Fergie Jenkins P

    Game temp is in the mid 90s with a moderate wind blowing in off the lake. The day is very sunny.

    In the top of the first Willie Davis hits a home run into the CF bleachers-LA leads 1-0.
    In the bottom of the first Fanzone singled and then scored on Santo's double in the left field corner. game tied 1-1.

    Top of the second-with 1 out Crawford walked-Crawford advances to second and Garvey takes first on Fanzone's error. With two outs Osteen loads the bases on Garvey's error. Russell grounds out-leaves the bases loaded-game still tied 1-1.
    Bottom of the 2nd-3 up 3 down

    Top of the 3rd-with one out Davis doubles, then Robonson singles him home. LA leads 2-1.
    Bottom of 3rd-Cardenal singles but is LOB.

    Top of the 4th=Cannizarro and Russell single but Jenkins bears down and Ks Buckner to end inning. LA still leads 2-1.
    Bottom of 4th-with one out Hickman walks, but Rudolph GIDP to end inning.

    Top of 5th-3 up 3 down (Davis hits one to the warning track in CF)
    Bottom of 5th-Monday singles and is sacrifced to second, but can't come around to score.

    Top of 6th-Crawford leads off with a single-next up Garvey hits a long fly to LF that looks like it is on its way out, but the wind knocks it down and Williams catches it on the track. Jenkins Ks the next two batters. LA still leads 2-1.
    Bottom of 6th-Fanzone and Williams lead off with back to back singles (runners on 1st and 2nd)-Santo singles (game tied) Cubs still have runners on first and second-Hickman lines to SS for forst out-Rudolph flies to shallow RF-Monday gorunds to 1st ending the inning-Cubs leave 2. Game tied 2-2.

    Top of 7th-none out -Russell reaches first on Santo's second error of the game-Jenkins bears down and induces Buckner to pop out to SS-Davis GIDP to end the inning.
    Bottom of 7th-Kessinger leads off with a single and is sacrficed to second by Jenkins-Cardenal grounds to SS advancing Kessinger to 3rd-Fanzone (who is 2 for 3) grounds out to end inning-game still tied 2-2.

    Top of 8th-3 up 3 down
    Bottom of 8th-Cubs 3 thru 5 go 3 up 3 down

    entering the 9th:

    LA 2 6 0
    Chi 2 8 3

    Top of the 9th
    With one out Canizzarro singles to LF. Wills runs for Cannizzarro. Osteen sacrifices Wills to second-Russell flies out to end inning. Yeager now catching.
    Bottom of 9th-3 up 3 down

    Top of the 10th-with 2 out Robinson walks-Rudolph argues the call and is ejexted-Hundley now catching-Lacy forces Robonson to end inning.
    Bottom of 10th-3 up 3 down

    Top of the 11th-3 up 3 down
    Bottom of the 11-3 up 3 down

    Top of the 12th=Mota bats for Osteen and strikes out-with 2 out Buckner singles-Davis grounds out to end inning;
    Bottom of 12th-Brewer now pitching for LA-with one out Monday doubles-Kessinger IWed-Shamsky bats for Jenkins-Shamsky walsk loading the bases-infield in for Cardenal-Cardenal singles to LF scoring Monday. Cubs win 3-2.

    The finall line:

    LA 101 000 000 000-2 8 0
    Chi 100 001 000 001-3 10 3
    W-Jenkins (10-6) L-Brewer (2-1)

    Another good preview of a possible LCS match-up. The Cubs are the only team to give the Dodgers any trouble this season winning 4 of 5 agasinst LA. LA is 43 and 14 against everyone else.
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    Other games from 6/17

    Cle 000 101 002-4 8 0
    Oak 000 101 001-3 4 0
    W-Perry (8-5) L-Odom (7-2)
    Extremely light hitting Jerry Moses (1 for 32 entering this game) goes 2 for 4 and hits a two run HR in the 9th. Reggie Jackson hit hs 19th HR in the 4th. Gaylord Perry hasn't been getting much run support recently, is able to hold on for the win, even though the A's had the winning run in scoring position in the bottom of the 9th.

    Bal 000 020 000-2 4 0
    Min 000 001 04x-5 8 1
    W-Kaat (9-1) L-Dobson (8-6)
    Good match-up between the two first place teams. Tony Oliva's 2 run HR in the 8th put the game out of reach.

    KC 100 000 211-5 13 1
    Mil 000 000 001-1 4 0
    W-Nelson (7-4) L-Lockwood (3-3)
    Another impressive outing by Roger Nelson. This win places the Royals back at .500. Lahouds HR in 9th spoils Nelson's shutout.

    Tex 000 200 300-5 6 2
    NY 204 060 00x-12 15 1
    W-Kekich (7-8) L-Bosman (7-8)
    Offensive explosion by the Yankees moves NY into first place. Six Yankees have at least two hits.

    Chi 000 200 000-2 9 2
    Bos 020 100 12x-6 9 0
    W-Siebert (4-4) L-Lemonds (2-3)
    The two most underachieving teams in the AL. Dick Allen goes 1 for 2 with 3 walks. Siebert Ks 10 in 7 innings.

    SF 040 000 003-7 9 0
    StL 010 001 300-5 8 1
    W-McMahon (1-0) L-Drabowsky (1-2) S-Johnson (2)
    Two PBs by Fran Healy lead to Cardinals taking the lead in the 7th, but Ed Woodson hits a long double with the bases loaded in the 9th which clears the bases.

    Night games:

    Det 000 000 000-0 7 0
    Cal 000 000 01x-1 9 0
    W-Messersmith (7-5) L-Lolich (10-8)
    Vada Pinson drives in only run of the game. Well pitched game in which in each pitcher pitched out of several jams. The Angels have now won 8 of their last 10 games.

    SD 200 100 000-3 7 0
    Pit 010 001 000-2 7 1
    W-Kirby (10-4) L-Blass (5-9)
    Padres take two in a row from Pirates with identical 3-2 scores. Clay Kirby remains on his CYA pace with 10 Ks and zero walks. He remains the hardest MLB starter to get a hit off of. The slumping Clemente goes hitless. An Expos victory tonight will push the defending World Series champs to fourth place.

    Mon 040 000 000-4 6 2
    Atl 000 101 000-2 4 2
    W-Morton (4-5) L-Schueler (3-2) S-Marshall (3)
    Pennant fever in Montreal!! Expos move into third place, 3 1/2 games outs. Expos score 3 unearned runs in second, and Braves can't make up the difference. The Braves had the tying run in scoring position but Mike Marshall hangs on for the save. Last night the Expos swept a double-header from the Braves.

    NY 000 300 000-3 5 2
    Cin 100 030 20x-6 9 0
    W-Gullett (4-4) L-Koosman (2-8)
    Gullett returns to rotation and pitches well, with Dyer's 3 run HR the only rough spot. Koosman gives up 4 unearned runs. Danny Frisella allows 2 inherited runners to score in 7th, which are the only earned runs charged to Koosman.

    Phi 302 001 000-6 9 0
    Hou 000 020 000-2 7 0
    W-Champion (5-7) L-Forsch (1-6)
    Bob Watson goes 0 for 4, and his BA drops from .401 to .394. After a promising start the Astros playing terribly.

    Standings at the end of the day:

    A League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    New York (A) 37 24 0.607 -
    Baltimore 35 23 0.603 0.5
    Milwaukee 29 29 0.500 6.5
    Detroit 28 30 0.483 7.5
    Cleveland 23 27 0.460 8.5
    Boston 22 35 0.386 13.0

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Minnesota 38 22 0.633 -
    Oakland 37 23 0.617 1.0
    Chicago (A) 30 29 0.508 7.5
    Kansas City 28 28 0.500 8.0
    California 25 34 0.424 12.5
    Texas 15 43 0.259 22.0

    N League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    St Louis 32 22 0.593 -
    Chicago (N) 35 27 0.565 1.0
    Montreal 32 29 0.525 3.5
    Pittsburgh 32 30 0.516 4.0
    Philadelphia 26 35 0.426 9.5
    New York (N) 18 41 0.305 16.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Los Angeles 44 19 0.698 -
    Cincinnati 37 26 0.587 7.0
    San Diego 31 34 0.477 14.0
    Houston 31 35 0.470 14.5
    Atlanta 28 35 0.444 16.0
    San Francisco 27 40 0.403 19.0
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    The season has come to a premature end. The computer that I was running it on crashed and is not worth getting fixed. I will probably play the post-season on my main computer at a future date. I think I will also play out the Indians 1972 season.

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    I'm giving this another shot. This may be temporary because I may switch computers again. I've simulated that the strike was averted at the last minute.
    Here are some notes about the first week of the season:

    0405 HouCin (opening Day) A scare in Cin as Bobby Tolan goes down making a play in CF (he missed most of 1971 with an injury ), but he is listed as day to day. The Reds won 4-3 in 10 innings. Cedeno and Rose each homered. Watson homered in the top of the 10th to put the Astros up 3-2, but the Reds scored two in the bootom of the 10th to win the game. Morgan, Menke, Billingham, Geronimo, May and Helms each faced their old team after the 11/29/71 blockbuster trade. 1971 was a disapointing year for both the Reds and the Astros.

    0406 OakChi-Dick Allen hits a 3 run HR, off Ken Holtzman, in his first AB with the White Sox. White Sox win 3-1, Oakland only scoring one unearned run in the 8th.
    KCTex-first game in Arlington; Dave Nelson hits a two run HR in 6th to tie game 2-2 but KC wins 3-2 in 12 innings.
    CalMin-Andy Messersmith hurls opening day shutout beating Twins 3-0. Light hitting Jeff Torborg hits 2 run HR.
    HouAtlN-Phil Niekro Hurls opening day shutout 2-0.
    NYPit-Mets first game in the post-Gil Hodges era is rained out in the first inning.

    0407 ChiMon-Beckert HBP on his hand and leaves game. He is day to day.
    PhiStL-Bob Gibson hurls a 3 hit shutout to beat Steve Carlton (former Cardinal) making his Phillies debut 2-0.

    0408 BalNY-with Yanks ahead 3-0, Powell hits 3 run HR in the 7th to tie the game. Bernie Allen hits 2 out HR into the monuments in the bottom of the 9th to win the game. This is the 3rd consecutive 1 run victory of the Yankees over the Orioles. The AL champs start the season 0-3.
    KCTex-Rangers win their first game in Arlington-Mike Hedlund of the Royals pitches a 2 hitter and loses game 2-1.
    CalMin-Clyde Wright leaves game with arm injury-he is day to day
    ChiMon-Billy Williams hits 515 ft HR off Mik Marshall into pool at Jarry Park; it is a three run HR that ties game 7-7 in the top of the ninth. Williams is the first hitter to face Marshall in 1972. Mike Jorgensen scores winning run on WP by Tom Phoebus.

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    Game of the week 4/8/72

    0408 Game of the Week:

    Detroit @ Boston

    Joe Coleman (1971: 20-9 3.15) vs Ray Culp (1971: 14-16 3.51)

    Starting Line-ups:


    3 Dick McAuliffe 2B .000-0-0
    4 Aurelio Rodriguez 3B .000-0-1
    5 Jim Northrup CF .500-0-1
    6 Al Kaline RF .600-0-0
    25 Norm Cash 1B .500-0-1
    23 Willie Horton LF .000-0-0
    11 Bill Freehan C .200-0-1
    8 Ed Brinkman SS .200-0-0
    15 Joe Coleman P


    47 Tommy Harper CF .000-0-0
    11 Luis Aparicio SS .200-0-0
    8 Carl Yastrzemski LF .250-0-0
    7 Reggie Smith RF .000-0-0
    6 Rico Petrocelli 3B .250-0-0
    5 Danny Cater 1B .400-1-2
    2 Doug Griffin 2B .000-0-0
    24 Duane Josephson C 1.000-1-1
    21 Ray Culp P

    Game is rained-out. Back up game is Oakland @ Chicago.

    Oakland (0-1) @ Chicago (1-0)

    Jim Hunter (1971: 21-11 2.96) vs Stan Bahnsen (1971 @Yankees: 14-12 3.35)

    Starting Line-ups


    19 Bert Campaneris SS .000-0-0
    26 Joe Rudi LF .250-0-0
    9 Reggie Jackson RF .500-0-1
    6 Sal Bando 3B .250-0-0
    5 Mike Epstein 1B .000-0-0
    25 George Hendrick CF .250-0-0
    38 Gene Tenace C 0 PAs
    1 Dick Green 2B 0 PAs
    27 Jim Hunter P


    18 Pat Kelly RF 0 PAs
    6 Jorge Orta SS (making Major League debut)
    15 Dick Allen 1B .250-1-3
    14 Bill Melton 3B .250-0-0 (1971 AL HR leader)
    17 Carlos May LF .000-0-0
    48 Rick Reichardt CF .000-0-0
    2 Mike Andrews 2B .000-0-0
    12 Ed Herrmann C .333-0-0
    45 Stan Bahnsen P

    In the season opener on Thursday Dick Allen, in his first AB as a member of the White Sox, hit a 3 run HR in the first inning to pace the White Sox to a 3-1 victory over the A's, spoiling the A's debut of former Chicago Cub Ken Holtzman.

