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Thread: 1972

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    The State of New England
    Standings after the games of Monday, July 10, 1972

    A League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    New York (A) 49 31 0.613 -
    Baltimore 48 31 0.608 0.5
    Boston 42 34 0.553 5.0
    Detroit 38 42 0.475 11.0
    Cleveland 34 50 0.405 17.0
    Milwaukee 32 49 0.395 17.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Oakland 51 32 0.614 -
    Kansas City 48 36 0.571 3.5
    Minnesota 41 41 0.500 9.5
    California 39 44 0.470 12.0
    Chicago (A) 38 43 0.469 12.0
    Texas 29 56 0.341 23.0

    N League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Pittsburgh 47 36 0.566 -
    St Louis 44 39 0.530 3.0
    Chicago (N) 41 42 0.494 6.0
    New York (N) 37 45 0.451 9.5
    Philadelphia 37 47 0.440 10.5
    Montreal 29 52 0.358 17.0

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Los Angeles 49 34 0.590 -
    Houston 50 38 0.568 1.5
    Cincinnati 45 37 0.549 3.5
    San Francisco 45 44 0.506 7.0
    Atlanta 41 44 0.482 9.0
    San Diego 39 46 0.459 11.0

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    With the All Star Game approaching I'm trying to decide if all teams should be resented or not. The only team that really doesn't seem to have at least one All Star caliber player is Texas. I also have to take a look and see if the All Star rosters are 25 players or possibly 30 players. I've always thought a better rule for choosing the teams was to have mandatory representation only for the host team (this season it's Atlanta which has had a player voted in as a starter).

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdTarbusz View Post
    With the All Star Game approaching I'm trying to decide if all teams should be resented or not.
    I only resent the home team, and only if they suck
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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthMayBond View Post
    I only resent the home team, and only if they suck
    LOL-squirmy son and the chaos he can cause leads to some iffy spelling!

    Atlanta doesn't really suck in my scenario. They snuck into first place for several days a couple of weeks ago

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    July 15, 1972 Game of the Week-Oakland A's (51-34 .600 3.5 games ahead of KC) at New York Yankees (51-32 .614 .5 games ahead of BAL) (Game 1)

    Back-up game: Chicago White Sox at Baltimore Orioles (Game 1)

    Pre-game: Two hotly anticipated double-headers came to wet and disapointing conclusions last night. Oakland at New York never even got started as the the Yankees continued to be plagued by bad weather this season. In Baltimore the first game was washed out in the top of the 5th with Baltimore leading 3-0. Because of the first rain out in Rangers history there will be 5 unscheduled doubleheaders this weekend. Oakland/New York and Chicago/Baltimore are supposed to finish up their season series this weekend. In Baltimore it means doubleheaders today and tommorow. It's more complicated in New York because the Oaklnad/New York game of April 25th was also rained out and the two teams already had an unscheduled doubleheader tommorow. In prder to make their last game the A's will make a special trip from Detroit on August 24th befor going back to Oakland. The Yankees will have to come in a day early from Chicago and start their homestand a day early. This will prevent the teams from having to play a game during the All Star Break or playing the day after the season ends if the game has playoff implications.

    The Yankees have the best record in the Majors but have the Orioles, who have the second best record in the Majors, breathing down their necks. The Orioles actually passed the Yankees and spent two days in first place after the Yankees lost a 17 inning marathon in Anaheim. The Yankees are now back in first and up by a half game.

    The Yankees/A's series is a possible post-season preview. If the season ended today this would be the ALCS match-up. The A's are 3.5 up on the Royals who are just off of a rough series with Baltimore. The Royals are giving no sign of going away and are in Detroit this weekend.Boston and Minnesota are both in third place and are facing each other this weekend. Last night the Red Sox smalcked the Twins 8-0.The Red Sox are 4.5 back and the Twins are 7.5 back.

    The NL has one playoff preview match-up this weekend-Houston at Pittsburgh.

    Starting Pitchers: Vida Blue (L 5-4 2.10 10g 73ip 72h 31r 17er 4hr 23bb 60k) vs Mel Stottlemyre (R 7-7 3.34 21g 170ip 179h 76r 63er 12hr 52bb 68k)

    Starting Line-ups:

    Oakland A's

    19 Bert Campaneris SS .232-7-32
    26 Joe Rudi LF .313-9-42
    9 Reggie Jackson RF .235-15-55
    6 Sal Bando 3B .242-12-56
    5 Mike Epstein 1B .266-19-50
    25 George Hendrick CF .207-5-17
    10 Dave Duncan C .165-2-6
    16 Tim Cullen 2B .283-0-7
    35 Vida Blue P .136-0-0

    New York Yankees

    20 Horace Clarke 2B .242-2-29
    10 Celerino Sanchez 3B .261-0-8
    1 Bobby Murcer CF .329-25-75
    6 Roy White LF .332-3-43
    24 Felipe Alou 1B .278-2-40
    15 Thurman Munson C .252-5-26
    21 Rusty Torres RF .280-2-25
    17 Gene Michael SS .255-1-12
    30 Mel Stottlemyre P .200-0-1

    It's a really hot day (96 degrees) with rain in the forecast.

    1st inning

    Campaneris grounds to SS
    Rudi singles to center
    Jackson fouls out to C
    Bando singles to center-Rudi to second
    Epstein grounds to 1B
    0r 2h 0e 2l

    Clarke flies to CF
    Sanchez grounds to SS
    Murcer flies to the warning track in CF
    0r 0h 0e 0l

    OAK 0 -0 2 0
    NYY 0 -0 0 0

    2nd inning

    Hendrick flies to CF
    Duncan grounds to SS
    Cullen Ks
    0r 0h 0e 0l

    White doubles down the left field line
    Alou homers into the monuments! OAK 0 NY 2
    Munson singles to center
    Torres flies to RF
    Michael Ks
    Stottlemyre singles to left-Munson to second
    Clarke grounds to SS
    2r 4h 0e 2l

    OAK 00 -0 2 0
    NYY 02 -2 4 0

    3rd inning

    Blue singles to center
    Campaneris grounds into FC 6-4
    Rudi lines into a DP SS to 1B
    0r 1h 0e 0l

    Sanchez singles to right
    Murcer lines to SS
    White pops to 1B
    Alou Ks
    0r 1h oe 1l

    OAK 000 -0 3 0
    NYY 020 -2 5 0

    In Baltimore: Mark Belanger doubles home Johnny Oates in the second-Baltimore leads 1-0.

    4th inning

    Jackson lines to 2B
    Bando singles to left
    Epstein walks
    Hendrick singles to short center-bases loaded
    Duncan GIDP 6-4-3
    0r 2h 0e 2l

    Munson walks
    Torres grounds to SS-Munson takes second
    Michael grounds to 2B-Munson takes third
    Stottlemyre Ks
    0r 0h 0e 1l

    OAK 000 0 -0 5 0
    NYY 020 0 -2 5 0

    5th inning

    Cullen grounds to SS-Michael making a diving stop
    Blue lines to 2B
    Camapaneris lines to 3B
    0r 0h 0e 0l

    Even with the rain falling-it's now an official game

    Clarke singles to left
    Sanchez GIDP 6-4-3
    Murcer grounds to Blue who throws wild to first-Murcer is credited with a single and takesd second on the error
    White singles to right-Murcer takes third (not challenging Jackson's arm)
    Alou hits his second HR of the game into the mounments! OAK 0 NY 5
    Munson Kc
    3r 4h 1e 0l

    OAK 000 00 -0 5 1
    NYY 020 03 -5 9 0

    6th inning

    Rudi singles to center
    Jackson lines to CF
    Bando singles to left-Rudi to second
    Epstein HRs to right OAK 3 NY 5
    Hendrick grounds to 3B
    Duncan pops to SS
    3r 3h 0e 0l

    Torres grounds to 2B
    Michael grounds to 2B
    Stottlemyre flies to LF-Rudi makes a nice over the shoulder catch!
    0r 0h 0e 0l

    OAK 000 003 -3 8 1
    NYY 020 030 -5 9 0

    7th inning

    Cullen grounds to SS
    Batting for Blue-number 12 Orlando Cepeda (.33-0-1 since coming to Oakland from Atlanta)
    Cepeda singles to left
    Campaneris flies to CF
    Rudi grounds into FC 4-6
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    For OAK-number 32 Darold Knowles (L) now pitching (1-1 4.24 4saves 34ip 33h 20bb 13k 2hr .256opba) Knowles got off to a rough start this season
    Clarke grounds to 2b
    Sanchez pops to 1B
    Murcer singles to center
    White flies to LF
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    OAK 000 003 0 -3 9 1
    NYY 020 030 0 -5 10 0

    8th inning

    Jackson walks (Sparky Lyle begins warming up for the Yanks)
    Bando walks
    Epstein hits his second HR of the game! This one goes down the right field line into the upper deck. The A's take the lead OAK 6 NY 5
    Now pitching for NY number 28 Sparky Lyle (L) 3-0 0.27 10saves 33.1ip 17h 5bb 28k 0hr .152opba
    Hendrick grounds to 2b
    Duncan grounds to 3B
    Cullen singles to center
    Batting for Knowles-number 8 Larry Brown (.222-0-3)
    Brown flies to LF
    3r 2h 0e 1l

    For OAK-now pitching number 34 Rollie Fingers (R) 1-0 1.17 1save 7.2ip 6h 1bb 10k 0hr .222opba
    The crowd is a frenzy as Alou steps in looking for his 3rd HR of the day!!
    Alou walks
    Running for Alou-number 2 Jerry Kenney
    Munson grounds into FC 6-4
    Torres GIDP 4-6-3
    0r 0h 0e 0l

    OAK 000 003 03 -6 11 1
    NYY 020 030 00 -5 10 0

    9th inning

    For NY-number 12 Ron Blomberg now playing first
    Campaneris grounds to 2B
    Rudi flies to CF
    Jackson Kc
    0r 0h 0e 0l

    For OAK
    Number 20 Mike Hegan now playing first
    Number 2 Angel Mangual now playing CF
    The A's tighten up their defense for the bottom of the 9th
    Michael flies to deep CF
    Batting for Lyle-number 23 John Ellis (.329-1-9)
    Ellis grounds to P
    Clarke grounds to 2B
    0r 0h 0e 0l

    Final Score

    OAK 000 003 030-6 11 1
    NYY 020 030 000-5 10 0
    W-Knowles (2-1)
    L-Stottlemyre (7-8)
    S-Fingers (2)

    It has just been announced that Game 2 has been rained out due to to incereased rain and the wet field-it looks like August 24th will be a doubleheader.

    The long ball settles it today as Mike Epstein has two 3 run HRs and Felipe Alou hits a 3 run HR and 2 run HR to virtually the same place. Neither starting pitcher is sharp (possibly because of falling rain) but each pitches out of several rallies.

    Other games

    Rained Out

    CHI 000 000 000-0 5 0
    BAL 010 001 16x-9 11 0
    W-McNally (10-8)
    L-Bradley (11-7)
    Boog Powell's grand slam caps off 6 run rally in the bottom of the 8th. 6 of Baltimore's hits are for extra bases. Tom Bradley strikes out 10 for the White Sox. Dave Mcnally doesn't allow any of the White Sox to reach scoring position. The Orioles are in first place for the moment.

    CHI 000 000 000-0 5 3
    BAL 001 002 00x-3 8 1
    W-Alexander (4-2)
    L-Lemonds (2-7)
    S-Jackson (5)
    Doyle Alexander and Grant Jackson combine to shut-out the White Sox for the second time today. Don Baylor has 2 hits-he is 4 for 8 today. Alexander also has 2 hits. Dave Lemonds leaves the game after hurting himself while pitching in the 6th. He is day to day. Luis Alvarado makes 3 errors. Chuck Tanner is considering having Wilbur Wood start both games of tomorrows unscheduled doubleheader. The Orioles finish the day a full game up in first place.

    KAN 102 006 032-14 19 2
    DET 014 101 033-13 21 1
    W-Rooker (2-2)
    L-Slayback (3-3)
    An offensive explosion today as the Royals and Tigers combine for 40 hits. Tony Taylor goes 6 for 6 for the Tigers, while Paul Schaal and John Mayberry each have a HR and 5 RBI for the Royals. Paul Schaal, Cookie Rojas, Amos Otis and Lou Piniella each have 3 hits for KC. Eddie Brinkman has 4 hits and 4 RBI for the Tigers. The game ends with Paul Jata on first and Al Kaline flying out to deepest center for the final out. The Royals score 14 and barely pull it out. Nine pitchers are in the game and they are all hit hard.