    Game time temp: 50s, wind blowing out 10-19 MPH, light rains

    1st inning
    Campaneris grounds out to third-Melton makes a diving stop
    Rudi singles to right
    Jackson singles to right-Rudi to third-jackson thrown out trying to take second 9 to 4
    Bando lines to right
    0 R 2 H 0 E 1 LOB

    Kelly fies to left
    Orta (ML debut) grounds to first
    Allen grounds to SS
    0 R 0 H 0 E

    2nd inning
    Epstein singles to center
    Hendrick fouls out to first
    Tenace lines to SS
    Green singles to right-Epstein to second
    Hunter Ks
    0 R 2 H 0 E 2 LOB

    Melton lines to LF
    May flies to CF
    Reichardt flies to LF
    0 R 0 H 0 E

    3rd inning
    Campaneris flies to LF
    Rudi grounds softly to P
    Jackson Ks
    0 R 0 H 0 E

    Andrews fouls to third
    Herrmann singles to right
    Bahnsen sacrifices Herrmann to second 2-4
    Kelly beats out a high chopped to first for a single-Herrmann takes third
    Orta grounds to second
    0 R 2 H 0 E 2 LOB

    4th inning
    Bando grounds out to short
    Epstein flies to LF
    Hendrick grounds to third
    0 R 0 H 0 E

    Allen triples to right center
    Melton sacrifices to CF scoring Allen CHI leads 1-0
    May grounds to short
    Reichardt grounds to third
    1 R 1 H 0 E
    CHI 1 OAK 0

    5th inning
    Tenace grounds to third
    Green flies to CF
    Hunter Ks
    0 R 0 H 0 E
    CHI 1 OAK 0

    Andrews called out on strikes
    Herrmann Ks
    Bahnsen grounds to short
    0 R 0 H 0 E
    CHI 1 OAK 0

    6th inning
    Campaneris grounds to short
    Rudi flies to center
    Jackson walks
    Bando singles to left-Jackson to second
    Epstein walks-Jackson to third-Bando to second
    Curt Blefary pinch hitting for Hendrick
    Blefary pops to second
    0 R 1 H 0 E 3 LOB
    CHI 1 OAK 0

    For OAK-Brooks now playing center
    Kelly called out on strikes
    Orta hits a sinking liner to LF-Rudi makes a snow cone catch!
    Allen fouls to third
    0 R 0 H 0 E
    CHI 1 OAK 0

    7th inning
    Tenace flies to right
    Green is hit by a pitch
    Hunter sacrifices Green to second 5-4
    Campaneris grounds to the pitcher
    0 R 0 H 0 E 1 LOB
    CHI 1 OAK 0

    seventh inning stretch

    Melton fouls out to catcher
    May walks (Hunter's first BB today)
    Reichardt Ks
    Andrews flies out to deep center
    0 R 0 H 0 E 1 LOB
    CHI 1 OAK 0

    8th inning
    Rudi singles to left-Forster warming up for CHI
    Jackson called out on strikes
    Bando walks-Rudi takes second
    Epstein Ks
    Mike Hegan pinch hitting for Bobby Brooks
    Hegan grounds to first
    0 R 1 H 0 E 2 LOB
    CHI 1 OAK 0

    For OAK-Hegan stays in playing first-Jackson moves to center-Rudi moves to right-Brant Alyea goes to left (batting fifth)
    Herrmann singles to right
    Jay Johnstone running for Herrmann
    For OAK-Diego Segui warming up
    Banhsen bunts-Johnstone is out 5-4-Bahnsen on first
    Kelly flies to center
    Orta Ks
    0 R 1 H 0 E 1 LOB
    CHI 1 OAK 0

    9th inning
    For CHI-Jay Johnstone goes to center-Rich Morales goes to short (batting second)-Chuck Brinkman is new catcher (batting 6th)
    Tenace Ks
    Green singles to center-Blue Moon Odom runs for Green
    Dave Duncan batting for Hunter
    Duncan flies to right
    Campaneris flies to center
    0 R 1 H 0 E 1 LOB

    CHI wins 1-0

    Final totals

    OAK 000 000 000-0 7 0
    CHI 000 100 00x-1 4 0
    W-Bahnsen (1-0)
    L-Hunter (0-1)

    Other games today:

    CAL 000 000 000-0 6 0
    MIN 022 002 00x-6 7 0
    W-Woodson (1-0)
    L-Wright (0-1)
    Two run HRs by Bobby Darwin, Harmon Killebrew and Phil Roof pace the Twins to an easy win. Clyde Wright leaves the game in the third due to arm stiffness-he is day to day.

    KC 000 000 010-1 6 0
    TEX 100 100 00x-2 2 1
    Rangers first victory in Arlington. Mike Hedlund pitches a 2 hitter and takes the loss
    W-Gogolewski (1-0)
    L-Hedlund (0-1)
    S-Paul (1)

    BAL 000 000 300-3 9 1
    NY 020 001 001-4 8 2
    W-Aker (2-0)
    L-Harrison (0-1)
    Boog Powell hits 3 run HR to tie the game in the seventh, but Bernie Allen hits a solo HR into the monuments with two outs in the 9th. This is the third consecutive one run victory by the Yankees over the Orioles. The AL champs start the season at 0-3. Jack Aker has 2 IP and leads the Majors in wins right now.

    CLE 000 122 000-5 13 0
    MIL 000 003 000-3 7 1
    W-Wilcox (1-0)
    L-Slaton (0-1)
    S-Riddleberger (1)
    Milt Wilcox makes his AL debut as the revamped Indians win their second in a row over the Brewers. Every Indians starter gets on base today, with only Frank Duffy going hitless. Wilcox and rookie Buddy Bell each have three hits, Bell hitting two doubles.

    CHI 001 000 123 00-7 12 0
    MON 010 003 300 01-8 16 1
    W-Marshall (1-0)
    L-Hamilton (0-1)
    Billy Williams hits 3 run HR (515 ft; into pool) off Mike Marshall in 9th tie the game (Williams is the first hitter to face Marshall in 1972. Mike Jorgensen scores winning run in 11th off a WP by Tom Phoebus. Boots Day has 4 RBI and Tim Foli (acquired in the Rusty Staub trade) has 3 RBI for the Expos. 19 Cubs appeared in the game. Troubled Joe Pepitone has 3 hits for the Cubs.

    NY 000 110 000-2 6 1
    PIT 000 010 000-1 9 0
    W-Gentry (1-0)
    L-Blass (0-1)
    S-McGraw (1)
    Mets first game since the death of Gil Hodges (opener was rained out in 1st inning). Pitchers duel staged by the World Series champs of 1969 and 1971. Newly acquired Jim Fregosi gets 2 hits for the Mets. Roberto Clemente goes hitless. He needs 118 hits to reach 3000.

    Sam McDowell's debut with the Giants is rained out.

    Night games:

    PHI 000 010 000-1 7 0
    STL 000 121 00x-4 8 0
    W-Wise (1-0)
    L-Selma (0-1)
    Solid start by Rick Wise in his Cardinals debut, facing his old team. Matty Alou goes 3 for 4.

    HOU 000 010 000-1 5 0
    ATL 001 010 00x-2 8 1
    W-Reed (1-0)
    L-Dierker (0-1)
    Tight pitchers duel between Ron Reed and Larry Dierker, who both go the distance.

    CIN 000 000 003-3 7 0
    LA 100 010 02x-4 13 3
    W-Osteen (1-0)
    L-Gullett (0-1)
    Reds nearly pull it out with last minute rally, but fall short. Manny Mota and Clause Osteen each have three hits for the Dodgers.

    Standings at the end of the day:
    A League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    New York (A) 3 0 1.000 -
    Cleveland 2 0 1.000 0.5
    Detroit 1 0 1.000 1.0
    Boston 0 1 0.000 2.0
    Milwaukee 0 2 0.000 2.5
    Baltimore 0 3 0.000 3.0

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Chicago (A) 2 0 1.000 -
    Kansas City 2 1 0.667 0.5
    California 1 1 0.500 1.0
    Minnesota 1 1 0.500 1.0
    Texas 1 2 0.333 1.5
    Oakland 0 2 0.000 2.0

    N League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Montreal 2 0 1.000 -
    St Louis 2 0 1.000 -
    New York (N) 1 0 1.000 0.5
    Pittsburgh 0 1 0.000 1.5
    Philadelphia 0 2 0.000 2.0
    Chicago (N) 0 2 0.000 2.0

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Los Angeles 2 0 1.000 -
    Atlanta 2 0 1.000 -
    San Francisco 1 0 1.000 0.5
    Cincinnati 1 2 0.333 1.5
    San Diego 0 1 0.000 1.5
    Houston 0 3 0.000 2.5
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    The State of New England
    Game of the Week April 15, 1972

    New York at Baltimore. (back-up game is Pittsbugh at New York)

    Pre game: This is the sixth meeting the Yankees and the Orioles in this young season. To the surprise of any, the Yankees have won all five of their games with the Orioles. The Yankees have been in the baseball wilderness since 1965, but have played well since 1970. Mike Burke of the Columbia Broadcasting System has said that he think the Yankees have what it takes to win the AL pennant in 1972. The Yankkes have enough confidence in their starting pitching that they were willing to trade Stan Bahnsen to the White Sox.
    The Orioles have stmbled out of the gate Winnng only two of their first eight games. It reamins to be seen if the trade of Frank Robinson will be a detriment this season. Robinson is off to a poor start with the Dodgers, but his replacement in Baltimore, Merv Rettenmund, is also off to a poor start. The Orioles have won the last three AL pennants and Earl Weaver is confident they will turn it around soon. They still have their pitching rotation which contained four 20 game winners last season.


    Mike Kekich (1-0 2.00) vs Pat Dobson (0-0 3.75)

    Starting Line-ups:

    New York
    2 Jerry Kenney SS .000-0-0
    27 Rich McKinney 3B .233-0-3
    1 Bobby Murcer CF .308-1-6
    6 Roy White LF .250-1-1
    12 Ron Blomberg 1B .000-0-0
    25 Johnny Callison RF .182-1-3
    15 Thurman Munson C .160-1-2
    11 Bernie Allen 2B .222-1-1
    18 Mike Kekich P .333-0-0

    9 Don Buford LF .313-1-5
    15 Davey JOhnson 2B .269-0-2
    14 Merv Rettenmund RF .087-0-2
    25 Boog Powell 1B .219-1-3
    6 Paul Blair CF .226-0-1
    5 Brooks Robinson 3B .313-0-3
    8 Andy Etchebarren C .333-0-1
    7 Mark Belanger SS .185-0-1
    37 Pat Dobson P .000-0-0

    It is a bitterly cold day in Baltimore with a very strong wind blowing from left to right.