    BOS 000 000 030-3 6 1
    MIN 020 001 001-4 10 2
    W-LaRoche (4-1)
    L-Lee (1-6)
    Twins take an early lead from HRs by bench players Rich Reese and Rick Renick. Reggie Smith knocks in 3 with a bases loaded double to tie the game in the 8th. Bobby Darwin opens the bottom of the 9th with a triple off Bill Lee. Lee then IWs the next 2 batters. Steve Braun then a game winning SF to weak armed Tommy Harper in center. Jim Kaat started for the Twins and was ejected for arguing balls and strikes in the 8th.

    CAL 000 000 301-4 7 0
    MIL 000 000 010-1 4 0
    W-Messersmith (9-9)
    L-Parsons (7-8)
    Vada Pinson's 3 run HR is the difference as two of the ALs better pitchers, Andy Messermith and Bill Parsons, face off. George Scott has a solo HR for the Brewers.

    ATL 000 000 000-0 4 0
    CHI 000 101 00x-2 7 0
    W-Hooton (9-9)
    L-Niekro (12-7)
    Wrigley Field is treated to a tense pitchers duel between Burt Hooton and Phil Niekro with Hooton coming away with a shut-out. Bill North, getting a rare start, drives in the Cubs first run when he triples home Randy Hundley. Later in the game Randy Hundley drives in Billy Williams for the Cubs final run.

    HOU 000 001 000-1 8 0
    PIT 111 001 00x-4 11 0
    W-Blass (10-7)
    L-Reuss (8-7)
    Jerry Reuss has trouble in the early innings and the Astros can't recover. Vic Davalillo has 4 hits for the Pirates. Reuss strikes out 9 but gives up 10 hits and 3 walks.

    PHI 000 010 000-1 3 1
    SFG 000 000 000-0 1 0
    W-Carlton (13-8)
    L-Marichal (8-11)
    Pitching dominates at Candlestick Park with a marquee matchup of Steve Carlton vs Juan Marichal. Carlton takes a no hitter into the 7th when Willie McCovey singles for the Giants only hit. The Phillie scratch out 3 singles (the only hits that Marichal gives up) to bring home the games only run in the 5th. Carlton strikes out 12 and Maricahal strikes out 9.

    Night games

    CLE 000 001 000-1 6 0
    TEX 300 000 00x-3 8 0
    W-Stanhouse (2-6)
    L-Perry (14-9)
    Buddy Bell misplays Larry Biitner's 1st inning fly into a 2 run double and that's enough for Texas tonight (earlier in the inning Dave Nelson had homered). 6 of the 8 Texas hots are for extra bases. Graig Nettles has 2 hits for Cleveland. Don Stanhouse pitches his 2nd CG of the season. Gaylord Perry also pitches a CG.

    CIN 010 000 000-1 7 1
    STL 103 000 00x-4 5 1
    W-Gibson (12-9)
    L-Billingham (9-5)
    Cesar Geronimo's error in the 3rd leads to 2 unearned runs. Bob Gibson strikes out 11. Tony Perez homers for the Reds.

    MON 001 000 000-1 4 1
    LAD 000 100 10x-2 5 1
    W-Sutton (13-4)
    L-Moore (3-3)
    Don Sutton and Balor Moore match up in a pitchers duel at Chavez Ravine. Ron Fairly's throwing error leads to a Dodger run in the 4th and Sutton knocks in the go ahead run. Coco Laboy hits a HR for Montreal. Moore strikes out 12 and looks sharp for the Expos. Montreal remains the only team with less than 30 wins.

    NY 020 000 000-2 6 1
    SD 010 000 000-1 5 1
    W-Matlack (9-9)
    L-Norman (6-9)
    Jon Matlack and Fred Norman combine for 19 strike outs tonight. Matlack is the star tonight both on the mound and goes 4 for 4 knocking in the Mets first run. Unusual for the Padres tonight: both Leron Lee and Nate Colbert go hitless. Fred Stanley and Dave Roberts each get 2 hits for San Diego.
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    Standings after the games of July 15, 1972

    A League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Baltimore 52 32 0.619 -
    New York (A) 51 33 0.607 1.0
    Boston 45 36 0.556 5.5
    Detroit 41 44 0.482 11.5
    Cleveland 36 52 0.409 18.0
    Milwaukee 33 52 0.388 19.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Oakland 52 34 0.605 -
    Kansas City 50 39 0.562 3.5
    Minnesota 45 42 0.517 7.5
    California 41 47 0.466 12.0
    Chicago (A) 40 46 0.465 12.0
    Texas 30 59 0.337 23.5

    N League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Pittsburgh 51 37 0.580 -
    St Louis 46 42 0.523 5.0
    Chicago (N) 43 45 0.489 8.0
    New York (N) 40 45 0.471 9.5
    Philadelphia 40 49 0.449 11.5
    Montreal 29 57 0.337 21.0

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Los Angeles 53 35 0.602 -
    Houston 52 41 0.559 3.5
    Cincinnati 47 40 0.540 5.5
    San Francisco 45 47 0.489 10.0
    Atlanta 44 46 0.489 10.0
    San Diego 42 48 0.467 12.0

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    Monday NIght Baseall July 17, 1972 St Louis Cardinals at Houston Astros

    A match-up of the two second place clubs. St Louis has recovered from its June swoon and is back in second place 5 games behind the Pirates. This past weeken the Cardinals were only able to win 1 of 3 against the fast moving Reds while Pittsburgh won 2 of 3 against Houston. Houston is 3.5 GB behind the Dodgers. Houston is a well balanced team with good offense, defense and fairly decent starting pitching, except for Dave Roberts and Ken Forsch who has been disapointments. Manager Harry Walker is under pressure to drop Roberts from the rotation but Walker is reluctant to stop using the 5 man rotation. The Astros trade with Cincinnati has been paying off well for Houston with Lee May and Tommy Helms playing well. The only point of contention is that Jack Billingham would probably look better in the rotation than Roberts. They also have Jerry Reuss acuired from the Cardinals and he is pitching well. Houston has done a good job staying in contention (the Dodgers just finished a 3 game sweep of the hapless Expos) but have to watch out for the Reds who got off to a poor start but have now moved into 3rd place.

    The Cardinals have a good offense, defense and pitching but are severely hampered by a lack of speed, often getting a lot of hits but having rallies die on the basepaths. The Cardinals have also suffered the pique of Gussie Busch who demanded the trades of Steve Calton and Jerry Reuss. They were replaced by Rick Wise and Scipio Spinks. While Wise and Spinks have pitched well, they have not pitched as well as Carlton and Reuss. Spinls is currently on the DL and has been replaced in the rotation by Al Santorini who has pitched well in a limited role. The Cardinals need a hot streak to keep in contention.

    Earlier Today:

    CIN 200 000 000-2 2 1
    CHI 200 001 10x-4 7 4
    W-Jenkins (10-11)
    L-Grimsley (4-7)
    Fergie Jenkins finally breaks his 9 game losing streak at brutally hot Wrigley Field by holding the high powered Reds offense to 2 hits. In the first inning Jenkins is hamstrung by 2 errors and gives up 2 runs (1 earned). In the bottom of the first Billy Williams hits a 2 run HR to tie the game. After the first Jenkins has little trouble giving up 2 walks and 1 additional hit. Cubs have problems on defense with 4 errors today (2 by Don Kessinger). This Jenkins first win since June 3rd.

    Staring Pitchers: Al Santorini (R) (3-1 3.15 1 save 11g 4starts 45.2ip 50h 19r 16er 2hr 7bb 24k) vs Dave Roberts (L) (4-10 5.16 20g 122ip 142h 79r 70er 11hr 54bb 90k)

    Starting Line-ups

    St Louis Cardinals

    20 Lou Brock LF .271-2-28 30 SB
    41 Ted Sizemore 2B .228-2-30
    9 Joe Torre 1B .304-8-55
    23 Ted Simmons C .353-12-59
    26 Luis Melendez RF .256-4-12
    38 Jose Cruz CF .209-1-26
    27 Dal Maxvill SS .216-2-22
    47 Ken Reitz 3B .250-0-0 (2nd start of the year)
    34 Al Santorini P

    Houston Astros

    14 Roger Metzger SS .216-1-21
    28 Cesar Cedeno CF .325-15-59
    24 Jimmy Wynn RF .256-12-60
    23 Lee May 1B .275-18-84
    27 Bob Watson LF 307-9-64
    12 Doug Rader 3B .276-15-70
    19 Tommy Helms 2B .261-3-29
    7 John Edwards C .236-2-26
    15 Dave Roberts P

    1st inning

    Brock grounds to 2B
    Sizemore grounds to 3B
    Torre grounds to SS
    0r 0h 0e 0l

    Metzger grounds to P
    Cedeno singles to right
    Wynn flies to LF
    May flies to LF
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    STL 0 -0 0 0
    HOU 0 -0 1 0

    2nd inning

    Simmons flies to CF
    Melendez singles to left
    Cruz singles to center-Melendez to third
    Maxvill flies to LF-Watson makes a nice running catch!
    Reitz grounds to 3B
    0r 2h 0e 2l

    Watson Ks
    Rader singles to left
    Helms GIDP 5-4-3
    0r 1h 0e 0l

    STL 00 -0 2 0
    HOU 00 -0 2 0

    3rd inning

    Santorini Ks
    Brock Ks
    Sizemore grounds to 2B
    0r 0h 0e 0l

    Edwards singles to right
    Roberts lines to RF
    Metzger GIDP 4-6-3
    0r 1h 0e 0l

    STL 000 -0 2 0
    HOU 000 -0 3 0

    4th inning

    Torre singles to center
    Simmons singles to center-Torre to second
    Wild Pitch-both runners advance
    Melendez grounds to SS-runners hold (this would have likely been a double play without the wild paitch)
    Cruz Kc
    Maxvill Kc
    0r 2h 0e 2l

    Cedeno singles to center
    Wynn lines to LF
    May grounds out to 3B-Reitz makes a diving stop!-Cedeno to second
    Watson walks
    Rader flies to LF
    0r 1h 0e 2l

    STL 000 0 -0 4 0
    HOU 000 0 -0 4 0

    5th inning

    Reitz grounds to 3B
    Santorini Kc
    Brock grounds to second and is safe on Helms's error
    Brock steals second
    Sizemore lines to SS
    0r 0h 1e 1l

    Helms singles to left
    Edwards walks-Helms to second
    Roberts Ks
    Metzger flies to LF
    Cedeno grounds into FC 6-4
    0r 1h 0e 2l

    STL 000 00 -0 4 0
    HOU 000 00 -0 5 1

    6th inning

    Torre lines to SS
    Simmons flies to CF
    Melendez pops to C
    0r 0h 0e 0l

    On Santorini's first pitch to Wynn he bounces a pitch in front of the plate-after examination he is OK and will stay in the game
    Wynn singles to left
    May Kc
    Watson singles to center-Wynn stops at second not wanting to test Cruz's arm!
    Rader walks-bases loaded
    Infield draws in
    Helms fies to CF-Wynn scores after the catch just beating Cruz's throw (SF)-the runners advance on the throw home STL 0 HOU 1
    Edwards doubles to left center-Watson and Rader score! STL 0 HOU 3
    Roberts Kc
    3r 3h 0e 1

    STL 000 000 -0 4 0
    HOU 000 003 -3 8 1

    7th inning

    Cruz lines to 2B
    Maxvill lines to SS
    Reitz grounds to SS
    0r 0h 0e 0l

    Metzger walks
    For STL-John Cumberland warming up
    Cedeno fouls out 1B
    Wynn Kc
    May singles to left-Metzger to third
    For STL-now pitching number 36 John Cumberland (L) (1-0 2.57 7ip 7h 2bb 2k .250oba)
    Watson doubles down to right field line-Metzger and May scoring STL 0 HOU 5
    Rader walks
    Helms flies to center-Cruz makes a snow cone catch!
    2r 2h 0e 1l

    STL 000 000 0 -0 4 0
    HOU 000 003 2 -5 10 1

    8th inning

    Batting for Cumberland number 19 Dwain Anderson (.224-4-18)
    Anderson singles to center
    Brock grounds into FC 4-6
    Sizemore Kc
    Torre grounds into FC 6-4
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    For STL-number 31 Grezenda (L) now pitching (0-0 1.00 9ip 9h 1bb 3k .273oba)
    Edwards singles to center
    Roberts Kc
    Cedeno walks-Edwards to second
    Cedeno GIDP 6-4-3
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    STL 000 000 00 -0 5 0
    HOU 000 003 20 -5 11 1

    9th inning
    Simmons singles to center
    Melendez singles to center-Simmons to second
    Cruz grounds into FC 4-6-Simmons to third
    Maxvill Ks
    Reitz singles to center-Simmons scores and Cruz takes third STL 1 HOU 5
    For HOU-now pitching number 38 Tom Griffin (R) (0-1 1save 2.70 33.1ip 28h 11bb 37k 1hr .217oba)
    Batting for Grzenda number 16 Donn Clendenon (.211-2-9)
    Clendenon walks
    Brock singles to right-Cruz scores-Clendenon stops at second STL 3 HOU 5
    Sizemore flies to RF-Wynn makes a diving, snow cone catch!
    3r 4h 0e 2l


    STL 000 000 003-3 9 0
    HOU 000 003 20x-5 11 1
    W-Roberts (5-10)
    L-Santorini (3-2)
    S-Griffin (2)
    The Astros rally late in the game for the win. Dave Roberts pitched well but weakened in the 9th with the Cardinals making a late surge and having the go ahead run at the plate when Bob Watson made a great catch that that ended the game. If Watson missed the catch it was possible that the Cardinals may have tied the game.