    1st inning
    Kenney singles to right (his first hit of the season)
    McKinney GIDP 463
    Murcer doubles to right
    White flies to RF
    0 r 2 h 0 e

    Buford flies to LF
    Johnson fouls to C
    Rettenmund lines to CF
    0 r 0 h 0 e

    2nd inning
    Blomberg singles to center (his first hit of the season)
    Callison flies out to the track in RF
    Munson singles to right-Blomberg takes second
    Allen grounds to SS for a FC 64-Blomberg takes third-Allen takes first
    Kekich walks-bases loaded
    Kenney flies to RF
    0 r 2 h 0 e

    Powell Ks
    Blair grounds to SS
    Robinson flies to LF
    0 r 0 h 0 e

    3rd inning
    McKinney singles to left
    Murcer GIDP 463
    White grounds to 2B
    0 r 0 h 0 e

    Etchebarren grounds to SS
    Belanger grounds to SS
    Dobson called out on strikes
    0 r 0 h 0 e

    4th inning
    Blomberg grounds to SS
    Callison pops to 2B
    Munson flies to CF (Blair makes a running catch)
    0 r 0 h 0 e

    Buford Ks
    Johnson grounds to 3B
    Rettenmund singles to center
    Powell Ks (Munson appealed)
    0 r 1 h 0 e

    5th inning
    Allen flies to CF
    Kekich singles to center and takes second when Blair bobbles the ball.
    Kenney grounds to 1B-Kekich takes third
    McKinney grounds to SS
    0 r 1 h 1 e

    Blair doubles off left field wall
    Robinson grounds to 3B-Blair takes third
    Etchebarren flies to RF-Blair tags up and slides in just beating callison's throw. BAL leads 1-0
    Belanger flies to CF
    1 r 1 h 0 e
    BAL 1 NY 0

    6th inning
    Murcer homers to right-game tied 1-1
    White flies to LF
    Blomberg flies to RF
    Callison flies to CF
    1 r 1 h 0 e
    NY 1 BAL 1

    Dobson Ks
    Buford grounds to SS
    Johnson grounds to 3B
    0 r 0 h 0 e
    NY 1 BAL 1

    7th inning
    Munson grounds to P
    Allen homers to LF-NY 2 BAL 1
    Kekich grounds to SS
    Kenney walks (Mickey Scott begins warming up)
    McKinney flies to CF
    1 r 1 h 0 e
    NY 2 BAL 1

    Rettenmund singles to center
    Powell flies to RF just short of the warning track
    Blair singles on a slow roller to shirt-Rettenmund takes second (Jack Aker begins warming up)
    Robinson grounds into FC 64-Rettenmund takes third-Robinson takes first
    Bobby Grich bats for Etchebarren
    Grich flies to CF
    0 r 2 h 0 e
    NY 2 BAL 1

    8th inning
    For Baltimore-Oates catching
    Murcer pops to 2B
    White doubles to left center (Grant Jackson begins warming up)
    Blomberg flies to RF
    Callison Ks
    0 r 1 h 0 e
    NY 2 BAL 1

    Belanger flies to CF
    Don Baylor bats for Dobson
    Baylor walks
    Buford walks-Baylor to second (Kekich is obviously tired at this point-Sparky Lyle warming up)
    Johnson walks-bases loaded
    Rettenmund hits a grand slam to center
    Lyle replaces Kekich
    Powell grounds to 1B
    Blair flies out to LF down the line-White makes a sliding catch
    4 r 1 h 0 e
    BAL 5 NY 2

    9th inning
    For Baltimore-Jackson pitching
    Munson grounds to SS
    John Ellis batting for Allen
    Ellis grounds to 3B
    Felipe Alou batting for Lyle
    Alou singles to left
    Ron Swoboda batting for Kenney
    Swoboda flies to LF
    0 r 1 h 0 e
    BAL 5 NY 2

    Final line:

    NY 000 001 100-2 10 0
    BAL 000 010 04x-5 5 1
    W-Dobson (1-0)
    L-Kekich (1-1)
    S-Jackson (1)

    Kekich was cruising until he suddenly lost his control in the 8th. Merv Rettenmund has his biggest moment of the young season with his grand slam after Kekich walked the bases loaded.

    Other games:

    MIL 000 020 002-4 10 3
    CLE 200 015 10x-9 16 0
    W-Perry (3-0)
    L-Lonborg (0-1)
    Indians launch offensive attack on bitterly cold day by the lake, Eddie Leon and Graig Nettles each getting 3 hits). Gaylord Perry gets his 3rd win in as many starts. Rick Auerbach has 3 errors for the Brewers.

    BOS 100 000 000 000 000 02-3 15 0
    DET 100 000 000 000 000 00-1 11 0
    W-Bolin (1-1)
    L-Kilkenny (0-1)
    S-Peters (1)
    After each team scored in the first, the teams played 15 innings of scoreless ball. Rico Petrocelli finally broke it open with a 2 run bases loaded single in the top of the 17th. In the bottom of the 17th Paul Jata and Gates Brown barely missed hiting HRs. The Red Sox left 11 runners in scoring position on. Luis Tiant and Mickey Lolich pitched excellent games but were long gone by the games finish.

    CHI 030 211 001-8 13 0
    KC 200 010 000-3 10 2
    W-Bahnsen (3-0)
    L-Drago (1-1)
    White Sox get 8 extra base hits, including 3 doubles by Carlos May as they cruise to a fairly easy victory over Kansas City. With this victory Chicago is now tied for first with Kansas City.

    MIN 100 000 120-4 10 0
    OAK 000 000 000-0 4 2
    W-Woodson (2-1)
    L-Odom (0-2)
    Dick Woodson throws a 4 hit shutout against A's sputtering offense. Blue Moon Odom pitches a good game for Oakland but Jim Roland allows 2 runs in the 8th without retiring a batter, giving up 2 hits and 3 walks. Twins and A's are both off to poor starts.

    PHI 000 000 002-2 6 0
    CHI 002 020 00x-4 9 0
    W-Pappas (1-0)
    L-Fryman (1-1)
    Despite a strong wind blowing in, Billy Williams hits 2 two-run HRs. Milt Pappas was pitching a great game until he left the game with an arm twinge in the 8th. The Phillies launch a late rally in the 9th against Dan McGinn but come up short.

    PIT 000 020 001-3 9 1
    NY 000 000 000-0 6 0
    W-Briles (1-0)
    L-Matlack (0-1)
    Jon Matlack makes a strong 1972 debut (except for light hitting hitting Jose Pagan getting 3 hits off of him) and Nelson Briles was rarely in trouble shutting out the Mets. Roberto Clemente goes hitless. This loss drops the Mets into last place.

    MON 000 000 000-0 3 0
    STL 011 100 01x-4 10 1
    W-Gibson (3-0)
    L-Torrez (0-1)
    Bob Gibson strikes out 11 as he hurls his second shutout of the season. Matty Alou's hot hitting continues as he goes 4 for 5 and is now batting .467.

    LA 100 030 005-9 13 0
    CIN 300 000 100-4 9 2
    W-Downing (1-1)
    L-Borbon (0-1)
    Reds bullpen tandem of Borbon and Carroll give uo 5 runs in the 9th (including a bases loaded clearing double by Willie Davis that resulted in an injury to Ted Uhlaender). Struggling Johnny Bench hits his first HR of the season in the 1st. Bobby Valentine and Bobby Tolan each have three hits.

    SF 010 000 000-1 6 2
    HOU 020 000 05x-7 8 0
    W-Wilson (2-0)
    L-Cumberland (0-2)
    Errors by Jerry Johnson and Chris Spier lead to 5 unearned runs by the Astros in the 8th. The rally is capped off by Tommy Helms's grand slam. Houston pulls ahead of San Francisco into first place.

    Night games:

    TEX 020 000 000 00-2 6 0
    CAL 100 100 000 01-3 11 2
    W-Messersmith (2-1)
    L-Bosman (1-1)
    Good pitchers duel between Andy Messersmith and Dick Bosman who each pitch a complete game.

    ATL 000 011 010-3 5 1
    SD 100 210 00x-4 8 1
    W-Kirby (2-1)
    L-Niekro (1-1)
    Derrel Thomas and Leron Lee each go 2 for 4. Hank Aaron hits a HR and is 73 HRs away from passing Babe Ruth.
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    The State of New England
    Standings after games of April 16, 1972

    A League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    New York (A) 7 2 0.778 -
    Boston 6 2 0.750 0.5
    Cleveland 6 3 0.667 1.0
    Baltimore 3 7 0.300 4.5
    Detroit 2 5 0.286 4.0
    Milwaukee 2 7 0.222 5.0

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Kansas City 9 2 0.818 -
    Chicago (A) 7 4 0.636 2.0
    California 4 5 0.444 4.0
    Texas 4 6 0.400 4.5
    Oakland 3 6 0.333 5.0
    Minnesota 3 7 0.300 5.5

    N League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    St Louis 6 1 0.857 -
    Pittsburgh 5 2 0.714 1.0
    Philadelphia 4 4 0.500 2.5
    Chicago (N) 4 5 0.444 3.0
    Montreal 2 5 0.286 4.0
    New York (N) 1 5 0.167 4.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Houston 8 4 0.667 -
    San Francisco 5 4 0.556 1.5
    Los Angeles 4 4 0.500 2.0
    Cincinnati 5 5 0.500 2.0
    Atlanta 4 6 0.400 3.0
    San Diego 4 7 0.364 3.5

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    The State of New England
    Game of the Week-April 22, 1972
    Kansas City Royals at Chicago White Sox (Back-up game: Houston Astros at San Francisco Giants)

    This weekend features games between the first and second places teams in three of the four divisions. Right now Kansas City has the second best record in the AL. Last year they finished third in only their third year of play. They will be playing in their new stadium next year and look to be on the rise. Another team with hopes of being on the rise is the Astros. They have been playing since 1962 but have never had a winning season, but feel that could change this seaon. In 1971 the Giants won the NL West, but the Astros stregthened themselves in a blockbuster deal with the Reds and feel that they can contend this season. The Gianst have the best NL record since their move in 1958, but only have one pennant and one divison title to show for it. They have good looking young players like Bobby Bonds and Dave Kingman but they look to be aging fast. Both Willie Mays and Willie McCovey are slowing down and don't appear to be playing much longer.

    Starting pitchers:
    Paul Splitorff (3-0 2.00) vs Wilbur Wood (3-1 1.54) Wood has been a workhorse for the White Sox starting four games and completing each of them. He throws so effortlessly that manager Chuck Tanner says that Wood can pitch effectively on only two days rest and may get 50 starts this season (Is Tanner hinting ay a possible 30 win season?). Tanner also says that at some point during the season, Wood may start both games of a doubleheader. Splittorf has been equally stingy: 3 start and 3 CGs. These are two pitchers who expect to go deep into games.

    Sarting Line-ups:

    Kansas City

    10 Paul Schaal 3B .159-0-1
    1 Cookie Rojas 2B .228-0-4
    26 Amos Otis CF .295-1-2
    9 Lou Piniella LF .258-1-8
    7 John Mayberry 1B .364-3-18
    33 Bob Oliver RF .213-5-12
    8 Ed Kirkpatrick C .182-0-0
    15 Bobby Floyd SS .241-0-1
    34 Paul Splittorff P .545-0-2


    3 Walt Williams RF .286-0-0
    2 Mike Andrews 2B .170-1-7
    15 Dick Allen 1B .296-4-14
    14 Bill Melton 3B .173-2-6
    17 Carlos May LF .380-3-7
    48 Rick Reichardt CF .295-1-10
    30 Rich Morales SS .167-0-1
    8 Tom Egan C .214-0-0
    28 Wilber Wood P .000-0-0

    It is a warm, rainy day with a strong wind blowing from left to right.

    1st inning:

    Schaal flies to RF
    Rojas flies to CF
    Otis Ks
    0 r 0h 0 e

    Williams lines to SS
    Andrews grounds to SS
    Allean flies to RF
    0r 0h 0e

    KC 0
    CHI 0

    2nd inning

    Piniella singles to left
    Mayberry singles to right-Piniella takes third
    Oliver grounds into a FC 5-4-Piniella scores-Oliver takes first (KC 1-0)
    Kirkpatrick singles to right-Oliver takes second
    Floyd GIDP 6-4-3
    1r 3h 0e KC 1 CHI 0

    Melton Ks
    May grounds to SS
    Reichardt Kc
    0r 0h 0e

    KC 01
    CHI 00

    3rd inning

    Splitorff flies to CF
    Schaal singles to left
    Rojas grounds into FC 1-6-Rojas takes first
    Otis flies to deep CF
    0r 1h 0e KC 1 CHI 0

    Morales grounds to SS
    Egan lines to 3B
    Wood pops to C
    0r 0h 0e

    KC 010
    CHI 000

    4th inning

    Piniella flies to CF
    Mayberry singles to center
    Oliver pops to 3B
    Kirkpatrick grounds to Andrews at second who makes a wild throw-Mayberry to third-Kirkpatrick to second
    Floyd Kc
    0r 1h 1e KC 1 CHI 0

    Williams Kc
    Andrews flies to CF
    Allen walks (1st baserunner for CHI)
    Melton walks-Allen to second
    May singles to center-Allen scores-Melton to second TIED 1-1
    Reichardt Ks
    1r 1h 0e

    KC 010 0
    CHI 000 1

    5th inning

    Splittorf singles to left
    Schaal GIDP 6-4-3
    Rojas grounds to SS
    0r 1h 0e KC 1 CHI 1

    Morales Ks
    Egan pops to 1B
    Wood Kc
    0r 0h 0e

    KC 010 00
    CHI 000 10

    6th inning

    Otis singles to right
    Piniella GIDP 6-4-3 (3 DP for CHI-they almost had a 4th in the 3rd inning)
    mayberry lines to LF
    0r 1h 0e KC 1 CHI 1

    Williams singles to center
    Andrews SH 5-4-Williams takes second
    Allen walks
    Melton fouls out to 3B
    May homers to left-center-Williams-Allen-May score CHI 4 KC 1-The ball just made it over the wall!
    Reichardt lines to RF
    3r 2h 1e

    KC 010 000
    CHI 000 103

    7th inning

    Oliver grounds to SS
    Kirkpatrick walks
    Floyd grounds to 3B-Kirkpatrick takes second
    Richie Scheinblum batting for Splitorff
    Scheinblum grounds to 3B
    0r 0h 0e CHI 4 KC 1

    For KC-Jim Rooker now pitching 0-0 0.00 4.2ip 3h 0bb 6k
    Morales beats out a slow roller to third
    Egan hits a liner that Floyd just misses to left-Morales takes second
    Wood beats out a bunt to Rooker-bases loaded and none out
    KC draws the infield in
    Williams walks scoring Morales CHI 5 KC 1
    Infield in again
    Andrews walks scoring Egan CHI 6 KC 1
    Infield in again
    Allen walks scoring Wood CHI 7 KC 1
    Bruce Dal Canton now pitching 1-0 1.80 15ip 13h 3bb 12k
    infield still in
    Melton hits SF to RF-Williams scores CHI 8 KC 1
    MAY GIDP 4-6-3
    4r 3h 0e

    KC 010 000 0
    CHI 000 103 4

    8th inning

    Schaal Kc
    Rojas grounds to SS
    Otis pops to C
    0r 0h 0e CHI 8 KC 1

    Reichardt lines to 3B
    Morales grounds to SS
    Egan doubles down the left field line
    Wood Ks
    0r 1 h 0e

    KC 010 000 00
    CHI 000 103 40

    9th inning

    For CHI
    Luis Alvarado playing second
    Jay Johnstone playing center
    Piniella flies to LF
    Mayberry walks
    Steve Hovley running for Mayberry
    Oliver singles to right-Hovley takes third
    Kirkpatrick SF lines to CF with Johnstone making a snow cone catch-Hovley scores CHI 8 KC 2
    Floyd Ks ending the game.

    KC 010 000 001-2 8 0
    CHI 000 103 40x-8 7 1
    W-Wood (4-1)
    L-Spitorff (3-1)

    Disastrous outing for Rooker-a couple of cheap hits and then he completely loses his control. Carlos May hits his 4th HR and puts the game out of reach. The White Sox are now a half game back in the AL west.

    Other games:

    NY 000 000 100-1 4 0
    BOS 210 010 00x-4 8 0
    W-Culp (3-0)
    L=Peterson (1-2)
    Duane Josephson goes on DL after injuring a finger-he will be replaced by rookie Carlton Fisk.

    BAL 100 000 000-1 3 0
    CLE 000 010 001-2 6 0
    W-Tidrow (2-1)
    L-Palmer (1-2)
    Good pitching duel between rookie Tidrow and veteran Palmer. Indians manufacture run in bottom of the 9th on a walk, hit and a run on slow groundout and a single to center. Orioles only run comes on a Buford walk, a stolen base and two groundouts. neither team has a hit until the 4th inning.

    DET 000 000 000-0 5 2
    MIL 000 010 00x-1 5 1
    W-Parsons (1-1)
    L-Lolich (3-1)
    Bill Parsons and Mickey Lolich put a stranglehold on the offesnse. Only 3 runners reach scoring position in the game.

    CAL 000 000 310-4 9 0
    TEX 000 000 000-0 5 1
    W-Wright (2-2)
    L-Broberg (0-3)
    After getting off to a rough start Clyde Wright has a great performance against Texas.

    OAK 022(11)00 030-18 19 4
    MIN 000 0 00 411-6 12 1
    W-Holtzman (2-1)
    L-Perry (0-3)
    A bitterly cold, windy day. All A's starters have at least 1 hit and 1 run scored. Holtzman goes to 3 for 5, Hendrick goes 4 for 6 with 6 RBI and is only a double short of hitting for the cycle. In the 4th, the As score 7 unearned runs.

    STL 010 020 000 3-6 8 3
    MON 000 000 030 0-3 6 0
    W-Cleveland (2-2)
    L-Marshall (1-1)
    A cold day in Montreal has two big turning points: Ken Singleton's 3 run HR ties the game in the bottom of the 8th. In the top of the 10th with the basesloaded, Lou Brock hits a triple which puts the Cardinals up by three. Reggie Cleveland has a CG victory for St Louis. At this point in the season, Montreal has the worst record in the Majors.

    PIT 000 100 000-1 4 0
    PHI 000 000 000-0 3 1
    W-Blass (2-1)
    L-Selma (1-2)
    Al Oliver's HR makes the difference. Steve Blass and Dick Selma each pitch an excellent CG. Only four runners make it into scoring position in the game.

    HOU 400 000 200-6 10 1
    SF 001 001 030-5 11 0
    W-Wilson (3-0)
    L-Marichal (3-1)
    S-Gladding (2)
    Giants late inning rally isn't enough to beat the high flying Astros.

    Rained out.

    Night Games:

    CIN 230 013 000 004-13 16 1
    ATL 000 045 000 000-9 9 0
    W-Carroll (3-0)
    L-Upshaw (0-1)
    The Reds blow a big lead and then load the bases with none out in the 10th, but can't get a run agross. They finally have another big inning and win in 12.

    SD 001 003 220-8 16 0
    LA 000 612 01x-10 11 0
    W-John (2-1)
    S-Richert (2)
    Lousy pitching by Tommy John and Mike Strahler nearly blow large Dodger lead. Bobby Valentine has 4 RBI for LA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EdTarbusz View Post
    I just received the 1972 season disc for Dynasty League Baseball, and can't decide whether to play the season from the end of the strike or play out the full schedule.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
    I'd like to see you trade Steve Carlton to the Reds and see what his record is
    Mythical SF Chronicle scouting report: "That Jeff runs like a deer. Unfortunately, he also hits AND throws like one." I am Venus DeMilo - NO ARM! I can play like a big leaguer, I can field like Luzinski, run like Lombardi. The secret to managing is keeping the ones who hate you away from the undecided ones. I am a triumph of quantity over quality. I'm almost useful, every village needs an idiot.
    Good traders: MadHatter(2), BoofBonser26, StormSurge

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    Standings after games 0f 4/23/1972

    A League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Boston 11 3 0.786 -
    New York (A) 9 6 0.600 2.5
    Cleveland 7 8 0.467 4.5
    Baltimore 7 9 0.438 5.0
    Milwaukee 6 9 0.400 5.5
    Detroit 4 9 0.308 6.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Chicago (A) 11 5 0.688 -
    Kansas City 11 6 0.647 0.5
    California 7 7 0.500 3.0
    Minnesota 6 8 0.429 4.0
    Oakland 5 9 0.357 5.0
    Texas 5 10 0.333 5.5

    N League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    St Louis 10 3 0.769 -
    Pittsburgh 9 4 0.692 1.0
    Chicago (N) 8 7 0.533 3.0
    Philadelphia 7 7 0.500 3.5
    New York (N) 3 8 0.273 6.0
    Montreal 2 10 0.167 7.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Houston 12 5 0.706 -
    Los Angeles 9 6 0.600 2.0
    Cincinnati 9 6 0.600 2.0
    San Francisco 7 8 0.467 4.0
    Atlanta 6 11 0.353 6.0
    San Diego 5 12 0.294 7.0
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    Some season notes:

    0409 BalNY-Yankees concluse a 4 game sweep of the Orioles.Frank Robinson's successor Merv Rettenmund is off to 1 for 14 start. In the 6th inning he is thrown out at third trying to tag up which effectively kills an Oriole rally. Orioles end up lsoing 3-2. The Yankees win 3 of the 4 games by 1 run.
    OakChi-White Sox complete 3 game sweep of A's.
    CalMin-Nolan Ryan throws a 1 hitter in his debut with California. Ryan had a no-hitter for 7 innings, but Jim Nettles opened the 8th with a single. Ryan walked 7 and struck out 13. The Twins commit 5 errors in the game. For Twins: Dan Monzon fouls a pitch off his foot-he is day to day.
    AL player of the week: John Mayberry, KC
    HouAtl-Ralph Garr injured-goes on 15 day DL-Larvell Blanks called up.
    NL player of the week-Doug Rader HOU
    0410 MilBal-Orioles win their first game-Don Baylor scores winning run on a throwing error by Ellie Rodriguez (Baylor and Brooks Robinson were attempting a double steal). San Diego and Oakland remain the only teams without a win.
    BosCle-Indians home opened is a great pitchers duel between Gaylord Perry and Luis Tiant. Perry scores only run of the game in the 11th. Perry also has 2 hits in the game (each team only has four hits).
    SDHou-Don Wilson pitches a 1 hitter in Houston home opener as Astros smash Padres 21-0. Jim Wynn drives in 6 and Cesar Cedeno drives in 5 and has 5 hits and scores 4 runs.
    0411 BosCle-Tidrow hit in the face by a batted ball-he is day to day.
    0412 ChiMin-Jim Perry leaves game with arm injury-he is day to day. Tom Bradley records 15 strikeouts.
    TexOakN-A's win 3-2 in 10 innings. They are the last team to record their first win.
    SFCinN-Bernie Carbo injured making a play in right. He will be out for about a week.
    SDHouN-Larry Dierker hits a foul off of his foot-he leaves game and is day to day.
    AtlLAN-Willie Davis leaves game after being hBP on his wrist-he is day to day.
    0413 ChiMin-Min 8 Chi 3-White Sox are last team to lose a game-debut of Rich Gossage.
    SDHouN-Leron Lee is a single short of hitting for the cycle. Good comeback extra inning win for Houston.
    0414 TexCalN-Don Stanhouse injures his arm in the first inning-he is going on the 15 day DL.
    MinOakN-Denny McLain injures arm-status TBD-won't go on DL-will probably miss a start.
    LACinN-Hal McRae hits 2 run HR in the bottom of the 9th-Cin wins 4-3.
    AtlSDN-Hank Aaron hits his first HR of the season-he now needs 74 more to pass Babe Ruth.
    ChiKCN-Ed Hermann ejected and suspended for 3 games.
    0415 ChiKC-Bobby Floyd injured after on field collision and leaves games-he is day to day. Amos Otis injured in the field-he is day to day.
    PhiChi-Milt Pappas injures his arm while pitching-he is day to day.
    LACin-Ted Uhlaender injured in the field-he will miss a week.
    0416 NYBal#1-Rich McKinney hit by liner in field-leaves game-day to day.
    ChiKC#2-Cookie Rojas injured in on-field collision-he is day to day.
    0418 SFSDN-Dave Kingman injured in the field-he is day to day. Leron Lee HBP-will gp on 21 day DL.
    0419 CleBos-Boston sweeps series with Cleveland-Boston wins all three games by one run.
    SFSDN-Johnny Jeter HBP-will be out for a week.
    Kansas City first team with double digit victories (11) after doubleheader sweep of Oakland.
    0420 ChiPitN-Nelson Briles hurts his arm while pitching in the cold weather-he will miss a week (and probably one start).
    0421 StLMonN-Tim Foli injured in on-field collision with Ken Singleton-Foli is day to day.
    PitPhiN-Phillies behind 8-3 in the bottom of the 8th-they score 6 runs and win 9-8. Richie Hebner hits 2 HRs and has 5 RBI.
    0422 NYBos-Duane Josephson injured by a foul tip-has to go on DL.
    0423 NYBos-At least one run is scored in 9 of the 10 innings played.
    ChiNYM (DH)-Cubs shut out Mets in both games of DH.
    HouSF-Lee May has 6 RBI in Astros 9-6 win.

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    0429 GOW

    Cincinnat Reds at Chicago Cubs

    (Back-up game is Cleveland Indians at Kansas City Royals)

    Pre-game: The Reds are in a three way way for second in the NL West. After winning the pennant in 1970, they stumbled in 1971. In 1972, they have Bob Tolan back after missing the entire 1971 season because of an achilles tendon injury. The Reds got a scare when he hurt his leg on opening day, but he only missed one start because of it. The Reds offense has been very good this season, especially the three players at the top of the line-up: Pete Rose, newly acquired Joe Morgan and Bob Tolan. Johnny Bench's season wide slump of 1971 has continued into 1972 though. Some of the younger Reds, Dave Concepcion, Cesar Geronimo and George Foster have been struggling offensively, but veterans Darrell Chaney and Denis Menke have been picking up the slack. The Reds pitching has been average, with Don Gullett having a difficult season so far. It will probably be sooner rathn later when Ross Grimsley will be brought back to Reds from the minors.

    The Cubs are also in third place. Since tensions boiled over last season, it is assumed that Leo Duocher's job depends on the Cubs making it into the post-season. This may be difficult because, while the Cubs have a strong starting line-up, they have a weak bench, unlike the Reds who have some of the best bench strength in Majors. The Cubs have a good starting rotation but among the weakest bullpens. In a close game, Durocher seems reluctant to go to either hs bench or his bullpen.