    Other Games tonight:

    CAL 010 100 100-3 10 0
    BOS 000 000 000-0 3 0
    W-Ryan (11-8)
    L-Pattin (9-6)
    Nolan Ryan strikes out 15 as he throws a 3 hit shutout. Every member of the Red Sox strikes out at least once tonight. Making Ryan even more dominant tonight, he only walks one batter. Leo Cardenas, Jim Spencer and John Stephenson each have two hits for California.

    OAK 000 200 000-2 10 0
    MIL 000 000 003-3 6 3
    W-Sanders (5-0)
    L-Locker (2-2)
    The Brewers pull out a surprising victory against the A's. Vida Blue allows two men to reach base. Bob Locker relieves him and immedietly gives up a double to Brock Davis which ties the game. With two outs Ron Theobald singles home Davis with the winning run. Gene Tenace drove home both A's runs with a double. Dick Williams rests most of the A's regulars tonight and the A's subs played well and nearly pulled the game out.

    CHI 100 002 000-3 10 1
    DET 308 000 01x-12 17 1
    W-Lolich (14-10)
    L-Bahnsen (8-9)
    A 3rd inning grandslam by Bill Freehan followed by a three run Jim Northrup HR put the game out of reach for Detroit. Every Detroit starter gets at least 1 hit. Mickey Lolich gets his 14th win. This ties him with Gaylord Perry for the Major League lead.

    BAL 000 120 001-4 10 0
    TEX 000 000 010-1 6 0
    W-Dobson (12-5)
    L-Bosman (4-8)
    Baltimore keeps on cruising with an easy victory over Texas. Merv Rettenmund gets 4 hits for Baltimore, while Don Baylor hits a 2 run HR. Dick Billings, Larry Biitner and Joe Lovitto each have 2 hits for Texas.

    ATL 004 100 010-6 10 1
    PIT 010 000 12x-4 8 0
    W-Kelley (7-10)
    L-Briles (9-7)
    S-Upshaw (8)
    Hank Aaron hits his 19th HR of the season (661st lifetime) with 2 on in the 3rd. Later in the inning Mike Lum hits a solo HR. Tom Kelley weakens in the 8th and Danny McLain has trouble putting out the fire, but the Braves hold on for the win.

    NY 100 001 000-2 5 1
    LA 000 100 000-1 5 2
    W-Seaver (11-7)
    L-Downing (9-6)
    Tom Seaver shuts down the Dodgers in this make-up of the April 29th rainout. Al Downing and Pete Richert pitch well for the Dodgers. Rusty Staub homers for NY and FranK Robinson homers for LA. With two out and one on Steve Garvey hit that looks like it may go out but Cleon Jones pulls it down on the warning track to end the game.
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    The State of New England
    Standings after the games of July 17, 1972

    A League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Baltimore 55 32 0.632 -
    New York (A) 52 34 0.605 2.5
    Boston 46 37 0.554 7.0
    Detroit 42 45 0.483 13.0
    Cleveland 37 53 0.411 19.5
    Milwaukee 34 54 0.386 21.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Oakland 53 36 0.596 -
    Kansas City 51 39 0.567 2.5
    Minnesota 45 43 0.511 7.5
    California 44 47 0.484 10.0
    Chicago (A) 40 49 0.449 13.0
    Texas 31 61 0.337 23.5

    N League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Pittsburgh 51 39 0.567 -
    St Louis 46 44 0.511 5.0
    Chicago (N) 44 46 0.489 7.0
    New York (N) 42 45 0.483 7.5
    Philadelphia 40 50 0.444 11.0
    Montreal 29 58 0.333 20.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Los Angeles 54 36 0.600 -
    Houston 54 41 0.568 2.5
    Cincinnati 48 41 0.539 5.5
    Atlanta 46 46 0.500 9.0
    San Francisco 46 47 0.495 9.5
    San Diego 42 49 0.462 12.5

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    The 1972 American Leaguer All Star Team has been named:

    The starters (as chosen by the fans)

    1B Dick Allen CHI
    2B Rod Carew MIN
    SS Luis Aparicio BOS
    3B Brooks Robinson BAL
    OF Carl Yasztremski BOS
    OF Bobby Murcer NY
    OF Reggie Jackson OAK
    C Bill Freehan DET


    Pat Dobson BAL
    Ken Holtzman OAK
    Jim Hunter OAK
    Jim Kaat MIN
    Mickey Lolich DET
    Roger Nelson KC
    Jim Palmer BAL
    Gaylord Perry CLE


    1B John Mayberry KC
    1B Mike Epstein OAK
    2B Doug Griffin BOS
    SS Toby Harrah TEX
    3B Sal Bando OAK
    OF Joe Rudi OAK
    OF Roy White NY
    OF Richie Scheinblum KC
    OF Al Kaline DET
    OF Carlos May CHI
    C Ellie Rodriguez MIL
    c Dick Billings TEX

    MGR Earl Weaver BAL
    COACH Bob Lemon KC
    COACH Dick Williams OAK

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    The State of New England
    The NL All Star team has been selected

    Starters (as voted by the fans)

    1B Lee May HOU
    2B Joe Morgan 2B
    3B Joe Torre STL
    SS Don Kessinger CHI
    OF Hank Aaron ATL
    OF Roberto Clemente PIT
    OF Willie Stargell PIT
    C Johnny Bench CIN


    Steve Carlton PHI
    Larry Dierker HOU
    Bob Gibson STL
    Bob Moose PIT
    Phil Niekro ATL
    Ron Reed PIT
    Tom Seaver NY
    Don Sutton LA
    Don Wilson HOU


    1B Nate Colbert SD
    2B Glenn Beckert CHI
    SS Darrell Chaney CIN
    3B Doug Rader HOU
    3B Ron Santo CHI
    OF Bill Buckner LA
    OF Leron Lee SD
    OF Garry Maddox SF
    OF Ralph Garr ATL
    OF Billy Williams CHI
    C Manny Sanguillen PIT

    MGR Danny Murtaugh PIT (retired)
    COACH Charlie Fox SF
    COACH Red Schoendienst STL

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    The State of New England
    Game of the week for July 22, 1972

    Oakland A's (57-36 .613 1st place 5.5 games ahead of KC) at Boston Red Sox (47-40 .540 3rd place-8 GB BAL)

    Back-up game: California Angels at New York Yankees

    Pre-game: As the season approaches the All Star Break Oakland is playing well and putting some distance between them and the slumping Royals. The Royals are playing the red hot Baltimore Orioles this weekend which means this could be a big weekend for Oakland. Even with some big holes in their line-up and a revolving door among their bench players (the newest of which are Ted Kubiak and Don Mincher from Texas) the A's are looking at a possible repeat as AL West champions. If the season endeed today the ALCS would be a re-match of the 1971 version.
    In the AL East the Orioles have moved back into first place and are probably the hottest team in the Majors right now. The Yankees are slumping and the Red Sox are hoping this continues and they can move into second place (they 4.5 games out of 2nd place). Right now the A's are standing in thee way winning the first two games of this 4 game series. Today's game featyres 8 members of the AL All Star Game (including 3 starters-4 if Hunter or Holtzman starts for the AL).
    Only 5 of today's 12 games are day games.

    Starting pitchers: Vida Blue LHP (5-4 2.16 12g 87.1ip 85h 38r 21er 6hr 28bb 72k) vs Ray Culp RHP (10-7 3.13 20g 5cg 144ip 128h 58r 50er 9hr 63bb 78k)

    Starting Line-ups

    Oakland A's

    19 Bert Campaneris SS .230-7-32
    26 Joe Rudi LF .307-9-42
    9 Reggie Jackson RF .230-16-59
    6 Sal Bando 3B .250-12-59
    5 Mike Epstein 1B .280-23-61
    24 Bill Voss CF .302-2-8
    38 Gene Tenace C .169-7-20
    1 Dick Green 2B .300-0-12
    35 Vida Blue P .179-0-0

    Boston Red Sox

    4 Tommy Harper CF .278-7-48
    11 Luis Aparico SS .220-4-34
    8 Carl Yastrzemski LF .269-4-37
    7 Reggie Smith RF .258-16-52
    6 Rico Petrocelli 3B .214-10-36
    5 Danny Cater 1B .212-7-30
    2 Doug Griffin 2B .297-1-24
    24 Duane Josephson C .258-2-5
    21 Ray Culp P .245-0-1

    A chilly day in the high 60s with a strong wind blowing from the right field to left field. Many cities have been having unusually chilly weather this summer.

    1st inning

    Campaneris grounds to SS
    Rudi grounds to P
    Jackson flies to RF-Smith makes a snow cone catch!
    3 up 3 down

    Harper singles to center
    Aparicio flies to CF
    Yastrzemski flies to CF
    Smith hits his 17th HR to right field! OAK 0 BOS 2
    Petrocelli Kc
    2r 2h 0e 0l

    OAK 0 -0 0 0
    BOS 2 -2 2 0

    2nd inning

    Bando grounds to 3B
    Epstein Ks
    Voss doubles off the right field wall
    Tenace flies to RF-Smith makes a nice sliding catch!
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    Cater doubles down the left field line
    Griffin singles to left-Cater takes third
    Josephson singles to center-Cater scores-Griffin takes third OAK 0 BOS 3
    Culp hits a foul that Epstein barely misses-strike 1
    Culp Ks
    Harper SFs to CF-Griffin scores-Josephson holds on first OAK 0 BOS 4
    Aparicio Ks
    2r 3h 0e 1l

    OAK 00 -0 1 0
    BOS 22 -4 5 0

    3rd inning

    Green lines to 3B
    Blue Kc
    Campaneris singles to right
    Rudi doubles to left center-Campaneris scores OAK 1 BOS 4
    Jackson singles to right-Rudi scores OAK 2 BOS 4
    Bando walks-Jackson to second
    Epstein singles to center-Jackson scores-Bando to third OAK 3 BOS 4
    Voss singles to center-Bando scores-Epstein to second OAK 4 BOS 4
    Tenace grounds to SS
    4r 5h 0e 2l

    Yastrzemski flies to LF
    Smith Kc
    Petrocelli Ks
    3 up 3 down

    OAK 004 -4 6 0
    BOS 220 -4 5 0

    4th inning

    Green singles to center
    Blue bunts into a DP 2-6-3
    Campaneris walks
    Campaneris steals second
    Rudi grounds to SS
    0r 0h 0e 1l

    Cater flies to CF
    Griffin pops to C
    Josephson pops to 3B
    3 up 3 down

    OAK 004 0 -4 7 0
    BOS 220 0 -4 5 0

    5th inning

    Jackson flies to RF
    Bando doubles to left center
    Epstein pops to 2B
    Voss pops to 1B
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    Culp singles to left
    Harper flies to CF
    Aparicio grounds into FC 1-6-Aparicio to first
    Yastrzemski lines to SS
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    OAK 004 00 -4 8 0
    BOS 220 00 -4 6 0

    6th inning

    Tenace Ks
    Green grounds to 3B
    Blue Ks
    3 up 3 down

    Smith grounds to SS
    Petrocelli lines to 3B
    Cater doubles off the scoreboard
    Griffin flies to CF
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    OAK 004 000 -4 8 0
    BOS 220 000 -4 7 0

    7th inning

    Campaneris Ks
    Rudi singles to center
    For BOS-Don Newhauser warming up
    Jackson grounds into FC 3-6-Jackson to first
    Bando flies to RF
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    Josephson flies to CF
    Number 1 Phil Gagliano (.265-0-5) batting for Culp
    Gagliano grounds to 2B
    Harper singles to center
    Aparicio singles to center-Harper to third
    Yastrzemski singles past a diving Green-Harper scores-Aparicio to third OAK 4 BOS 5
    Smith triples into the triangle-Aparicio and Yastrzemski score OAK 4 BOS 7
    Petrocelli flies to CF
    3r 4h 0e 1l

    OAK 004 000 0 -4 9 0
    BOS 220 000 3 -7 11 0

    8th inning

    For BOS-number 28 Don Newhauser RHP (1-0 0saves 5.68 6.1ip 11h 2bb 4k .379opba)
    Epstein Kc
    Voss singles to center
    Tenace lines to SS
    Green grounds to 2B
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    For OAK-number 22 Joe Horlen RHP (4-1 1save 3.38 37.1ip 47h 8bb 24k 1hr .296opba) now pitching
    Cater grounds to SS
    Griffin singles to center
    Josephson grounds into FC 5-4-Josephson to first
    Newhauser lines to SS
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    OAK 004 000 00 -4 10 0
    BOS 220 000 30 -7 12 0

    9th inning

    Batting for Horlen number 4 Don Mincher (.198-4-27 for TEX)
    This is Mincher's first AB for OAK
    Mincher flies to deep CF
    Campaneris is HBP
    Rudi pops to 3B
    Jackson flies to CF
    0r 0h 0e 1l

    Final Score

    OAK 004 000 000-4 10 0
    BOS 220 000 30x-7 12 0
    W-Culp (11-7)
    L-Blue (5-5)

    Reggie Smith is batting hero for the Red Sox with a triple and HR and driving in 4 runs. The hits were evenly spread out as only 3 starters on both sides come away hitless. For the A's Bill Voss continues hot hitting. Voss rarely played with Milwaukee but has played well since coming to Oakland. The A's get half of their hits in their 3rd inning rally. Excpet for the rally the Red Sox get good pitching this afternoon. Vida Blue continues his inconsistant season.