    Starting pitchers Jim McGlothlin (3-0 3.34) vs Burt Hooten (2-2 4.32)

    Starting line-ups:


    14 Pete Rose LF .307-2-6
    8 Joe Morgan 2B .348-3-7
    28 Bob Tolan CF .329-0-15
    5 Johnny Bench C .208-2-9
    24 Tony Perez 1B .272-2-14
    16 Denis Menke 3B .282-1-11
    12 Darrel Chaney SS .382-1-4
    25 Bernie Carbo RF .214-0-1
    31 Jim McGlothlin P .000-0-1


    1 Jose Cardenal RF .157-1-8
    18 Glenn Beckert 2B .254-0-3
    26 Billy Williams LF .347-4-16
    10 Ron Santo 3B .290-3-9
    28 Jim Hickman 1B .250-1-3
    9 Randy Hundley C .259-0-8
    7 Rick Monday CF .211-2-8
    11 Don Kessinger SS .242-0-5
    44 Burt Hooten P .200-0-0

    The temp is in the low 40s with rain and a very strong wind blowing out

    1st inning

    Rose grounds to SS
    Morgan pops to C
    Tolan grounds to 3B
    0 r 0 h 0e

    Cardenal lines to 3B
    Beckert flies to CF
    Williams grounds to 2B
    0r 0h 0e

    CIN 0
    CHI 0

    2nd inning

    Bench flies to LF
    Perez Kc
    Menke triples to left center
    Chaney lines to 2B
    0r 1h 0e

    Santo Grounds to SS
    Hickman singles to left
    Hundley singles to center-Hickman stops at second
    Monday walks-Hundley to second-Hickman to third
    Kessinger grounds into FC 6-4-Hickman scores-Hundley to third-Kessinger on first
    Hooten grounds to 3B
    1r 2h 0e CIN 0 CHI 1

    CIN 00
    CHI 01

    3rd inning

    Carbo flies to LF
    McGlothlin Kc
    Rose grounds to P
    0r 0h 0e

    Cardenal grounds to SS
    Beckert grounds to 3B
    Williams singles to right
    Santo walks-Williams to second
    Hickman grounds into FC-3B unassisted
    0r 1h 0e

    CIN 000
    CHI 010

    4th inning

    Morgan walks
    Morgan steals second
    Tolan grounds to 2B-Morgan takes third-Morgan stealing second prevented this from being a DP grounder
    Bench Kc
    Perez grounds to short-Kessinger's throw is over Hickman's head-Morgan scores on error-Perez takes second
    Menke grounds to SS-Kessinger making a nice play
    1r 0h 1e CIN 1 CHI 1

    Hundley singles to left
    Monday grounds to 2B-Hundley takes second
    Kessinger hits a sharp single to center-Hundley held at third
    Hooten bunts into FC 2-6-Hundley holds at third-Hooten to first
    Cardenal grounds into FC 6-4
    0r 2h 0e

    CIN 000 1
    CHI 010 0

    5th inning

    Chaney walks
    Carbo singles to center-Chaney takes second
    McGlothlin bunting-pops to P
    Rose flies to CF
    Morgan singles to center-Chaney thrown out at the plate 8-2
    0r 2h 0e CIN 1 CHI 1

    Beckert grounds to 2B
    Williams grounds to 1B
    Santo singles to center
    Hickman grounds out on a slow roller to SS
    0r 1h 0e

    CIN 000 10
    CHI 010 00

    6th inning

    Tolan flies to LF
    Bench walks
    Perez grounds to second but Beckert bobbles the ball-Bench takes second on the error-Perez safe at first
    Menke flies to LF
    Chaney doubles to the wall in left center-Bench and Perez score
    Carbo grounds to first-Hickman boots it-Chaney to third on error-Carbo to first
    Cesar Geronimo (.214-2-5) batting for McGlothlin
    Geronimo Kc
    2r 1h 2e CIN 3 CHI 1

    For CIN-Pedro Borbon now pitching (0-1 1 save 3.00 9ip 11h 2bb 3k opp hitting .314)
    Hundley flies to LF
    Monday lines to 2B
    Kessinger pops to 2B
    0r 0h 0e

    CIN 000 102
    CHI 010 000

    7th inning

    Rose walks
    Morgan grounds to 2B-H&R-Rose takes second
    Tolan Ks
    Bench Ks
    0r 0h 0e CIN 3 CHI 1

    Joe Pepitone (.275-1-3) batting for Hooten
    Pepitone flies to RF
    Cardenal grounds to SS
    Beckert singles to right
    Williams flies to RF
    0r 1h 0e

    CIN 000 102 0
    CHI 010 000 0

    8th inning

    For Chi-now pithching Tom Phoebus (0-1 11.57 4.2ip 8h 6bb 3k 1hr .381 opp BA)
    Perez singles to center
    Menke Kc
    Chaney grounds into FC 6-4-Chaney takes first
    Carbo walks-Chaney to second
    Ted Uhlaender (.231-0-0) batting for Borbon
    Uhlaender Ks
    0r 1h 0e CIN 3 CHI 1

    For CIN-Clay Carroll (3-0 1.69 2s 10.2ip 7h 4bb 6k 1hr .179opBA) now pitching
    Santo Ks
    Hickman Kc
    Hundley Ks
    0r 0h 0e

    CIN 000 102 00
    CHI 010 000 00

    9th inning

    Rose grounds to SS
    Morgan walks-Morgan CS 2-6
    Tolan grounds to 2B
    0r 0h 0e CIN 3 CHI 1

    For CIN-Concepcion now playing SS
    Monday Kc
    Kessinger grounds to SS
    JC Martin (.333-0-0) batting for Phoebus
    Martin doubles to right
    Bill North running for Martin
    Cardenal singles to right-North scores
    Beckert gorunds to 3B (on previous pitch hit a foul into the stands that Bench nearly caught)
    1r 2h 0e

    CIN 000 102 000-3 5 0
    CHI 010 000 001-2 9 3

    W-McGlothlin 4-0
    L-Hooten 2-3
    S-Carroll 3

    Hooten is done in by poor defensegiving ujp 3 unearned runs. The Cubs think enough of his potential that they were will to trade Ken Holtzman to the A's for Rick Monday to make room for Hooten in their rotation.
    Other games:

    ATL 100 010 011-4 9 1
    PIT 100 000 000-1 4 1
    W-Niekro (3-2)
    L-Briles (1-1)
    Phil Niekro gives up one unearned run, as only three Pirates get into scoring position. Darrell Evans is hit by a line-drive and will miss at least a week.

    MON 000 310 120-7 12 0
    SF 000 001 000-1 7 1
    W-Morton (2-2)
    L-Cumberland (1-3)
    League worst Expos have an easy time against Giants. John Cumberland is demoted to the Goants bullpen because of stamina issues. He only averages 5 innings per start. He will be a long reliever.

    CLE 000 000 020-2 7 0
    KC 000 063 01x-10 13 1
    W-Drago (2-3)
    L-Wilcox (2-2)
    Four consectuctive walks by Wilcox and then two straight doubles help the Royals score six runs in the fifth. The hard-hitting Royals never look back and cruise to an easy victory over the light hitting Indians.

    MIN 000 000 010-1 6 2
    NY 300 220 00x-7 8 0
    W-Stottlemyer (1-3)
    L-Blyleven (2-4)
    Stottlemyer gets his first win of the season with a good performance over the Twins. Two Twin errors lead to two unearned runs in the firat and the Twins aren't able to catch up.

    OAK 401 000 000-5 8 0
    MIL 000 000 000-0 5 2
    W-Hunter (1-3)
    L-Slaton (0-5)
    Jim Hunter pitches a shutout for his first victory of the season. Young Jim Slaton's troubles continue as he gives up three unearned runs. At this point Slaton leads the Majors in losses.

    CHI 000 000 000-0 6 0
    DET 000 110 00x-2 8 0
    W-Timmerman (2-3)
    L-Bradley (3-2)
    Fred Scherman strikes out Dick Allen with the bases loaded to end game. Norm Cash and Tom Haller hit solo HRs for the Tigers.

    BOS 022 001 004-9 12 2
    TEX 000 103 001-5 9 1
    W-Siebert (3-0)
    L-Paul (1-2)
    S-Bolin (1)
    Four unearned runs in the ninth are enough to stop the Rangers who had come to within one run of tieing the game. Seven of the 14 runs in this game were unearned.

    Night games:

    STL 300 000 001-4 12 1
    HOU 000 102 101-5 11 0
    W-Gladding (2-1)
    L-Drabowsky (0-1)
    Clash of first place teams. Cards took an early lead as Rick Wise sought his sixth consecutive win. Light hitting Roger Metzger goes 3 for 4 and scores 4 runs for the Astros. Each team strands 6 runners in scoring position, with Dal Maxvill stranding 4 for the Cardinals.

    Rained out

    PHI 000 000 010-1 5 0
    SD 200 011 00x-4 6 2
    W-Arlin (3-2)
    L-Champion (1-3)
    Billy Champion is ejected and suspended for intentionally hitting Arlin with a pitch. Former Ohio State stand-out Arlin has an easy time with the Phillies. Only Tim Mccarver's 8th inning HR prevent the Phillies from being shut out.

    CAL 000 100 000-1 4 2
    BAL 200 000 00x-2 5 0
    W-Cuellar (2-3)
    L-Clark (0-2)
    Two unearned runs in the first are enough for the Oioles to win over California. Mike Cuellar and Rickey Clark each pitch a good game for their clubs.
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    Standings after games of April 30, 1972

    A League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Boston 12 7 0.632 -
    New York (A) 11 9 0.550 1.5
    Baltimore 11 10 0.524 2.0
    Detroit 8 10 0.444 3.5
    Cleveland 9 12 0.429 4.0
    Milwaukee 6 13 0.316 6.0

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Kansas City 15 8 0.652 -
    Chicago (A) 13 8 0.619 1.0
    Minnesota 10 10 0.500 3.5
    Oakland 9 9 0.500 3.5
    California 9 10 0.474 4.0
    Texas 7 14 0.333 7.0

    N League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    St Louis 12 6 0.667 -
    Pittsburgh 11 8 0.579 1.5
    Chicago (N) 11 10 0.524 2.5
    New York (N) 7 9 0.438 4.0
    Philadelphia 8 13 0.381 5.5
    Montreal 4 15 0.211 8.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Houston 17 6 0.739 -
    San Francisco 13 9 0.591 3.5
    Cincinnati 12 9 0.571 4.0
    Los Angeles 11 9 0.550 4.5
    San Diego 9 15 0.375 8.5
    Atlanta 8 14 0.364 8.5

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    The Race for the Babe:

    Entering the 1972 season the all-time homerun list looks like this:

    Babe Ruth 714
    Willie Mays 646
    Hank Aaron 639

    The concensus is that Hank Aaron has an excellent shot at passing Ruth in late 1973 or more likely sometime in 1974. Even though Mays is second on the list, his power numbers have dropped dramatically over the last several years and he has been a lead-off hitter. Mays is also seen as being near the end of the road.

    in the month of April Aaron has three HRs and Mays has one. So now:

    Ruth 714
    Mays 647
    Aaron 642
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    GAME OF THE WEEK May 6, 1972

    This was a very big day for me that I remember quite well!!


    back up game is New York Yankees at Oakland A's.

    Pre-game: last year was the first time that the Twins missed the ALCS (Oakland having made it) and they are anxious to returnm but in 1972 they have been plagued by erratic starting pitching from Bert Blyleven and Jim Perry, a weak bench and the absence of Tony Oliva. Oliva will be back in June at the earliest. The Twins are currently 12-11 and in 4th place, but they are only 2.5 games out of first. Starting pitcher Dick Woodson has been their most effective starter so far. Boston is in third place at 12-10 and are a half game out behind baltimore and New York who are tied for first. Boston insiders are confodent that the Red Sox can compete with Baltimore this year and possibly be the first team to beat Baltimore for the AL East championship.

    Starting Pitchers: Dick Woodson (4-1 1.44) vs Luis Tiant (1-2 1.71)

    Starting Line-ups:

    Minnesota Twins

    12 Cesar Tovar RF .227-0-3
    5 Danny Thompson SS .263-2-10
    29 Rod Carew 2B .287-0-9
    20 Rich Reese 1B .286-1-3
    2 Bobby Darwin CF .255-5-17
    4 Steve Braun 3B .277-1-5
    10 Rick Renick LF .190-1-2
    8 Phil Roof C .396-3-9
    13 Dick Woodson P .056-0-1

    Boston Red Sox

    4 Tommy Harper CF .250-2-9
    12 John Kennedy SS .235-0-1
    14 Ben Ogilvie LF .438-2-7
    7 Reggie Smith RF .253-3-13
    6 Rico Petrocelli 3B .258-6-14
    3 Bob Burda 1B .000-0-0 (first start this season)
    2 Doug Griffin 2B .241-0-1
    10 Bob Montgomery C .333-0-1
    23 Luis Tiant P .154-0-0

    It is a warm, clear day with the wind blowing in.