    Other games:

    CAL 002 000 020-4 10 1
    NYY 000 010 110-3 9 2
    W-May (8-3)
    L-Beene (5-4)
    S-Fisher (2)
    Light-hitting Leo Cardenas drives in 2 in the 8th to put the Angels ahead for good. The Yankees rally late but come up short. The under-rated Rudy May continues to pitch well. The Angels are now only 2 games below .500. Thurman Munson homers for the Yankees. Struggling Mike Kekich has a great outing today, but comes away with a non decision.

    MIN 200 003 000-5 10 0
    MIL 002 000 101-4 9 2
    W-Blyleven (11-11)
    L-Lonborg (4-13)
    JIm Lonborg is victimized by poor defense as the Twins score 4 unearned runs. Bert Blyleven strikes out 11 (Joe Lahoud leads the Brewers with 3 Ks). Cesar Tovar leads all hitter with 3 hits, and knocks in 2 runs. Johnny Briggs hits a game tying HR for the Brewers in the 3rd.

    CLE 010 020 002-5 8 0
    CHI 000 010 021-4 11 1
    W-Hilgendorf (1-0)
    L-Gossage (2-5)
    S-Farmer (4)
    A game with good starting pitching and both teams are nearly undone by their bullpens. Tom Hilgendorf pitches to one batter and it's enough for him to get his 1st victory of the season. The White Sox have two on with one out in the bottom of the 9th when Ed Farmer induces Luis Alvardo to hit into his second DP of the game. In the bottom of the 8th Dick Allen tries to score the tying run on a grounder to third, but is thrown out at the plate by Graig Nettles.

    NY 000 000 000-0 7 0
    SF 100 000 00x-1 3 0
    W-Barr (12-5)
    L-Seaver (11-8)
    S-McMahon (5)
    Grueling pitchers duel in extremely hot Candlestick Park. Tom Seaver gives up a HR to Bobby Bonds, the first batter that he faces, and then he and Jim Barr spend the rest of the game matching zeroes. The Mets get two men on in the 9th but Don McMahon is able to get the save. Seaver gets the CG loss for the Mets.

    Night games:

    DET 020 100 000-3 7 0
    TEX 120 100 00x-4 11 1
    W-Hand (2-6)
    L-Coleman (12-9)
    S-Pina (5)
    Rich Hand's best start of the year as the Rangers hold on to beat Detroit. Bill Freehan opens the 9th with a double but Horacio Pina comes in and shuts the door. The game ends when Gates Brown lines into a DP to Toby Harrah. The Rangers have announced that until further notice they will only be playing night games in Arlington.

    BAL 310 000 032-9 14 0
    KAN 000 102 001-4 12 3
    W-McNally (11-9)
    L-Drago (12-9)
    The Royals are able to hold the Orioles close until Baltimore lights up the Royals bullpen (Al Fitzmorris and Tom Burgmeier) in the last 2 innings. Paul Blair leads the attack with 4 hits while Johnny Oates gets 3 hits (2 of which are HRs) for Baltimore. 7 of Baltimores hits are for extra bases. Freddie Patek and Richie Scheinblum each have 3 hits for Kansas City.

    CIN 200 200 000-4 9 0
    PIT 110 210 01x-6 9 0
    W-Briles (10-7)
    L-Grimsley (4-8)
    S-Giusti (10)
    Jose Pagan leads the Pirates attack with 2 HRs. Nelson Briles pitches well but weakens in the 9th and has to be bailed out by Dave Giusti. Johnny Bench and Darrell Chaney each have a 2 run HR for the Reds. % of the Reds 9 hits are for extra bases.

    STL 000 000 000 000 0-0 8 0
    ATL 000 000 000 000 1-1 11 1
    W-McQueen (4-1)
    L-Drabowsky (2-4)
    Ron Schueler and Rick Wise each bring their A-game tonight as the Braves and Cardinals each play 12 consecutive scoreless innings. Wise pitched into the 12th inning. In the 13th the Braves string together 2 singles and an IW which allows Sonny Jackson to knock in Mike Lum with the games only run. Jackson leads the Braves with 3 hits. Braves pitching allows only 1 St Louis walk. The Braves lackluster bullpen pitches well tonight.

    CHI 000 100 010-2 8 1
    HOU 020 010 25x-10 11 0
    W-Wilson (14-2)
    L-Reuschel (1-1)
    Rick Reuschel has a good outing and keeps the Cubs in the game, but, once again, the Cubs bullpen lets the game get away. In the final three innings Dan McGinn and Juan Pizarro are victimzed by a crucial Ron Santo error, a 2 run HR by Cesar Cedeno and a bases loaded clearing double by Jimmy Stewart (who had replaced an injured Cedeno in the 8th). Don Wilson's excellent season continues and he is rumored to be the starting pitcher for the NL in Tuesday's All Star Game.

    PH 201 000 100-4 7 0
    LA 001 100 000-2 9 2
    W-Champion (6-9)
    L-Downing (9-7)
    S-Scarce (1)
    Larry Bowa leads the Phillies with 3 hits as they defeat the Dodgers. Shaky Dodger defense (errors by Bobby Valentine and Steve Garvey) leads to 2 unearned runs. The Dodgers get 2 on with one out in the 9th when Mac Scarce comes in making his Major League debut. He quickly strikes out Bill Buckner and Willie Davis and earns his first save.

    MON 000 001 000-1 7 0
    SDP 100 501 10x-8 9 0
    W-Caldwell (5-9)
    L-Moore (3-4)
    Nate Colbert is the batting star for San Diego getting 3 hits including his 34th HR and 99th and 100th RBI of the season (he leads the Majors Leagues in both categories). San Diego pitching keeps the Expos offense in check as the Padres cruise to an easy win.
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    The State of New England
    Standings after the games of July 22, 1972

    A League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Baltimore 58 34 0.630 -
    New York (A) 53 38 0.582 4.5
    Boston 48 40 0.545 8.0
    Detroit 46 46 0.500 12.0
    Cleveland 41 53 0.436 18.0
    Milwaukee 34 58 0.370 24.0

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Oakland 57 37 0.606 -
    Kansas City 52 43 0.547 5.5
    Minnesota 49 43 0.533 7.0
    California 47 49 0.490 11.0
    Chicago (A) 40 53 0.430 16.5
    Texas 33 64 0.340 25.5

    N League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Pittsburgh 53 41 0.564 -
    St Louis 49 46 0.516 4.5
    Chicago (N) 45 49 0.479 8.0
    New York (N) 43 49 0.467 9.0
    Philadelphia 42 52 0.447 11.0
    Montreal 31 60 0.341 20.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Los Angeles 57 38 0.600 -
    Houston 56 43 0.566 3.0
    Cincinnati 51 42 0.548 5.0
    Atlanta 48 49 0.495 10.0
    San Francisco 48 49 0.495 10.0
    San Diego 45 50 0.474 12.0

    The All Star break begins after tomorrows games.

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    The State of New England
    After the games of July 23, 1972. The season has reached the All Star Break.

    A League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Baltimore 59 34 0.634 -
    New York (A) 53 39 0.576 5.5
    Boston 49 40 0.551 8.0
    Detroit 47 46 0.505 12.0
    Cleveland 42 54 0.438 18.5
    Milwaukee 36 58 0.383 23.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Oakland 57 38 0.600 -
    Kansas City 52 44 0.542 5.5
    Minnesota 49 45 0.521 7.5
    California 48 49 0.495 10.0
    Chicago (A) 41 54 0.432 16.0
    Texas 33 65 0.337 25.5

    N League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Pittsburgh 54 41 0.568 -
    St Louis 49 47 0.510 5.5
    Chicago (N) 46 49 0.484 8.0
    New York (N) 44 49 0.473 9.0
    Philadelphia 42 53 0.442 12.0
    Montreal 31 62 0.333 22.0

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Los Angeles 58 38 0.604 -
    Houston 56 44 0.560 4.0
    Cincinnati 51 43 0.543 6.0
    Atlanta 49 49 0.500 10.0
    San Francisco 48 50 0.490 11.0
    San Diego 47 50 0.485 11.5

    According to Retrosheet, these were the actual standings going into the All Star Game

    Standings At Close of Play of July 23, 1972
    NL East

    Team Name G W L T PCT GB RS RA
    Pittsburgh Pirates 88 55 33 0 .625 - 413 307
    New York Mets 87 49 38 0 .563 5.5 294 310
    St. Louis Cardinals 88 45 43 0 .511 10.0 337 350
    Chicago Cubs 91 46 44 1 .511 10.0 397 333
    Montreal Expos 87 40 47 0 .460 14.5 283 346
    Philadelphia Phillies 88 31 57 0 .352 24.0 285 377

    NL West

    Team Name G W L T PCT GB RS RA
    Cincinnati Reds 88 55 33 0 .625 - 414 308
    Houston Astros 92 51 41 0 .554 6.0 429 383
    Los Angeles Dodgers 89 47 42 0 .528 8.5 322 293
    Atlanta Braves 92 42 49 1 .462 14.5 361 412
    San Francisco Giants 93 41 52 0 .441 16.5 385 399
    San Diego Padres 89 33 56 0 .371 22.5 269 371

    AL East

    Team Name G W L T PCT GB RS RA
    Detroit Tigers 88 51 37 0 .580 - 309 266
    Baltimore Orioles 88 50 38 0 .568 1.0 310 244
    Boston Red Sox 86 45 41 0 .523 5.0 373 367
    New York Yankees 85 42 43 0 .494 7.5 301 269
    Cleveland Indians 87 36 51 0 .414 14.5 257 301
    Milwaukee Brewers 87 35 52 0 .402 15.5 258 347

    AL West

    Team Name G W L T PCT GB RS RA
    Oakland Athletics 91 56 35 0 .615 - 363 276
    Chicago White Sox 90 49 41 0 .544 6.5 327 331
    Minnesota Twins 87 45 42 0 .517 9.0 319 308
    Kansas City Royals 89 44 45 0 .494 11.0 356 319
    California Angels 92 40 52 0 .435 16.5 278 360
    Texas Rangers 90 37 53 0 .411 18.5 294 357

    In order to simulate the All Star Break, I will probably not play any games for a week or so.
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    Tuesday July 25, 1972. The 43rd All Star Game. NL leads 23-18 with 1 tie (1961-2nd game) and 1 cancellation (1945). The NL overtook the AL after winning the 1965 ASG.

    While once dominated by the AL the All Star Game is now NL dominated. 1971 saw the first AL win since the second ASG of 1962. Last year's ASG held in Detroit featured 6 HRs, including a blast by Reggie Jacson that hit the lights and nearly left Tiger Stadium. The feeling among baseball people is that a warm night with little wind at Fulton County Stadium could have a similar effect. The biggest names at the ASG will be Atlanta's own Hank Aaron who now has 659 career HRs and Pittsburgh's Roberto Clemente who needs 23 hits to reach 3,000.

    Danny Murtaugh will be coming out of retirement to manage the NL. Murtaugh managed both 1961 ASGs and the NL won the first game and the second game ended in a tie. Earl Weaver has managed the AL in 1970 an 1971 and has a 1-1 record in ASG contests.

    The contest this year has seen some controversies: Mickey Lolich has said he doesn't want to pitch if he can't start. BIlly Martin has also demanded that Weaver not use Lolich for more than two innings (Weaver and Martin have been sparring all season over the status of umpire Bill Haller who is the brother of Detroit's reserve catcher Tom Haller-Weaver thinks that B Haller is making calls unfavorable to the Orioles so that Tom Haller and the Tigers can make it to the World Series). Bert Campaneris also said that he wouldn't play if he couldn't start. Weaver declined to select him and selected Toby Harrah. Bob Gigson has been criticized for saying that he would have rather had the All Star break off and Murtaugh has been criticized for not naming Willie Mays as a reserve. Some AL players have criticized Weaver for not naming Harmon Killebrew to the team. When asked Killebrew said that his performance this season didn't merit selection to the team. Weaver and Murtaugh are both on record saying that they are more interested in winning the game rather than trotting out players.