    1st inning:

    Tovar singles to right
    Thompson sac bunts 1-3-Tovar takes second
    Carew Ks
    Reese Ks as Tiant bears down
    0r 1h 0e

    Harper grounds out 6-3
    Kennedy flies to LF
    Ogilvie Ks
    0r 0h 0e

    MIN 0
    BOS 0

    2nd inning

    Darwin homers to left-center MIN 1 BOS0
    Braun hits a flare to SS that Kennedy makes a nice running catch on!
    Renick singles to left
    Roof flies to CF
    Woodson lines to 3B
    1r 2h 0e MIN 1 BOS 0

    Smith singles to center
    Petrocelli homers down the left field line over the Green Monster. MIN 1 BOS 2
    Burda grounds out 3-1
    Griffin grounds out 6-3
    Montgomery singles to center-Thompson just missed it
    Tiant pops to 3B
    2r 3h 0e

    MIN 01
    BOS 02

    3rd inning

    Tovar flies to CF
    Thompson hits a hard grounder to 2B
    Carew also hits ahrd grounder to 2B
    0r 0h 0e MIN 1 BOS 2

    Harper grounds to SS
    Kennedy singles to right
    Ogilvie triples to right center-Kennedy scores MI 1 BOS 3
    Smith grounds to SS-Ogilvie holds at third
    Petrocelli Ks
    1r 2h 0e

    MIN 010
    BOS 021

    4th inning

    Reese singles to right
    Darwin Kc
    Braun singles to right-Reese stops at second
    Renick grounds into a FC 1-4-Reese takes third and Renick is safe at first
    Roof flies to CF
    0r 2h 0e MIN 1 BOS 3

    Burda grounds to 2B
    Griffin fouls out to C
    Montgomery hits a chopper to 2B-Carew just makes the bag-bang play!
    0r 0h 0e

    MIN 010 0
    BOS 021 0

    5th inning

    Woodson is out bunting 3-4
    Tovar hits a hard line drive to 2B
    Thompson Ks
    0r 0h 0e MIN 1 BOS 3

    Tiant doubles to left center
    Harper flies to CF-Tiant holds
    Kennedy Kc
    Ogilvie hits a long one to center for his second triple of the game!-Tiant scores MIN 1 BOS 4
    Smith hits a hard groundout to 2B
    1r 2h 0e

    MIN 010 00
    BOS 021 01

    6th inning

    Carew flies to CF
    Reese walks
    Darwin walks-Reese to second
    Braun hits into a FC 3-6-Reese to third-Braun safe at first
    Renick hits a hard groundout 6-3
    0r 0h 0e MIN 1 BOS 4

    Petrocelli Ks-he nearly hit his 2nd homer of the game but it was a long foul
    Burda flies to CF
    Griffin Ks
    0r 0h 0e

    MIN 010 000
    BOS 021 010

    7th inning

    Roof grounds to SS
    Jim Nettles (.369-0-0) batting for Woodson
    Nettles Kc
    Tovar grounds to SS
    0r 0h 0e

    For MIN-Nettles stays in playing left-Wayne Granger (batting 7th) now pitching 0-1 1.80 1save, 10IP 7h 2r 2er 1hr 1bb 7k
    Montgomery singles to center
    Tiant pops to 2B after unsuccessfully trying to sacrifice bunt
    Harper flies to CF
    Kennedy flies to LF
    0r 1h 0e

    MIN 010 000 0
    BOS 021 010 0

    8th inning

    Thompson hits a hard bouncer to short that hits Kennedy in the throat-Kennedy has to leave the game-Thompson credited with a single
    For BOS-Juan Beniquez now playing shortstop
    Hit and run-Carew flies to CF-Thompson back to first
    Reese hits a high chopper to the mound but Tiants throw is late-single!-Thompson to second
    Tiant is visibly tiring-Bill Lee is warming up
    Darwin walks-bases are loaded!
    Braun hits a sharp grounder for 463 DP! Tiant pitches his way out of the jam!
    0r 2h 0e MIN 1 BOS 4

    Ogilvie hits a long fly to RF
    Smith hits a triple to right center for the Red Sox third triple of the game
    Infield playing in
    Petrocelli hits one past Thompson playing for a single!! MIN 1 BOS 5
    Burda grounds into a FC 6-4-Burda safe at first
    Griffin singles to right-Burda takes second
    For Min-Dave LaRoche now pitching (2-0 1s 0.00 12.2ip 11h 3bb 8k 0hr)
    Montgomery hits one into the gap to LF-Nettles makes a diving catch! Nettles is much better on defense then Renick
    1r 3h 0e MIN 1 BOS 5

    MIN 010 000 00
    BOS 021 010 01

    9th inning

    For BOS-Bill Lee (0-1 1s 1.35 13.1ip 7h 5bb 7k 1hr) now pitching, Rick Miller now playing center, Danny Cater now playing first
    Dan Monzon (.333-0-1) batting for LaRoche
    Monzon flies to CF
    Roof flies to LF
    Nettles lines to 2B
    0r 0h 0e MIN 1 BOS 5


    MIN 010 000 000-1 7 0
    BOS 021 010 01x-5 11 0
    W-Tiant (2-2)
    L-Woodson (4-2)

    Rookie Ben Olgilvie and Rico Petrocelli make the difference with 4 hits (3 XBH) and 5 RBI between them. Carlton Fisk has been the Red Sox most highly touted rookie this year, but Ogilvie is outplaying him and the slumping Carl Yasztremski. Tiant helped his cuse by pitching out of several jams, especially in the 8th inning

    Other games:

    NY 000 110 300 5-10 14 2
    OAK 004 010 000 0-5 9 0
    W-McDaniel (1-0)
    L-Knowles (1-1)
    After a 15 inning game last night both teams have several bench players in their starting line-ups. Several of these players (jerry Kenney, Rusty Torres and Ron Swoboda) have a multi hit game for the Yankees, Kenney and Swoboda each getting three hits. Denny McLain can't hold a 5-2 lead for the A's. With this weeks signing of Vida Blue, McLain probably doesn;t have much of a future with Oakland since Dick Williams has not been shy in saying that he has been unimpressed with McLain. Darold Knowles has another bad outing and may be demoted to long relief and his place in the bullpen taken by Bob Locker.

    CHI 200 020 200-6 11 1
    CLE 020 020 000-4 8 3
    L-Tidrow (2-4)
    Shaky Indians defense leads to four unearned runs by the White Sox. Jack Brohamer hits a triple and a home run run to drive in all four Indians runs.

    TEX 000 000 020 001-3 7 0
    DET 000 000 002 000-2 8 0
    W-Lindblad (1-1)
    L-Kilkenny (0-2)
    S-Shellenback (1)
    Rich Hand has an impressive performance replacing injured Mike Paul for the Rangers. These are two of the weakest hitting AL teams this season. Rookie Paul Jata and Al Kaline combine for 5 of the Tigers 8 hits. Milwaukee is now the only AL team with less than 10 wins.

    HOU 300 000 020 0-5 8 0
    CHI 000 020 012 1-6 17 0
    W-Pizarro (2-1)
    L-Gladding (2-2)
    As Curt Gowdy is fond of noting 'no lead is safe in Wrigley Field.' Billy Williams has two HRs (in the 5th and 9th). His 9th inning HR travels 485 ft onto Sheffield Ave. Cubs win 10th when Jose Cardenal singles and scores on Don Kessinger's triple. Lee May and Doug Rader each hit 2 run HRs for the Astros.

    SD 000 200 101-4 10 3
    NY 011 000 100-3 10 0
    W-Corkins (1-1)
    L-Matlack (1-4)
    The Mets load the bases with none out in the bottom of the ninth, but Mike Corkins pitches his way out with a groundout at the plate and two Ks. Rafael Robles goes 4 for 5 for the Padres.

    SF 000 000 000-0 3 1
    PHI 200 231 02x-10 15 0
    W-Selma (2-4)
    L-Marichal (5-2)
    Weak hitting Phillies score 7 runs off the usually sharp Juan Marichal. Greg Luzinski has 4 hits and Deron Johnson has 3 hits. Mike Anderson has 4 RBI. Dick Selma continues pitching well, despite his record. Don Money is suspended for three games after being HBP by John Morris. The New York media is reporting that a trade is imminent that will send Willie Mays to the Mets.

    PIT 003 100 020-6 9 2
    CIN 020 003 000-5 11 0
    W-Miller (2-1)
    L-Sprague (0-1)
    S-Giusti (3)
    An exciting game between the last two NL champs which featured 10 XBHs. Gary Nolan and Johnny Bench are off to poor starts and need to pick it up for the Reds. Tony Perex has 4 hits. Pittsburgth remains a game out of first, and the Reds are spinning their wheels at .500.


    Rained out

    MIL 000 000 000-0 4 0
    CAL 001 000 00x-1 5 0
    W-Messersmith (5-2)
    L-Brett (3-3)
    Good pitchers duel. The Brewers only get two RISP. The Angels score their only run on an FC.

    LA 000 120 220-7 13 2
    MON 000 000 010-1 8 0
    W-Osteen (2-4)
    L-Morton (2-4)
    The Dodgers have little trouble with the MLB worst Expos. The Dodgers spread out the attack with only one starter (Bill Grabarkewitz) not getting a hit. Badly slumping Frank Robinson gets 3 hits. Six of the Dodger hits are XBHs, including 3 HRs.

    ATL 010 030 300-7 12 0
    STL 000 010 000-1 9 0
    W-Schueler (1-0)
    L-Gibson (4-3)
    Ron Schueler pitches well in his first start of the season. Hank Aaron knocks Bob Gibson out of the gane with his 4th HR of the season. Aaron is now 4 HRs short of tying Willie Mays for second on the all time HR list. St Louis has the least used bullpen this season, but three relievers are used tonight.
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    The standings after the Game of the Week of 5/6/1972

    A League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    New York (A) 14 10 0.583 -
    Boston 13 10 0.565 0.5
    Baltimore 13 10 0.565 0.5
    Detroit 10 12 0.455 3.0
    Cleveland 10 15 0.400 4.5
    Milwaukee 8 15 0.348 5.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Kansas City 16 10 0.615 -
    Chicago (A) 14 10 0.583 1.0
    Minnesota 12 12 0.500 3.0
    Oakland 11 11 0.500 3.0
    California 11 12 0.478 3.5
    Texas 10 15 0.400 5.5

    N League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    St Louis 14 8 0.636 -
    Pittsburgh 14 10 0.583 1.0
    Chicago (N) 14 12 0.538 2.0
    New York (N) 9 12 0.429 4.5
    Philadelphia 10 16 0.385 6.0
    Montreal 5 18 0.217 9.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Houston 19 9 0.679 -
    Los Angeles 15 10 0.600 2.5
    San Francisco 14 13 0.519 4.5
    Cincinnati 13 13 0.500 5.0
    San Diego 13 15 0.464 6.0
    Atlanta 11 15 0.423 7.0

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    Game of the the Week for May 13, 1972

    San Francisco Giants (17-15 .531 3 GB-3rd place) at New York Mets (9-16 .360 8.5 GB-5th place)

    Back-up game: Boston Red Sox (16-12 .571 2 GB-3rd place) at Oakland A's (14-13 .519 1.5 GB-3rd place)

    Starting Pitchers: Jim Barr (1-1 1.87) vs Tom Seaver (2-3 4.76) Seaver leads the Majors in K/9 with 10.32.

    Pre-Game: Last Saturday a story broke in a Long Island newspaper that a deal was imminent that would bring Willie Mays back to New York to play for the Mets. On Thursday the trade was officially announced: the Mets traded Charlie Smith for Willie Mays. A rumored $100,000 accompanied Smith to San Francisco. Mays is near the end of the line, his number began dropping in 1968, and it was no secret that Giants manager Charlie Fox wanted Minor league phenom Garry Maddox in the Giants line-up rather then the aging Mays. Horace Stoneham said that with competition from the Oaklnd A's that he could np longer pay Mays what he (Stoneham) thought he was worth. He said that based on what Mays would make in New York, that he should have no retirement worries. The Mets ownership has said that Mays was not acquired simply as a gate attraction, but they felt he could be productive on the field. To put it simply: the Mets need both. As a team the Mets are hitting barely over .200 and their normally excellent starting pitching has been terrible.The death of Gil Hodges seems to have put this team in a real funk and fans are beginning to worry that it may last all season. This was a team that was supposed to compete to NL East title and they all already 8.5 back of the Cardinals, who are probably the hottest team in the bigs right now. The Mets are one of only three teams that still haven't won 19 games yet this year, the other being the Milwaukee Brewers and the league worst Montreal Expos who are 7 and 21. The Mets players are excited about having a legend like Mays as a teammate. Utility infielder Jim Beauchamp switches to number 5 so that Mays can wear 24 with the Mets.
    The Giants are at a crossroads this season. Since their move to the coast in 1958, the Giants have the best over-all record in the NL. That said, all they have to show for it are a 1962 World Series loss (that took a three game playoff for them to even get to) and the 1971 NL West crown, which led to loss in the NLCS to eventual World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates. The Giants are a team that was seen as anchored by aging players, Such as Willie McCovey, who is having a terrible season, Tito Fuentes, Willie Mays and Gaylord Perry, who are both now gone. Giving up on Perry may have been a mistake because he is having a great year in Cleveland and his replacement Sam McDowell has only been so-so. Right now the Giants are been driven by young Bobby Bonds who has an excellent combination of power and speed. Mays's departure menas that Bonds will now be moved to the leadoff spot in the Giants line-up. The Giants have big hopes for youngsters Dave Kingman, Dave Rader, Chris Arnold, Al Gallagher and newly elevated Garry Maddox. The Mets are in a tough division but it's doubtful that the Cardinals can maintain the pace they are playing at. Thursday afternoon typified the year the Cardinals are having: In the bottom of the sixth the almost as hot Astros were leading the Cardinals 13-1. All the Cardinals did in the bottom of the sixth was score 13 runs and eventually win the game 14-13. The Giants have to make a move now if they are to acompete with St Louis and Los Angeles for the top spot.