    The baseball is buzzing somewhat aout the news out of Chicago. It was announced that last night the Cubs have parted company with manager Leo Durocher. Both Durocher and Cubs management are saying that this was a mutually decided course of action, but the baseball press is reporting that Durocher was fired. Late in the 1971 season a faction of Cubs led by Ron Santo pulically rebelled against Durocher and demanded his ouster, but PK Wrigley kept him on and somewhat surprisingly hired him for the 1972 season. Whitey Lockman has been named interim manager and Durocher will take on ad advisory role. Durocher had been Cubs manager since 1966. This is the 4th managerial change this season.

    Attendance for the game is 53,107. This the first time that Atlanta has been the host. There was pennant fever in Atlanta when the Braves got extremely hot in early June and catapulted themselves into first place. The Braves stayed in first place for a few days and and suddenly cooled off and quickly dropped back to 5th place. The cooling off period coincided with youngsters Dusty Baker and Darrel Evans having to leave the team at the same time for 3 weeks of Marine Reserve duty.

    Before the game it was announced that Roberto Clemente has taken himself out of the starting line-up.

    Starting pitchers: Gaylord Perry CLE (R) 15-9 1.65 vs Don Wilson HOU 14-2 2.08

    Starting Line-ups:


    Rod Carew MIN 2B .291-0-29
    Bobby Murcer NY CF .322-25-76
    Reggie Jackson OAK RF .229-16-60
    Dick Allen CHI 1B .294-24-64
    Carl Yastrzemski BOS LF .268-4-38
    Brooks Robinson BAL 3B .251-1-26
    Bill Freehan DET C .234-4-29
    Luis Aparicio BOS SS .224-4-34
    Gaylord Perry CLE P


    Ralph Garr ATL CF .342-7-33 (taking Clemente's place)
    Joe Morgan CIN 2B .300-11-38
    Hank Aaron ATL RF .263-20-55 (659 career HRs)
    Lee May HOU 1B .276-19-85
    Johnny Bench CIN C .242-20-64
    Willie Stargell PIT LF .292-17-56
    JOe Torre STL 3B .315-8-61 (lead vote getter)
    Don Kessinger CHI SS .289-0-35
    Don Wilson HOU P

    Temperature is a comfortable mid 70s, partly cloudy and calm winds

    1st inning

    Carew grounds to SS
    Murcer doubles into the left center gap
    Jackson doubles into the left center gap-Murcer scores AL 1 NL 0
    Allen singles to left-Jackson scores AL 2 NL 0
    Yastrzemski GIDP 4-6-3
    2r 3h 0e 0l

    Garr lines to 2B
    Morgan singles to right
    Aaron walks-Morgan to second
    May is HBP-bases loaded
    Wild pitch!-Morgan scores-Aaron to third-May to second AL 2 NL 1
    Bench grounds to 3B-runners hold
    Stargell doubles to center-Aaron and May score AL 2 NL 3
    Torre lines to 3B
    3r 2h 0e 1l

    AL 2 -2 3 0
    NL 3 -3 2 0

    2nd inning

    Robinson grounds to SS
    Freehan walks
    Aparicio grounds into FC 6-4
    Perry hits a grounders that goes between Kessinger's legs for error-Aparicio to third
    Carew Ks
    0r 0h 1e 2l

    Kessinger grounds to 2B
    Wilson bunts and grounds out 5-4
    Garr grounds to 2B
    3up 3down

    AL 20 -2 3 0
    NL 30 -3 2 1

    3rd inning

    Murcer singles to right
    Jackson Ks
    Allen Ks
    Yastrzemski singles to center-Murcer to second
    Robinson Ks
    0r 2h 0e 2l

    Morgan walks
    Morgan caught stealing 2-4
    Aaron doubles to center
    May Ks
    Stargell Ks
    0r 2h 0e 1l

    AL 200 -2 5 0
    NL 300 -3 3 1

    4th inning

    For NL-Tom Seaver NY (11-8 2.72) now pitching
    Freehan flies to LF
    Aparicio walks
    Batting for Perry-Al Kaline (.275-6-25)
    Kaline grounds into FC 6-4
    Carew singles to right-Kaline to second
    Murcer lines to 2B
    0r 1h 0e 2l

    For AL-Ken Holtzman OAK (13-7 2.06)
    Stargell Ks
    Torre grounds to 2B
    Kessinger flies to LF
    3up 3down

    AL 200 0 -2 5 0
    NL 300 0 -3 3 1

    5th inning

    Jackson Ks
    Allen grounds to 3B
    Yastrzemski grounds to 2B-Morgan makes a nice diving stop!
    3up 3down

    Batting for Seaver-Billy Williams CHI (.325-26-68)
    Williams flies to CF-Murcer makes a nice snow cone catch!
    Garr grounds to 2B
    Morgan singles to center
    Aaron walks
    May grounds to 1B
    0r 1h 0e 2l

    AL 200 00 -2 6 0
    NL 300 00 -3 4 1

    6th inning

    For the NL-Nate Colbert SD (.287-34-100) now playing first, Bill Buckner LA (.371-10-43) now playing LF, Ron Santo CHI (.292-11-45) now playing third
    Now pitching Bob Moose PIT (13-7 2.89)
    Robinson Ks
    Freehan HPB
    Batting for Aparicio-Mike Epstein OAK (.279-23-62)
    Epstein flies to deep RF
    Batting for Holtzman-Carlos May CHI (.292-9-45)
    May flies to LF
    0r 0h 0e 1l

    For the AL-Joe Rudi OAK (.308-9-43) now playing LF, Dick Billings TEX (.279-2-18) now catching, Toby Harrah TEX (.231-2-42) now playing SS
    Now pitching Mickey Lolich DET (15-10 2.42)
    Bench walks
    Buckner flies to CF
    Santo Ks
    Kessing grounds to P
    0r 0h 0e 1l

    AL 200 000 -2 6 0
    NL 300 000 -3 4 1

    7th inning

    For NL-Garry Maddox SF (.295-7-40) now playing CF, Leron Lee SD (.340-7-40) now playing RF
    Carew grounds to 2B
    Murcer lines to 2B
    Jackson flies to LF
    3up 3down

    For AL-Richie Scheinblum KC (.323-8-42) now playing RF, John Mayberry KC (.334-18-72) now playing 1B, Sal Bando OAK (.279-23-62) now playing 3B
    Batting for Moose-Glenn Beckert CHI (.262-0-25)
    Beckert flies to CF
    Maddox flies to CF
    Morgan walks
    Lee grounds to the mound-Lolich's throw to first is wild for an error-Morgan takes second- Lee on first
    Colbert Ks
    0r 0h 1e 2l

    AL 200 000 0 -2 6 1
    NL 300 000 0 -3 4 1

    8th inning

    For NL-Steve Carlton PHI (14-8 1.84) now pitching
    Mayberry singles to center
    Rudi Ks
    Bando Ks
    Billings Ks
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    For AL-Jim Palmer BAL (14-4 1.53) now pitching
    Bench flies to RF
    Buckner grounds to 1B
    Santo Ks
    3up 3down

    AL 200 000 00 -2 7 1
    NL 300 000 00 -3 4 1

    9th inning

    Harrah grounds to 2B
    Bating for Palmer-Roy White NY (.313-3-44)
    White flies to CF
    Carew pops to 3B
    3up 3down

    Final Score

    AL 200 000 000-2 7 1
    NL 300 000 00x-3 4 1

    Game MVP-Joe Morgan CIN

    What starts out looking like slugfest quickly becomes a pitchers showcase (which should be no surprise this season) with the NL only getting one hit in the last 5 innings. Joe Morgan and Bobby Murcer are the hitting stars with each getting two hits and Morgan walking twice. Willie Stargell's first inning double turns out to be the game winning hit.
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    June 29, 1972 Game of the Week: Los Angeles Dodgers at Houston Astros

    Back-up game: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees (Game 1)

    Pre-game: After spending much of the first half of the season in first place, the Astros find themselves in second place, 4 games behind the Dodgers at the All Star break. Last winters trade with the Reds has worked out well for Houston with Lee May being a juggernaught in the line-up and the Astros seem to been transformed overnight into a power team already hitting more HRs in the Astrodome then they did all last season.

    As luck would have it the first series after the ASG is a three game set with the Dodgers, which meant an excellent chance for one of the teams to make a move against the other.So far this 3 game series has been a disaster for Houston. Thursday night, Don Sutton pitched one of his best games of the year and the Dodgers won 2-1. Even worse for Houston was the fact that starter Larry Dierker injured his arm and will probably miss 2 weeks. Last night was even worse for Houston. The Dodgers got off to a 6-2 lead, but Houston was able to tie the game in the 6th. The Dodgers went ahead 8-6 in the 9th (with Astros pitcher Jim Ray getting injured in the process), but the Astros were able to tie tie the game in the bottom of the ninth. Because of the injury to Ray Harry Walker was forced to use lackluster starter Dave Roberts in the 11th and Roberts allowed the Dodgers to score the go ahead run. In the bottom of the 11th with the score 9-8, the Astros had two runners on with two runners on and two out with Bob Watson at the plate. Watson was 3 for 5 with 4 Rbi, and hit a long shot down the left field line that was foul by inches. On the next pitch Watson grounded out to end the game. The Astros clubhouse was like a morgue afterwards. Now they are 6 games out and have two pitchers out. Dierker may go on the DL and the call may go out to Oklahoma City to bring up James Rodney Richard for some short term pitching help.

    The Dodgers haven't been to the post-season since 1966. This 6 year post-season drought is the longest that they've encountered since arriving in LA 15 years ago. After today's game they move on to Atlanta to face the underachieving Braves, while the Padres come to the Astrodome. This may not be good for Houston. San Diego is in last place, but they are a surprisingly tough team, especially against contenders. This weekends schedule is like an old time schedule with many of the away teams travelling on Saturday. Only the NL East series will be played Fri, Sat and Sun.

    Usually Houston only plays day games at home on Sunday. This the only non-Sunday day game the Astros have scheduled this year, because this is an unusual Saturday get away day.

    Starting pitchers: Al Downing LHP (9-7 2.56 19games 6cg 1shutout 140.2ip 135h 49r 40er 12hr 49bb 93kvs Jerry Reuss LHP (8-8 3.74 18starts 3CG 130ip 136h 57r 54er 12hr 38bb 115k)

    Jerry Reuss came over to the Astros from St Louis for Scipio Spinks (now on the DL) and Lance Clemons after a salary dispute (similar to the trade that sent Steve Carlton to the Phillies for Rick Wise)

    Starting Line-ups

    Los Angeles Dodgers

    18 Bill Russell SS .260-2-23
    22 Bill Buckner 1B .375-10-45 (leads Major Leagues in Batting Average)
    3 Willie Davis CF .302-12-62
    27 Willie Crawford RF .264-6-26
    11 Manny Mota LF .318-6-23
    2 Bobby Valentine 2B .312-2-20
    6 Steve Garvey 3B .260-8-35
    41 Steve Yeager C .203-2-8
    44 Al Downing P .115-0-0

    Houston Astros

    19 Tommy Helms 2B .257-3-31
    28 Cesar Cedeno CF .323-16-62 (Leads Major Leagues in Runs and Triples and tied with Nate Colbert for ML lead in XBHs and Total Bases)
    24 Jimmy Wynn RF .251-13-64
    23 Lee May 1B .274-19-86 (Leads Major Leagues in Strikeouts and LOB with 2 outs)
    27 Bob Watson LF .321-11-76
    12 Doug Rader 3B .266-17-74
    14 Roger Metzger SS .219-1-23 (Leads Major Leagues in ABs and PAs)
    10 Larry Howard C .243-2-3 (Jack Hiatt who usually started against LH pitching was sold to the Angels this morning)
    47 Jerry Reuss P .180-0-1

    These are two teams who get their share of hits going up against a pair of oitchers who give up 8-9 hits per nine innings which is high for this year. We may see a lot of offense this afternoon.

    Under the dome

    1st inning

    Russell Ks
    Buckner grounds to Rader who muffs the pick-up! Buckner to first E5
    Davis lines into a DP L4-3
    0r 0h 1e 0l

    Helms pops to 2B
    Cedeno doubles to left center
    Wynn Singles to center-Cedeno scores-Davis's throw misses the cutoff man and Wynn goes to second E8 LA 0 HOU 1
    May grounds to SS-Wynn holds (this would have been a perfect DP chance if Wynn was still on first)
    Watson flies to RF-Crawford makes a nice running catch
    1r 2h 1e 1l

    LA 0 -0 0 1
    HO 1 -1 2 1

    2nd inning

    Crawford singles to center
    Mota lines to SS
    Valentine gounds into FC 4-6-Valentine on first
    Garvey fouls to 1B
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    Rader grounds to SS
    Metzger Ks
    Howard singles to left
    Reuss pops to 3B
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    LA 00 -0 1 1
    HO 10 -1 3 1

    3rd inning

    Yeager singles to second
    Downing sacrifices 5-4-Yeager takes second
    Russell lines to SS
    Buckner grounds to SS
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    Helms flies to CF
    Cedeno hits his 17th HR over the left field wall LA 0 HOU 2
    Wynn Ks
    May grounds to SS
    1r 1h 0e 0l

    LA 000 -0 2 1
    HO 101 -2 4 1

    4th inning

    Davis grounds to 2B
    Crawford singles to left
    Mota grounds to Reuss who throws wild to first! Crawford to second and Mota on first E1
    Valentine flies to CF
    Garvey Kc
    0r 1h 1e 2l

    Watson grounds to SS
    Rader walks
    Metzger lines to CF
    Howard grounds to 3b
    0r 0h 0e 1l

    LA 000 0 -0 3 1
    HO 101 0 -2 4 2

    5th inning

    Yeager walks
    Downing Ks attempting to sacrifice
    Russell singles to left-Yeager takes second
    Buckner singles to left-Yeager scores-Russell hustles and takes third LA 1 HOU 2
    Davis files to CF-Russell scores after the catch SF LA 2 HOU 2
    Crawford grounds into FC 4-6
    2r 2h 0e 1l

    Reuss grounds to 1B
    Helms singles to center
    Cedeno grounds into FC 4-6-Cedeno on first
    Wynn hits a little looper to 1B-Buckner makes a running catch
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    LA 000 02 -2 5 1
    HO 101 00 -2 5 2

    6th inning

    Mota singles to center
    Valentine singles to center-Mota takes third
    For HOU-George Culver now warming up
    Garvey Kc (2nd time today he is called out on strikes)
    Yeager grounds to SS-Mota scores-Valentine takes second LA 3 HOU 2
    Downing grounds to short but Metzger bobbles it! Valentin to third-Downing to first E6
    Russell flies to LF
    1r 2h 1e 2l

    May flies to RF
    Watson grounds out 3-1 the throw just beats Watson to the bag!
    Rader grounds to 3B
    3up 3down

    LA 000 021 -3 7 1
    HO 101 000 -2 5 3

    7th inning

    Buckner grounds to 2B
    Davis Ks
    Crawford Ks
    3up 3down

    Metzger grounds to 3B
    Howard flies to LF
    Number 7 Johnny Edwards (.253-2-28) batting for Reuss
    Edwards doubles off the left field wall
    Number 18 Bobby Fenwick running for Edwards
    Helms flies to CF
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    LA 000 021 0 -3 7 1
    HO 101 000 0 -2 6 3

    8th inning

    For HOU-now pitching number 39 George Culver RHP (6-2 0saves 2.65 34ip 31h 19bb 26k 5hr .230opba)
    Mota pops to 3B
    Valentine grounds to SS
    Garvey flies to RF
    3up 3down

    Cedeno grounds to 2B
    Wynn singles to left
    For LA-Jim Brewer warming up
    Wynn steals second-the tying run is in scoring postion
    May Ks
    Watson flies to RF
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    LA 000 021 00 -3 7 1
    HO 101 000 00 -2 7 3

    9th inning

    Yeager grounds to SS
    Downing lines to 3B
    Russell flies to CF
    3up 3down

    For LA-Bill Buckner moves to LF and number 28 Wes Parker now playing 1B
    Rader grounds to 3B
    Metzger flies to CF
    Howard grounds to SS
    3up 3down

    LA 000 021 000-3 7 1
    HO 101 000 000-2 7 3
    W-Downing (10-7)
    L-Reuss (8-9)

    A tough loss concludes a bad series for the Astros. AT the All Star break the Astros were 4 games out. Now they are 7 games back. Even worse, this loss has knocked them into 3rd place with the Reds now in 2nd place ahead by percentage points. Cedeno and Wynn did their parts but Downing effectively shut down the rest of their line-up. Bil Russell is the hero of the game for LA. When he was able to third on single to left in the 5th, he was bale to set up the SF by Willie daiv which tied the game. The Dodgers were able to parley several singles and some good situational hitting to win the game today. LA feels pretty good about their chances after winning 3 straight 1 run games from the hard hitting Astros. The Astros and Dodgers and Dodgers don't face each other again until September where they have one series in LA and one in Houston. After their 3 game set with the Giants, the Reds come into Houston for 2 games on Aug 1st and 2nd.

    It's too early to say that this has been a crushing reversal for the Astros. The season is getting short, but it may be better for this to happen now than in September. Time will tell.

    Other Games:

    BOS 000 002 010-3 6 1
    NYY 000 112 10x-5 8 0
    W-Gardner (5-3)
    L-Culp (11-8)
    S-Lyle (12)
    HRs by Roy White and Gene Michael highlight the Yankees victory over the hard charging Red Sox. In the bottom of the 6th Ron Blomberg attempts to steal home on a botched squeeze play. The Yankees go ballistic when Blomberg is called out and Blomberg is ejected. Replays show that the home plate ump blew the call. Reggie Smith HRs for Boston. Rob Gardner may have earned a regular spot in the rotaion with this performance, with Mike Kekich being demoted to spot starter.

    BOS 000 100 000-1 7 0
    NYY 020 002 01x-5 9 0
    W-Kekich (4-7)
    L-Curtis (0-5)
    This game was originally scheduled as game 1 of the May 21st doubleheader. The make-up of game 2 of that DH will played in September. John Curtis's nightmare season continues as the Yankees easily win the second game of today's DH. Curtis gives up 7 hits and 4 runs in 5.2 innings. Mike Kekich who is on the bubble has a better than averge outing today. John Ellis gets a rare start today and hits 3 doubles. Bobby Murcer hits his AL leading 27th HR today. After the Yankees sweep today, this 4 gane series ends in a split. A Boston sweep today would have knocked the Yankees into 3rd place.

    CLE 000 000 000-0 2 2
    BAL 000 000 20x-2 6 0
    W-Palmer (15-4)
    L-Wilcox (6-10)
    The Orioles score an unearned run on an Alex Johnson error, and that's all they need to beat the Indians. Both Milt Wilcox and Jim Palmer pitch extremely well today, but Palmer comes out on top. Palmer tweaked his arm in the 8th and had to leave the game. He is not expected to miss his next start.

    CLE 0 -0 2 0
    This was to be a make up of a May 27th rain-out. The game was called due to rain in the middle of the first. The game will replayed in September.

    SDP 010 000 000-1 7 1
    CIN 300 000 00x-3 6 1
    W-Gullett (10-6)
    L-Norman (7-10)
    Weak hitting George Foster clears the bases with a long double in the first and that's all Don Gullett needs to get the win. Gullett and Fred Norman each pitch in and out of several jams (the Padres leave 6 RISP and the Reds leave 4). Pete Rose has 2 hitd for the Reds, while Fred Stanley goes 3 for 5 for San Diego. The Reds keep applying the heat to the Astros.

    Rained out. An unusual Saturday with the White Sox and Cubs both scheduled for home games.

    STL 000 000 031-4 9 1
    CHI 100 000 000-1 5 1
    W-Cleveland (9-14)
    L-Pappas (9-4)
    Milt Pappas clings to 1-0 lead until the 8th inning when he gives up 4 straight hits and allows the Cardinals to take over the lead. Dan McGinn allows a final run in the 9th. The Cubs get 2 runners on in the bottom of the 8th with none out, but Diego Segui comes in and shuts them down.

    DET 001 000 001 001 0-3 16 1
    MIL 101 000 000 001 1-4 12 1
    W-Colborn (3-2)
    L-Hiller (2-1)
    What starts out as a pitchers duel between two of this seasons more hard luck pitchers, Jim Lonborg and Tom Timmermann, becomes a grueling extra inning endurance contest. The Tigers are able to tie the game in the top of the 9th, but Al Kaline is thrown out at the plate by Joe Lahoud while trying to score the go ahead run. John Hiller falters for the Tigers allowing the Brewers to tie the game in the 12th and gives up a double (the only Brewers XBH) to Joe Azcue (making his Milwaukee debut) and a single to Rick Auerbach in the 13th to drive in the winning run. Brock Davis gets 3 hits for the Brewers and Tony Taylor and Aurelio Rodriguez each have 3 hits for the Tigers. This game had 28 hits, 25 of which were singles.

    TEX 000 000 000-0 4 1
    CAL 001 003 10x-5 10 0
    W-Ryan (12-9)
    Nolan Ryan strikes out 11 and only walks 2 as he pitches an efficient shutout against the Rangers. John Stephenson and Andy Kosco homer for the Angels and Vada Pinson drives in 2 with a long double. The Rangers only get 1 runner in scoring position today. A Minnesota loss today would move California into 3rd place.

    MIN 000 100 200-3 12 0
    OAK 005 000 10x-6 10 0
    W-Odom (9-9)
    L-Woodson (11-8)
    S-Locker (6)
    A's continue rolling by concluding a 3 gan=me sweep of the Twins. The Twins get a lot of men on base but can't get the big hit when they need it leaving 5 RISP. Gen Tenace homers and Bill Voss doubles home 2 in the 3rd. Tenace has 3 hits today. Dave Goltz makes his Major League debut going 3 innings and giving up 3 hits and striling out 2 for the Twins. This loss drops the Twins into 4th place.

    Night Games:

    MON 000 000 002-2 9 0
    NYM 001 200 01x-4 7 0
    W-Matlack (11-9)
    L-Stoneman (5-14)
    Jon Matlack makes quick of the Expos with only Tim Foli's 9th HR spoiling his bid for a shutout. Ed Kranpool has 3 hits for the Mets and Foli has 3 hits for the Expos.

    PIT 000 420 000-6 8 0
    PHI 100 000 000-1 4 1
    W-Briles (11-7)
    L-Reynolds (2-9)
    Nelson Briles pitches an excellent CG which is only marred by Bill Robinson's 1st inning HR. Big hit for the Pirates is Manny Sanguillen doubling home 3 runs in the 4th. Sanguillen and Jose Pagan each 2 hits for the Pirates. Robinson has 2 hits for the Phillies.

    SFG 430 300 104-15 19 0
    ATL 200 000 010-3 9 3
    W-Barr (13-5)
    L-Kelley (7-11)
    The Braves are thoughly manhandled by the Giants in this match-up of two teams that are hovering around .500 and trying to make a move in the standings before it becomes too late. All Giants starters except Chris Speier get at least 1 hit. Bobby Bonds and Dave Rader each have 4 for SF, with Bonds being only a double shy of hitting for the cycle. Ed Goodson and pitcher Jim Barr each have 3 hits for SF. Hank Aaron has 3 hits for Atlanta.
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    Standings after the games of July 29, 1972

    A League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Baltimore 60 36 0.625 -
    New York (A) 55 41 0.573 5.0
    Boston 51 42 0.548 7.5
    Detroit 49 47 0.510 11.0
    Cleveland 44 55 0.444 17.5
    Milwaukee 37 60 0.381 23.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Oakland 60 38 0.612 -
    Kansas City 53 46 0.535 7.5
    California 51 49 0.510 10.0
    Minnesota 49 48 0.505 10.5
    Chicago (A) 43 55 0.439 17.0
    Texas 33 68 0.327 28.5

    N League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Pittsburgh 57 42 0.576 -
    St Louis 52 47 0.525 5.0
    Chicago (N) 47 51 0.480 9.5
    New York (N) 46 51 0.474 10.0
    Philadelphia 43 55 0.439 13.5
    Montreal 31 65 0.323 24.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Los Angeles 61 38 0.616 -
    Cincinnati 53 44 0.546 7.0
    Houston 56 47 0.544 7.0
    San Francisco 51 50 0.505 11.0
    Atlanta 49 52 0.485 13.0
    San Diego 48 52 0.480 13.5

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    Monday Night Baseball July 31, 1972 Pittsburgh Pirates (57-43 .570 1st pl 5 games ahead of St Louis) at Philadelphia Phillies (44-55 .444 5th pl 12.5 GB)

    It hasn't been much of a season for the Phillies but Steve Carlton is having a great season for them. He is tied with Don Wilson for most wins (15), he is third in the NL in ERA, leads the NL in CGs, leads the NL in IP, and leads the NL in strikeouts. The only weakness in his game this season has been giving up doubles and HRs, The Pirastes are playing well but are being hounded b y the Cardinals, who were rained out today in Chicago.