    Starting Line-ups:


    25 Bobby Bonds RF .244-9-22
    23 Tito Fuentes 2B .235-1-13 (tied for the lead in the Majors in doubles with 12)
    31 Garry Maddox LF .200-0-1 (he has now played 4 games with the Giants)
    15 Ken Henderson CF .187-3-10
    26 Dave Kingman 1B .224-2-11 (tied for the lead in the Majors in doubles with 12)
    14 Dave Rader C .178-0-0
    17 Chris Arnold 3B .433-1-5
    35 Chris Speier SS .225-3-18
    33 Jim Barr P .182-0-1


    3 Bud Harrelson SS .183-0-5
    12 Ken Boswell 2B .177-0-1
    24 Willie Mays CF .278-1-3 (with SF)
    4 Rusty Staub RF .365-3-11
    28 John Milner LF .310-4-8
    2 Jim Fregosi 3B .179-0-2
    7 Ed Kranepool 1B .259-4-12
    9 Bill Sudakis C .143-0-1
    41 Tom Seaver P.250-0-0

    Weather is partly cloudy, no wind, 80 degrees.

    1st inning

    Bonds Kc
    Fuentes doubles down right field line
    Maddox Ks
    Henderson flies to CF-Mays makes a running catch which bings out the cheers!!
    0r 1h 0e

    Harrelson flies to RF
    Boswell flies to the warning track in CF
    (The game is delayed for approximately two minutes as Mays acknowledges the cheers from the crowd)
    Mays hits a hard ground out to SS
    0r 0h 0e

    SF 0
    NY 0

    2nd inning

    Kingman Ks
    Rader singles to right
    Arnold lines to 3B
    Speier grounds out to 1B
    0r 1h 0e

    Staub grounds out 3-1
    Milner doubles off the right field wall
    Fregosi hits his first HR of the season to right scoring Milner ahead of him SF 0 NY 2
    Kranepool grounds 1-3-it was a hard smash and Barr made an off balance throw to first
    Sudakis singles to center
    Seaver Ks
    2r 3h 0e

    SF 00
    NY 02

    3rd inning

    Barr Kc
    Bonds Kc
    Fuentes pops to 1B
    0r 0h 0e SF 0 NY 2

    Harrelson lines to LF
    Boswell flies to RF
    Mays grounds to 3B
    0r 0h 0e

    SF 000
    NY 020

    4th inning

    Maddox Kc-the pitch is close and Maddox goes ballistic and is ejected for arguing balls and strikes!!
    Henderson hits his 4th HR of the year to left center SF 1 NY 2
    Kingman walks
    a wild pitch moves Kingman to second
    Rader flies to LF-Kingman holds
    Arnold flies to LF
    1r 1h 0e SF 1 NY 2

    For Giants-Jim Howarth now playing LF
    Staub walks
    Milner Ks
    Fregosi Ks
    Kranepools lines to 2B
    0r 0h 0e

    SF 000 1
    NY 020 0

    5th inning

    Speier grounds out 5-3
    Barr Kc
    Bonds flies to LF
    0r 0h 0e SF 1 NY 2

    Sudakis flies to CF
    Seaver Kc
    Harrelson pops to 1B
    0r 0h 0e

    SF 000 10
    NY 020 00

    6th inning

    Fuentes Kc
    Howarth (.208-0-1) walks
    Henderson grounds into FC 6-4-Henderson on first
    Kingman Kc
    0r 0h 0e SF 1 NY 2

    Boswell grounds out 6-3
    Mays grounds out 6-3
    Staub flies to CF
    0r 0h 0e

    SF 000 100
    NY 020 000

    7th inning

    Rader flies to LF
    Arnold grounds out 6-3
    Speier Kc-Seaver's 10th K of the game
    0r 0h 0e SF 1 NY 2

    Seventh inning stretch

    Milner K2-appeal to thid base ump
    Fregosi flies to CF
    Kranepool grounds out 4-3
    0r 0h 0e

    SF 000 100 0
    NY 020 000 0

    8th inning

    Al Gallagher (.263-1-2) batting for Barr
    Gallagher Kc
    Bonds singles to left (Giants first hit since Henderson's HR)
    Bonds steals second
    Fuentes Ks
    Howarth grounds out 4-3
    0r 1h 0e SF 1 NY 2

    For Giants-Gallagher stays in game at third-Don McMahon (3-0 1 save 0.00 11.1ip 5h 1bb 7k) now pitching (batting 7th)
    NOTE: Don McMahon is the only player who does not belong to the Players Union
    Sudakis flies to LF
    Seaver Kc
    Harrelson HBP
    Boswell lines to 2B
    0r 0h 0e

    SF 000 100 00
    NY 020 000 00

    9th inning

    For the Mets-Ted Martinez now playing second; Dave Schneck now playing LF; Wayne Garrett now playing third.
    Henderson Ks
    Kingman Ks
    Rader Ks (Seaver's 15th K!!)
    0r 0h 0e
    Final Score: SF 1 NY 2

    SF 000 100 000-1 4 0
    NY 020 000 00x-2 3 0
    W-Seaver (3-3) this is Seaver's 98th career win
    L-Barr (1-2)

    The pitchers had a firm hand in this game. Seaver striking out 15 and never getting into serious trouble, allowing only three Giants to get into scoring postion. Barr and McMahon no-hit the Mets for 7 of the 8 innings that they came to bat. Unfortunately one of the Mets three hits was Fregosi's two run HR in the second which decided the game. The Giants only run also came via the long ball on Ken Henderson's HR in the 4th. Today we saw the Seaver we are accustomed to seeing. Both he and Barr had the batters confused as seen by the 11 batters who were called out on strikes. 9 of Seaver's 15 Ks were baters called out on strikes. The top five in the Giants line-up struck out 10 times, including 3 by Dave Kingman. It was quite a performance. Aside from a nice catch in the first, Mays didn't do much but maybe his presence will lead to winning ways for the Mets.

    Other games:

    TEX 000 000 000-0 4 0
    CLE 223 001 01x-9 14 0
    W-Perry (7-3)
    L-Bosman (3-4)
    Gaylord Perry has little trouble while pitching his second shutout of the season. The light hitting Indians explode for 14 hits with Del Unser, Tom McCraw, John Lowenstein, Jerry Moses and Frank Duffy having at least two hits. Perry is the only Indian in the line-up who doesn't have at least one hit.

    DET 000 000 000-0 5 0
    KC 102 010 00x-4 10 0
    W-Nelson (4-0)
    L-Lolich (6-3)
    Roger Nelson continues his impressive spot starting for the Royals; he has an ERA of less than half an earned run a game. Mickey Lolich, one of this years best starters, is uncharacteristically roughed up today. Steve Hovley and Cookie Rojas each go 3 for 4 and Rojas drives in all 4 Royals runs. Nelson's shutout is saved by Scheinblum's great catch in the the 9th with men on first and second and two out. Scheinblum has been playing well since becoming a regular after the trade that sent Bob Oliver to the Angels. This loss pushes the Tiger below .500. They are 13 and 14. The Royals remain in first in the AL west. Some bad news for the Royals, however. The team had hoped to move into their new stadium sometime after the All Star break. It was announced this week that their new venue won't be available until 1973.

    BOS 000 001 100-2 7 1
    OAK 011 203 03x-10 16 0
    W-Odom (2-4)
    L-Culp (3-4)
    A match-up of two of this seasons less succesful pitchers is easily won by Blue Moon Odom. Of the A's starting eight, only Dave Duncan (batting .083) has less than two hits. The A's club 4 HRs, including two by Mike Epstein. For the Red Sox, Duane Josephson celebrates his return from the DL with a HR. The A's got off to a slow start but this win ties them for second at the moment with Chicago. Chicago hosts second place
    Baltimore later on this evening.

    MIL 020 000 000-2 6 0
    MIN 100 033 00x-7 9 0
    W-Blyleven (4-5)
    L-Lonborg (1-4)
    Troubles continue for AL worst Milwaukee. Lonborg seems to be going striong until he gives up HRs to Eric Soderholm in the 5th, and to Bobby Darwin and Rich Reese in the 6th. Milwaukee's only runs come as a result of a Bill Voss HR. Aside from this the improving Blyleven has little trouble today.

    Night Games:

    NY 0
    Game called on account of rain in the bottom of the first.

    BAL 000 000 100-1 6 1
    CHI 070 400 00x-11 16 1
    W-Wood (7-3)
    L-McNally (3-3)
    Rick Reichardt hits for the cycle as the White Sox crush the Orioles. Dave McNally is knocked out of the game when the White Sox erupt for seven runs in the 2nd, capped by Dick Allen's 6th HR. Roric Harison is later chased after giving up HRs to Bill Melton and Reichardt. Wood wins his 7th and pitches his 9th complete game (out of 10 starts) of the season. A HR by light-hitting Mark Belanger is all that keeps him from getting his first shutout of the season. The game ended with Brooks Robinson being picked off second base.

    SD 001 003 000-4 9 0
    MON 001 000 200-3 7 3
    W-Kirby (5-1)
    L-McAnally (1-5)
    Shabby Expos defense leads to four unearned runs being charged to Ernie McAnally as the newest NL teams match up. Kirby has control problems in the 7th but is able to hold on for the win. Kirby strikes out 11 Expos. This win puts the Padres at .500.

    LA 020 0
    PHI 002 0
    Game called on account of rain.

    CHI 000 010 030-4 7 0
    ATL 000 001 100-2 8 1
    W-Hands (5-1)
    L-Stone (0-6)
    Jim Hickman's 8th inning HR puts the game out of reach. Atlanta's starting pitching problems seem to get worse every week. George Stone and Tom Kelley are a combined 0 and 10.

    STL 000 000 000-0 5 1
    CIN 200 000 15x-8 12 1
    W-Grimsley (1-0)
    L-Cleveland (3-4)
    Ross Grimsley shuts out Cards in his first start of the season. Reds offensive exposion is highlighted by Darrell Chaney's grand slam.

    PIT 000 100 030-4 8 1
    HOU 000 002 010-3 7 1
    W-Blass (5-1)
    L-Forsch (1-4)
    S-Hernandez (1)
    Willie Stargell's HR puts the Pirates ahead in the 8th. In the bottom of the 8th the Astros score one and Lee May is thrown out at the plate by Willie Stargell as he tries to score the tying run. Roberto Clemente has 2 hits and is 84 hits short of 3000 hits.
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    Standings after the games of 5/13/1972

    A League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    New York (A) 18 10 0.643 -
    Baltimore 17 12 0.586 1.5
    Boston 16 13 0.552 2.5
    Detroit 13 14 0.481 4.5
    Cleveland 13 17 0.433 6.0
    Milwaukee 9 20 0.310 9.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Kansas City 18 13 0.581 -
    Chicago (A) 16 13 0.552 1.0
    Oakland 15 13 0.536 1.5
    Minnesota 14 15 0.483 3.0
    California 13 15 0.464 3.5
    Texas 12 19 0.387 6.0

    N League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    St Louis 18 9 0.667 -
    Chicago (N) 18 12 0.600 1.5
    Pittsburgh 16 13 0.552 3.0
    Philadelphia 14 17 0.452 6.0
    New York (N) 10 16 0.385 7.5
    Montreal 7 22 0.241 12.0

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Houston 20 13 0.606 -
    Los Angeles 17 12 0.586 1.0
    San Francisco 17 16 0.515 3.0
    San Diego 17 17 0.500 3.5
    Cincinnati 14 16 0.467 4.5
    Atlanta 13 18 0.419 6.0

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    Thursday May 18, 1972

    Montreal at New York

    Tom Seaver comes within 2 outs of pitching the Mets first no-hitter. Bob Bailey's ninth inning HR ends Seaver's bid. Seaver ends up with a two hitter as Mets win 5-2. It is Seaver's 99th career win. 4 of the Mets runs are unearned.
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    GOW May 20, 1972

    Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees

    Back-up game: Chicago Cubs at St Louis Cardinals

    Pre-game: It's been 10 years since the Yankees have won a World Series and eight years since they appeared in one. After the dark days of the late 60s, the Yankees finished a surprising (but distant) second in 1970 but slipped to 4th in 1971. They made two high profile trades during the off-season (Danny Cater to Boston for Sparky Lyle and Stan Bahnsen to the White Sox for Rich McKinney) with the Lyle trade looking better every day, but the McKinney deal may have been a flop. McKinney is playing an unfamiliar position (3rd base) and is both hitting and fielding poorly. In last nights game, McKinney made 3 errors.
    Yankees president Mike Burke went on record saying that he thinks this could be the Yankees year. Baltimore appears stalled right, bith hitting poorly and playing surprisingly poor defense. Detroit appears to have aged overnight. Right now the team that New York has to look at is Boston. Boston got off to a faltering start with veterans Luis Aparicio and Carl Yastrzemski getting off to poor starts. Highly touted rookie Carlton Fisk got in the line-up when Duane Josephson went on the DL, but hit so poorly that he has only been an occasional player. Another rookie, Ben Ogilvie, has been more impressive taking over for Yaz in left after Yaz had to move over to first to replace slumping Danny Cater.
    Both teams have a good starting rotation and a decent bench. Both also have weak bullpens, although the Yankees is stronger with the recall of Fred Beene. Both teams have been using a strict four man rotation and this will be a problem when double headers start piling up. The Yankees have Rob Gardner pitching well in the minors and the Red Sox will probably call up John Curtis or Lynn McGlothen.
    It's been 5 years since the Impossible Dream, and the Red Sox feel confident that they can repeat this year, as long as they can keep on winning and avoid being snick up on by the Orioles or Tigers. Last nights loss to the Yanks dropped the Sox to 3 1/2 games back, and in a second place tie with Baltimore. Baltimore is playing three this weekend against the hapless Brewers, while the Red Sox have todays game and a doubleheader against the Yankees. A New York sweep or 3 wins against the Red Sox could be just what Baltimore is looking for.