    The three leading teams in the NL West are each looking for a sweep in their short Sunday/Monday 3 game sets.

    Earlier Today:

    STL 0 -0 0 0
    CHI 0 -0 0 0
    Game called due to rain

    CHI 000 010 100-2 9 0
    MIN 100 000 03x-4 8 0
    W-Kaat (14-3)
    L-Bahnsen (9-11)
    S-LaRoche (6)
    Harmon Killebrew's 2 run HR with 2 out in the 8th breaks the tie and wins the game for the Twins. Until the 8th it appeared that Stan Bahnsen was cruising to his 10th victory. Jim Kaat's excellent season continues.

    TEX 000 200 000-2 7 3
    OAK 101 000 01x-3 10 1
    W-Hunter (15-6)
    L-Bosman (4-11)
    Unearned run scored by Bert Campaneris in the 8th wins the game for Oakland. Jim Hunter pitches well for the A's. Dick Bosman gives up 10 hits (but no walks) but overall pitches a decent game for Texas.

    Starting Pitchers: Dock Ellis (10-6 3.29 22g 7cg 156ip 165h 64r 57er 11hr 37bb 91k) vs Steve Carlton (15-8 1.77 25g 21cg 229ip 157h 58r 45er 17hr 46bb 228k)

    Starting Lineups

    Pittsburgh Pirates

    30 Dave Cash 2B .281-2-9
    15 Gene Clines LF .315-0-27
    21 Roberto Clemente RF .307-10-52 (21 hits short of 3000)
    8 Willie Stargell 1B .292-18-59
    35 Manny Sanguillen C .345-3-51
    16 Al Oliver CF .298-10-48
    11 Jose Pagan 3B .262-5-16
    2 Jackie Hernandez SS .157-0-18
    17 Dock Ellis P ,218-0-2

    Philadelphia Philles

    10 Larry Bowa SS .281-1-26
    24 Bill Robinson RF .287-3-10
    27 Willie Montanez CF .238-5-55
    14 Tom Hutton 1B .233-0-16
    19 Greg Luzinski LF .273-6-53
    16 Don Money 3B .213-8-39
    6 John Bateman C .179-3-11
    17 Terry Harmon 2B .324-2-21
    32 Steve Carlton P .225-0-2

    Temperature is the mid 80s with a strong wind blowing in.

    1st inning

    Cash grounds to P
    Clines is HBP
    Clemente singles to left-Clines to second
    Stargell walks-bases loaded
    Sanguillen Ks
    Oliver singles to right-Clines and Clemente score-Stargell takes second PIT 2 PHI 0
    Pagan Ks
    2r 2h 0e 2l

    Bowa grounds to 2B
    Robinson grounds to SS
    Montanez singles to right
    Hutton singles to center-Montanez to third
    Luzinski flies to RF
    0r 2h 0e 2l

    PIT 2 -2 2 0
    PHI 0 -0 2 0

    2nd inning

    Hernandez flies to CF
    Ellis Ks
    Cash flies CF
    3up 3down

    Money grounds to 3B
    Bateman singles to center
    Harmon singles to center-Bateman to third
    Carlton sacrifices 5-4-Bateman to third-Harmon to second
    Bowa hits a grounder that goes through Hernandez E6-Bateman and Harmon score PIT 2 PHI 2
    Robinson grounds into FC 6-4
    2r 2h 1e 1l

    PIT 20 -2 2 1
    PHI 02 -2 4 0

    3rd inning

    Clines singles to center
    Clemente flies to CF
    Stargell singles to center-Clines to third-Montanez overthrows the cut-off man! E8-Clines scores-Stargell to second PIT 3 PHI 2
    Sanguillen singles to left-Stargell to third
    Oliver Ks
    Pagan grounds to 3B-Money makes a diving stop!
    1r 3h 1e 2l

    Montanez walks
    Hutton singles to left-Montanez goes to second
    Luzinski doubles off the left field wall-Montanez and Hutton scores PIT 3 PHI 4
    Money Ks
    Bateman grounds to SS
    Harmon grounds to 3B
    2r 2h 0e 1l

    PIT 201 -3 5 1
    PHI 022 -4 6 1

    4th inning

    Hernandez Ks
    Ellis singles to left
    cash Kc
    Clines lines to RF
    0r 1h 0e 1l

    Carlton singles to center
    Bowa singles to right-Carlton to second
    Robinson grounds into FC U5-Bowa to second-Robinson to first
    Montanez lines to 2B
    Hutton doubles down the right field line-Bowa scores-Robinson takes third; he doesn't want to challange Clemente's arm PIT 3 PHI 5
    Luzinski doubles down the left field line-Robinson and Hutton score PIT 3 PHI 7
    For PIT-Bruce Kison warming up
    Money singles to center-Luzinski scores PIT 3 PHI 8
    Bateman Ks
    4r 5h 0e 1l

    PIT 201 0 -3 6 1
    PHI 022 4 -8 11 1

    5th inning

    Clemente flies to CF
    Stargell Ks
    Sanguillen flies to CF
    3up 3down

    For PIT-number 25 Bruce Kison RHP (1-2 3.38 26.2ip 21h 19bb 18k 4hr .210opba) now pitching
    Harmon grounds to P
    Carlton grounds to 2B
    Bowa grounds to SS
    3up 3down

    PIT 201 00 -3 6 1
    PHI 022 40 -8 11 1

    6th inning

    Oliver grounds to Money, but his low throw is dropped by Hutton E3
    Pagan grounds into FC 4-6-Pagan to first
    Hernandez flies to CF
    Kison (0 for 3 this season) walks-Pagan to second
    Cash lines to SS
    0r 0h 1e 2l

    Robinson triples to center
    Infield draws in
    Montanez doubles to right-Robinson scores PIT 3 PHI 9
    Hutton grounds to 2B-Montanez to third
    Infield in again
    Luzinski Ks
    Money flies to LF
    1r 2h 0e 1l

    PIT 201 000 -3 6 1
    PHI 022 401 -9 13 2

    7th inning

    Clines grounds to SS
    Clemente grounds to SS
    Stargell Ks
    3up 3down

    Bateman singles to center
    Harmon singles to center-Bateman to second
    For PIT-Luke Waker warming up
    Carlton singles to right-bases loaded
    Bowa flies to LF-bases still loaded
    Robinson pops to SS infield fly
    Montanez grounds to P-Kison pitches out of the jam!
    0r 3h 0e 3l

    PIT 201 000 0 -3 6 1
    PHI 022 401 0 -9 16 1

    8th inning

    Sanguillen singles to left
    Oliver flies to CF
    Pagan HBP-Sanguillen to second
    Hernandez flies to CF
    Number 9 Bill Mazeroski (.189-0-4) batting for Kison
    Mazeroski grounds to 2B
    0r 1h 0e 2l

    For PIT-number 23 Luke Walker LHP (2-2 5.40 38.1ip 46h 14bb 20k 3hr .293opba) now pitching
    Hutton singles to right (his 4th hit tonight)
    Luzinski GIDP 6-4-3
    Money singles to short
    Bateman grounds into FC 6-4
    0r 2h 0e 1l

    PIT 201 000 00 -3 7 1
    PHI 022 401 00 -9 18 2

    9th inning

    Cash flies to CF
    Clines Ks
    Clemente pops to 1B
    3up 3down

    Final Score:

    PIT 201 000 000-3 7 1
    PHI 022 401 00x-9 18 2
    W-Carlton (16-8)
    L-Ellis (10-7)

    An unusually potent Phillie offense with each Phillie getting at least 1 hit amd 7 Phillies getting at least 2 hits. Hutton leads the way 4 hits and Luzinski has 4 RBI. Carlton isn't at his sharpest in the early innings but effectively shuts the defending champs down. Carlton is now tied with Mickey Lolich and Gaylord Perry for most wins in the Major Leagues.

    Other Games:

    NYY 000 000 003-3 5 0
    BAL 020 002 10x-5 10 0
    W-Dobson (14-6)
    L-Peterson (10-10)
    A late rally isn't enough for New York as the Orioles continue to surge and the Yankees continue to stumble. In the 8th the Yankees have runners on 1st and 3rd with 1 out but pinch hitter John Ellis grounds into a double play to kill the rally. Paul Blair leaves the game in the 9th and will miss a week after twisting his ankle. Half of the Orioles hits are for extra bases with Merv Rettenmund hitting a HR in the 6th. Thurman Munson has 2 hits for the Yankees.

    NYY 010 000 071-9 12 1
    BAL 000 004 003-7 13 0
    W-McDaniel (3-1)
    L-Alexander (4-3)
    S-Lyle (13)
    The Yankees send 11 men to the plate as they explode for 7 runs in the 8th inning. PH Bernie Allen, who went hitless in the first game, has 2 hits and 3 RBI during the rally. Rob Gardner was having a strong outing until a Celerino Sanchez opened the Orioles 6th inning and the Orioles were able to score 4. Wade Blasingame was given the chance to close out the game for the Yankees but wasn't able to get the last out, giving up 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th. Sparky Lyle had to come in to get thwe last out, after walking Brooks Robinson. This win prevents the Yankees from being swept by the Orioles.

    MIL 000 002 002 04-8 11 0
    CLE 000 200 002 00-4 6 2
    W-Sanders (6-0)
    L-Hilgendorf (1-1)
    Great pitchers duel between Ken Brett and Steve Dunnng that is decided by the bullpens. Light hitting Syd O'Brien breaks the tie in the 9th by hitting a 2 run homer. The Indians come right back with solo HRs by Alex Johnson and Ray Fosse to tie the game. In the 11th Tom Hilgendorf allows 4 base runners without getting an out and they all come around to score (2 score on wild pitches: 1 by hilgendorf and 1 by Phil Hennigan).

    BOS 000 111 102-6 13 1
    DET 000 363 01x-13 9 0
    W-Lolich (17-10)
    L-Tiant (13-6)
    Tigers complete a 3 game sweep of the Red Sox. Willie Horton's bases loaded triple is the big blow in the 5th inning. Luis Tiant has trouble with his control issuing 6 walks, including 4 in the 6th (each of the 4 runners who reached on a walk that inning came around to score). 6 of the 9 Tigers hits are for extra bases with HRs for Norm Cash (who has 4 RBI), Al Kaline and Dick McAuliffe. Mickey Lolich has a poor outing (giving up 6 runs and 13 hits) but gains his Major League leading 17th win. Detroit is now a half game out of 3rd place.

    KAN 210 000 000-3 7 0
    CAL 200 000 03x-5 8 1
    W-Messersmith (13-9)
    L-Drago (13-10)
    S-Barber (2)
    Andy Kosco's 3 run HR in the 8th is the game winning hit for the Angels. Dick Drago was crusiing to the vctory until giving up a single to Vada Pinson, walking Sandy Alomar and then giving up the gopher ball to Kosco. Ken Berry, Kosco and Leroy Stanton each have 2 hits for California. Andy Messersmith had a decent outing for California and Steve Barber was pefect in relief. california is now 2.5 games out of second place.

    MON 300 000 000-3 2 0
    NYM 000 300 10x-4 8 0
    W-Seaver (12-9)
    L-Morton (7-13)
    Tom Seaver throws a 2 hitter as he edges Carl Morton in a tight pitchers duel. After yesterday's 15 inning marathon the bullpens weren't used at all tonight. Ed Kranepool's 2 run HR in the 4th ties the game (after Jim Fregosi doubled home Cleon Jones for the Mets first run), and Ed Kranepool later scores the go ahead run in the 7th on a passed ball by Terry Humphrey. Coco Laboy has both hits for Montreal. A 3 run HR in thr first inning and a single in the 4th. Bob Bailey walks 4 times for the Expos.

    LA 100 000 000-1 3 0
    AT 000 402 30x-9 12 1
    W-Niekro (13-9)
    L-Sutton (14-6)
    Phil Niekro struggles a bit in the 1st and then settles down giving up only 1 hit and 1 walk the rest of the way. Hank Aaron's 4th inning grand slam puts the Braves on the board and then the Braves beat up on Don Sutton and Mike Strahler in the 6th and 7th to put the game out of reach for Atlanta,

    SF 000 000 001-1 3 0
    CI 220 200 00x-6 9 1
    W-Billingham (12-5)
    L-Marichal (9-13)
    The Reds sweep the Giants as Jack Billigham scatters 3 singles for a CG win. A 9th inning Joe Morgan error leads to the Giants only unearned run. The Reds combine agressive hitting and agressive base-running to drive Juan Marichal out of the game after 4 innings. Johnny Bench homers for the Reds. One positive note for the Giants: reliever Don Carrithers effectively shut down the Reds for the last 4 innings that the Reds batted.