    Starting pitchers: Sonny Siebert (3-2 3.26) vs Steve Kline (5-0 1.27)

    Starting Line-ups:


    4 Tommy Harper CF .255-3-13
    11 Luis Aparicio SS .272-0-10
    8 Carl Yastrzemski 1B .278-1-17
    7 Reggie Smith RF .257-5-22
    6 Rico Petrocelli 3B .272-8-26
    14 Ben Ogilvie LF .292-2-12
    2 Doug Griffin 2B .304-0-6
    27 Carlton Fisk C .175-1-8
    42 Sonny Siebert P .292-04

    New York

    20 Horace Clarke 2B .198-0-15
    15 Thurman Munson C .258-2-9
    1 Bobby Murcer CF .298-8-24
    6 Roy White LF .398-2-22
    24 Felipe Alou 1B .241-1-13
    21 Rusty Torres RF .306-0-6
    17 Gene Michael SS .279-0-4
    36 Hal Lanier 3B .273-0-0
    38 Steve Kline P .188-0-3

    Temperature in the 80s and no wind.

    1st inning

    Harper doubles to right
    Aparicio grounds to SS-Harper takes third
    Yastrzemski Sac flies to RF (Torres makes a nice sliding catch!) Harper scores BOS 1 NY 0
    Smith pops to 1B
    1r 1h 0e BOS 1 NY 0

    Clarke singles to second
    Munson hits a grounder to third-Petrocelli throws it over Yaz's head-Clarke takes third and Munson takes first on the error
    Murcer hits his 9th HR into the Monuments!!-Clarke and Munson score ahead of him BOS 1 NY 3
    White walks
    Alou pops to 3B
    Torres flies to RF-White holds
    Michael lines to 2B
    3r 2h 1e

    BOS 1
    NY 3

    2nd inning

    Petrocelli singles to center
    Ogilvie Ks
    Griffin grounds into FC 6-4-Griffin takes first
    wild pitch-Griffin to second
    Fisk singles, beating out a grounder to third-Griffin to third
    Siebert grounds to SS
    0r 2h 0e BOS 1 NY 3

    Lanier pops to 3B
    Kline Ks
    Clarke singles to right
    Munson flies to CF
    0r 1h 0e

    BOS 10
    NY 30

    3rd inning

    Harper grounds out 5-3-Lanier's throw just beats Harper
    Aparicio grounds out 5-3
    Yastrzemski grounds out 4-3
    0r 0h 0e BOS 1 NY 3

    Murcer singles to center
    White singles to center-Murcer takes third
    White steals second
    Alou doubles down the right field line-Murcer and White score BOS 1 NY 5
    Torres Kc
    Michael grounds out 6-3-Alou holds second
    Lanier grounds out 4-3
    2r 3h 0e

    BOS 100
    NY 302

    4th inning

    Smith grounds to 1B
    Petrocelli grounds out 1-3
    Ogilvie flies to RF
    0r 0h 0e BOS 1 NY 5

    Kline Kc
    Clarke Kc
    Clarke K2-appeal to third
    0r 0h 0e

    BOS 100 0
    NY 302 0

    5th inning

    Griffin flies to LF
    Fisk flies to RF
    Siebert grounds out 6-3
    0r 0h 0e BOS 1 NY 5

    Murcer walks
    White (now hitting .404) fouls to RF
    Alou singles to center-Murcer takes advantage of Harper's weak arm and takes third
    Torres Kc
    Linier lines to CF-Harper making a snow cone catch!!
    0r 1h 0e

    BOS 100 00
    NY 302 00

    6th inning

    Harper beats out a slow roller to third for a single
    Aparicio GIDP 6-4-3
    Yastrzemski singles to center
    Smith grounds out to 1B
    0r 1h 0e BOS 1 NY 5

    Lanier grounds out 1-3
    Kline Ks
    Clarke doubles into right field corner
    Munson singles to right-scoring Clarke BOS 1 NY 6
    Murcer triples to center-scoring Munson-Murcer only needs a double to hit for the cycle BOS 1 NY 7
    White walks
    For Boston-Peters now pitching
    Alou grounds out 4-3
    2r 3h 0e

    BOS 100 000
    NY 302 002

    7th inning

    Petrocelli Ks
    Ogilvie lines out to 2B
    Griffin singles to center
    Fisk pops to SS
    0r 1h 0e BOS 1 NY 7

    Torres flies to CF-Harper making the catch on the warning track
    Michael also flies to deep CF
    Lanier grounds out 6-3
    0r 0h 0e

    BOS 100 000 0
    NY 302 002 0

    8th inning

    Batting for Peters-Danny Cater (.153-4-10)
    Cater flies to CF
    Harper Kc
    Aparicio grounds out 6-3
    0r 0h 0e BOS 1 NY 7

    For Boston-Bill Lee now pitching
    Kline Ks
    Clarke grounds out 6-3
    Munson hits a 470 foot HR to left!! BOS 1 NY 8
    Murcer (needing a double for the cycle) singles to right
    White walks-Murcer to second
    Alou singles to left-Murcer scores-White takes third BOS 1 NY 9
    Torres grounds into FC 4-6
    2r 3h 0e

    BOS 100 000 00
    NY 302 002 02

    9th inning

    Yastrzemski fouls to SS
    Smith singles to right
    Petrocelli homers down the left field line BOS 3 NY 9
    Ogilvie flies to RF
    Griffin grounds out 6-3
    2r 2h 0e

    Final Score:

    BOS 100 000 002-3 8 1
    NY 302 002 02x-9 13 0
    W-Kline (6-0)
    L-Siebert (3-3)

    The Yankees offense is too much for the Red Sox today, with the top five in the Yankee line-up doing all the damage, especially Bobby Murcer and Felipe Alou (coincidentally at the time of this writing all three Alou brothers are playing for first place teams, with Matty playing for the Cardinals and Jesus whi is a reserve for the Astros). Steve Kline continues pitchng well. Next up for each team: Baltimore comes to Boston for three, and Cleveland comes to New York for three.

    Other games:

    BAL 000 200 100-3 12 1
    MIL 010 000 100-2 6 0
    W-Cuellar (5-3)
    L-Lockwood (0-4)
    Rookie Johnny Oates gets 3 hits for the Orioles, who are finally starting to generate some offense. The Brewers reamain as the only tema with less than 10 wins. This win moves the Orioles into second place.

    CLE 010 004 203-10 17 0
    DET 260 010 000-9 16 1
    W-Mingori (2-1)
    L-Seelbach (0-2)
    S-Farmer (1)
    Improbable win for the Indians. The game seemed over for Cleveland when Tom McCraw lined into an inning ending double play with the bases loaded in the 7th. McCraw was the hero of the game for Cleveland with 3 doubles, including a bases clearing double in the 9th. Milt Wilcox continued having trouble in the AL by not being able to get through the 2nd. Vince Colbert had trouble putting out the fire but the rest of the Indians bullpen pitched well. This was Joe Niekro's first start but he gave up 10 hits and tired in the 6th. The Tigers bullpen was not up the task, especially rookies Phil Meeler and Bob Strampe. Chuck Seelbach walked three in the ninth which led to McCraw's game winning hit.

    MIN 000 101 005-7 9 1
    TEX 000 030 000-3 6 1
    W-Perry (2-4)
    L-Pina (0-1)
    A solid start by winless Pete Broberg is wasted by the Texas bullpen. Horacio Pina can't stop the Twins explosion in the 9th. Jim Perry gives up 3 unearned runs for Twins.

    OAK 011 210 000-5 9 0
    KC 000 000 300-3 13 1
    W-Horlen (2-1)
    L-Hedlund (1-5)
    A's hit 7 XBHs off the Royals pitchers including 3 solo HRs (2 by Mike Epstein and 1 by Joe Rudi). Joe Horlen pitches another effective spot start, but the A's bullpen has trouble closing out the game. For the Royals, Cookie Rojas has 4 hits and John Mayberry and Lou Piniella have 3 hits apiece, but the Royals can only get three runs across the plate. Mike Hedlund's disapointing season continues as he is unable to make it through the 5th inning.

    MON 000 000 100-1 4 0
    PIT 002 000 00x-2 7 1
    W-Briles (3-2)
    L-Torrez (2-3)
    Failure to throw out lead runner Jackie Hernandez on Nelson Briles attempted sacrifice in the third leads to 2 Pirate runs which is all they need. The Expos score an unearned run on Hernandez's error in the seventh.

    CHI 003 022 010-8 11 1
    STL 100 000 002-3 7 1
    W-Jenkins (6-2)
    L-Spinks (1-2)
    Fergie Jenkins has little trouble from the first place Cardinals. The Cubs score 8 runs without any XBHs. Billy Williams is 3 for 5, and Ron Santo drives in 3. The Cardinals bullpen remains highly suspect. The Cubs and Cardinals are two teams with really unreliable bullpens.

    ATL 000 302 000-5 6 0
    SF 004 011 10x-7 12 1
    W-Marichal (7-3)
    L-Neibauer (0-1)
    Braves fight back to take lead in the 6th and the Braves bullpen can't hold the lead. 4 of the Braves hits are XBH. Juan Marichal holds on for the complete game win.

    Night games:

    CAL 101 000 000 000 06-8 17 0
    CHI 001 000 100 000 00-2 9 1
    W-May (2-0)
    L-Kealey (0-3)
    Good pitching duel between Wilbur Wood and Andy Messersmith becomes a grueling endurance contest. Ken Berry's HR in the 14th breaks the dead lock and then a Steve Kealey error leads to 5 unearned runs. Sandy Alomar is the hitting star for the Angels going 4 for 7 and scoring 3 runs. Dick Allen is injured after falling into a dugout while chasing a foul-he is expected to be out for a week.

    NY 030 000 100-4 8 0
    PHI 010 120 03x-7 13 0
    W-Hoerner (2-0)
    L-Taylor (0-1)
    Dave Marshall ties the game in the 7th with his first HR of the season, but Chuck Taylor pitches poorly in his only inning of relief (the 8th). Jerry Koosman and Woodie Fryman were the starters but neither pitched especially well.

    NY 000 040 000-4 8 1
    PHI 010 010 000-2 7 0
    W-Matlack (2-6)
    L-Twitchell (0-1)
    Mets 4 run rally in the fifth is enough to prevent them from being swept tonight. Jon Matlack is given more run support than he usually gets this season for his 2nd win.

    HOU 100 300 200-6 8 1
    LA 000 000 003-3 4 2
    W-Wilson (6-1)
    L-Sutton (3-3)
    It's a Lee May and Bob Watson affair as they do most of the damage against the Dodgers going a combined 6 for 10 with 3 RBI. Errors by Frank Robinson and Bill Russell lead to 3 unearned runs for the Astros. Dick Dietz breaks his hand in the 8th and is probably out until August. On the plus side for LA, rookie Mike Strahler finally has a good relief outing.

    CIN 010 100 001-3 6 2
    SD 000 000 001-1 4 1
    W-Billingham (5-1)
    L-Greif (0-7)
    The sputtering Big Red Machine generates just enough offense to beat the the Padres (the Reds score a run in the 9th without getting a hit in that inning). Jack Billingham, the Reds only really reliable starter, so far, pitches an impressive game, with only Nate Colbert's 9th inning 13th HR (ML leader) spoiling the shutout. The Padres waste a good pitching performance by erratic Bill Greif.
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