    SD 013 400 100-9 13 0
    HO 100 002 001-4 11 1
    W-Kirby (12-5)
    L-Roberts (5-13)
    Dave Roberts's misearble season continues as he is hit hard by the Padres. Garry Jestadt has 3 hits for the Padres and Nate Colbert hits his 37th HR. Darrell Thomas, Leron Lee and Colbert each have 2 RBI (Colbert now has 105 RBI). Clay Kirby gets a CG win for San Diego. Light hitting Roger Metzger has 3 hits for Houston.
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    These are the standings after the games of July 31, 1972

    A League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Baltimore 62 37 0.626 -
    New York (A) 56 43 0.566 6.0
    Boston 51 45 0.531 9.5
    Detroit 52 47 0.525 10.0
    Cleveland 44 58 0.431 19.5
    Milwaukee 40 60 0.400 22.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Oakland 63 38 0.624 -
    Kansas City 54 47 0.535 9.0
    California 52 50 0.510 11.5
    Minnesota 50 49 0.505 12.0
    Chicago (A) 44 56 0.440 18.5
    Texas 33 71 0.317 31.5

    N League

    East Div W L Pct GB
    Pittsburgh 57 44 0.564 -
    St Louis 52 48 0.520 4.5
    Chicago (N) 48 51 0.485 8.0
    New York (N) 48 51 0.485 8.0
    Philadelphia 45 55 0.450 11.5
    Montreal 31 67 0.316 24.5

    West Div W L Pct GB
    Los Angeles 63 39 0.618 -
    Cincinnati 56 44 0.560 6.0
    Houston 58 48 0.547 7.0
    San Francisco 51 53 0.490 13.0
    Atlanta 50 54 0.481 14.0
    San Diego 49 54 0.476 14.5

    Here is each team's record for the month of July



    BAL 22-9
    NYY 14-17
    BOS 14-14
    DET 18-10
    CLE 14-16
    MIL 13-15


    OAK 18-10
    KAN 11-18
    CAL 18-11
    MIN 12-15
    CHI 11-18
    TEX 9-21



    PIT 15-13
    STL 15-12
    CHI 9-16
    NYM 14-14
    PHI 13-12
    MON 7-20


    LA 20-9
    CIN 17-9
    HOU 15-13
    SF 10-14
    ATL 11-18
    SD 15-11

    Player stats included in the attachments

    The dog days of August are beginning. Can the the Orioles and Dodgers maintain their hot streaks? Will Cincinnati fade? Can the Royals, Yankees, Cubs and Astros get hot again? Are the Angels and Tigers viable dark horses?
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    Game notes from July.

    0701 OakCalN-Angel Mangual injured field a liner-he is day to day.
    0702 CleNY#1-Gaylord Perry pitches a 2 hitter-but loses game 2-0.
    BalDet-Great pitchers duel between Joe Coleman and Pat Dobson. Ed Brinkman's 3 run HR makes the difference as the Tigers win 3-0.
    MinChi#1-Cesar Tovar and Bobby Darwin collide in the field-Darwin stays in the game-Tovar will go on the 15 day DL.
    MinChi#2-Dick Allen hits a 490 ft HR over the LF roof.
    TexKC#2-Amos Otis crashes into wall-he may go on DL-he will miss a week.
    CinSD-Pitchers duel between Tom Hall and Steve Arlin as Reds win 1-0. Pete Rose scores only run of the game.
    0703 SD-Mike Fiore returned to Cardinals.
    StLCin_Bobby Tolan injured in the field-he will miss at least a week and may go on the DL.
    0704 SDNY#2-Dave Roberts collides on the basepaths with Ken Boswell-Roberts will miss at least a week and may go on DL.
    StLCin-Cesar Geronimo goes 5 for 5 with a triple and a home run with 3 RBI. as Reds beat Cardinals 10-5. Hal McRae and Joe Torre each have 3 hits.
    DetKCN-7th inn explosion-Detroit scores 5 to go up 7-1. In the bottom of the inning KC scores 6 (capped by Ed Kirkpatrick's 3 run HR) to tie game. Detroit wins 8-7 in 11 innings.
    LAMonN-Terry Humphrey injured by a foul tip-he will go on 21 day DL.
    SFPhiN-Dave Kingman hits a 505 ft HR of Woodie Fryman.
    0705 SFPhiN-after starting the season 8-0 Steve Stone is tagged for his first loss of the season.
    0706 NYOak-George Hendrick and Marty Martinez collide in the field-Hendrick will miss a week-Martinez will go on DL.
    TexCleN-Ron Lolich injured diving after a fly ball-he is day to day.
    BalChiN-White Sox win 3-2 in 12 innings-game winning run scored on Mark Belanger's 2nd error of the game. Loss keeps Orioles 2 games behind Yankees.
    LAMonN-Maury Wills and Manny Mota collide in the field. Mota remains in the game-Wills will miss at least a week and may go on DL.
    ChiAtlN-Hank Aaron hits a 510 ft HR off Burt Hooton in the 3rd inning.
    Min-fires manager Bill Rigney. Frank Quilici is the new Twins manager.
    0707 LA-Bill Russell misses three weeks for military duty
    SDPhiN-pitchers duel between Clay Kirby and Steve Carlton. The game is scoreless for 12 innings. Darrell Thomas drives in 2 with a 13th inning triple and the Padres win 2-0.
    HouStLN#1-Bob Gibson homers off Dave Roberts. Gibson is the first pitcher to hit a HR this season.
    PitAtlN#1-Bob Roberston injured going after a pop fly-he is day to day.
    0708 KCCle-John Mayberry injured chasing a pop foul-he is day to day.
    BosCalN-Bill Lee injures his arm while pitching-he is day to day.
    HouStLN-Reggie Cleveland injured when throwing a pitch-he is day to day. Ted Simmons goes 5 for 6 in the Cards losing effort 9-7 in 11 innings.
    0709 PIT-Dave Cash leaves for three weeks reserve duty.
    TexBal-Mike Cuellar pitches a no-hitter.
    LANY#1-Ken Boswell injured running the bases-he is day to day.
    ChiCin#1-Hal McRae injured in the field-will go on DL.
    0710 ChiCle-Bill Melton hit by a pitch-he will miss at least two months.
    SFNYN-John Milner is injured diving for a ball-he is day to day.
    PHI-fire manager Frank Lucchesi. GM Paul Owens will manage the team for the rest of the season.
    0711 KCBalN-Paul Schaal injured by a batted ball-he is day to day.
    NYCalN-17 inning marathon. Yankees lead 2-1 in 9th. Jerry Stephenson drives in Jim Spencer to tie the game. 7 innings of shutout ball follow. In the bottom of the 17th Ken Berry Berry leads off with a triple, Andy Kosco follows with a game winning single. Celerino Sanchez goes 5 for 8 for NY. This loss drops NY into second place behind Baltimore.
    SDMonN#1-Darrell Thomas injured in on field collision with Coco Laboy-Thomas is day to day. In the 9th inning Nate Colbert hits a 505 ft HR off Mike Torrez.
    SDMonN#2-San Diego scores 11 in the top of the 9th to win 15-0.
    0712 SDMonN-Nate Colbert goes 4 for 4 with 2 doubles and 2 HRs and 8 RBI. The Padres win 11-2. Colbert leads the Majors with 29 HRs and 92RBI.
    0713 AtlStLN-Scipio Spinks injures his arm in the 8th inning-he will go on the DL.
    PitCinN-Joe Morgan injured on the basepaths-he is day to day. Reds win 8-3. 8 of the Reds 10 hits are for extra bases.
    0714 KCDetN-Richie Scheinblum injured running the bases-he is day to day.
    NYSDN-Nate Colbert hits his 30th HR of the season! He has 93 RBI. Later in the game Colbert hits his 31st HR with a man on! He has 95 RBI.
    0715 PIT-Milt May misses two weeks for military duty.
    ChiBal#2-Dave Lemonds injured while pitching-he is day to day.
    KCDet-Tony Taylor goes 6 for 6 as the Tigers lose to the Royals 14-13.
    0716 ChiBal#1-Mark Belanger injured when HBP by Rich Gossage-he is day to day.
    CleTex#1-Phil Hennigan injured while pitching-he will miss a week.
    BosMin-Bert Blyleven goes into the 9th with a 1-0 lead. He walks the first 3 hitters. Danny Cater singles in 2 past a drawn in infield. With still none out Carlton Fisk doubles home 3 more runs. Red Sox win 5-2.
    HouPit-Astros 2 Pirates 1 in 11 innings-Don Wilson (10) and Bob Moose (14) combine for 24 Ks.
    MonLA-Willie Davis and Willie Crawford collide in the outfield and leave the game-Davis is day to day.
    0718 AtlPitN-Dock Ellis injured on first pitch of the game-he is day to day.
    StLHouN-one of the best pitchers duels of the season-Larry Dierker and Rick Wise pitch shutout ball for 10 1/2 innings. In the bottom of the 11th after a single and SB by Cesar Cedeno, passed ball and 2 IWs the Astros load the bases with none out Bob Watson hits a grand slam to win the game 4-0.
    MonSFN-Expos 7 Giants 0-Montreal is last team to reach 30 victories.
    0720 Mon-Mike Jorgenson off roster for three weeks reserve duty.
    0721 CleChiN-Steve Kealey injured while pitching-he is day to day.
    StLAtlN-Cardinals 9 Braves 7-Braves score 3 in bottom of 8th to go up 7-5. This is undone when the Cardinals score 4 in top of the 9th.
    0722 ChiHouN-Cesar Cedeno crashes into the wall and leaves the game-he is day to day.
    MonSDN-Tim McCarver is hit by a foul ball-he will miss about a week.
    0723 StL-Brant Alyea returned to Oakland.
    MinMil#2-Tom Norton injured while throwing a pitch-he will miss about 2 weeks.
    MonSD#2-Tim Foli andRon Woods collide in the field-they are each day to day.
    0724 CHI(N)-Leo Durocher fired as manager-Whitey Lockman is the new manager. Gene Hiser changes uniform number to accomadate Lockman.
    0727 CleBalN-Tom McCraw injured while fielding-he will miss a week.
    KCChiN#1-Paul Schaal hit in the face by a line drive-he is day to day.
    MinOakN-A's 2 Twins 0-Jim Hunter throws a one hitter. Cesar Tovar's 3rd inning single is the Twins only hit. Dan Monzon walked earlier in the 3rd. Tovar and Monzon and Danny Thompson (who got on base via FC) are the Twins only baserunners of the game. Hunter strikes out 10 and drives in the A's first run of the game.
    SFAtlN-Mike Lum injured in the field-he is day to day.
    SDCinN-Jack Billigham has a no hitter through 8 innings-he gives up 2 hits in the 9th and the Reds win 2-0.
    LAHouN-Larry Dierker injures his arm while pitching-he will miss at least a week.
    0728 StLMon-Tom Walker injures himself while pitching-he will go on DL.
    NYPit-Pirates 15 Mets 5-17 of the games starting players get at least 1 hit (only Jerry Koosman who doesn't get an AB doesn't have a hit). Every Pirate has at least 1 run and 8 of 9 Pirates starters have at least 1 RBI. The two teams combine for 31 hits.
    LAHouN-Jim Ray injures his arm while pitching-he will miss a week.
    BosNYN-Steve Kline injures his arm while pitching-he is day to day.
    MinOakN-Vida Blue injures his arm while pitching-he will go on DL.
    0730 TexOak#1-Don Stanhouse injures his arm-he is day to day.
    LAAtl#2-Pat Jarvis injured while pitching-he is day to day.
    0731 NYBalN#1-Paul Blair injured while fielding-he will be out for a week.

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    According to Retrosheet these are the actual standings from July 31, 1972

    Standings At Close of Play of July 31, 1972
    NL East

    Team Name G W L T PCT GB RS RA
    Pittsburgh Pirates 95 60 35 0 .632 - 437 322
    New York Mets 93 52 41 0 .559 7.0 311 329
    Chicago Cubs 98 51 46 1 .526 10.0 419 344
    St. Louis Cardinals 94 46 48 0 .489 13.5 352 371
    Montreal Expos 92 42 50 0 .457 16.5 297 365
    Philadelphia Phillies 95 34 61 0 .358 26.0 298 397

    NL West

    Team Name G W L T PCT GB RS RA
    Cincinnati Reds 94 57 37 0 .606 - 433 330
    Houston Astros 98 54 44 0 .551 5.0 458 412
    Los Angeles Dodgers 95 49 46 0 .516 8.5 347 331
    Atlanta Braves 97 46 50 1 .479 12.0 390 431
    San Francisco Giants 98 44 54 0 .449 15.0 406 412
    San Diego Padres 95 36 59 0 .379 21.5 293 397

    AL East

    Team Name G W L T PCT GB RS RA
    Detroit Tigers 95 55 40 0 .579 - 340 292
    Baltimore Orioles 94 52 42 0 .553 2.5 326 262
    New York Yankees 92 47 45 0 .511 6.5 330 287
    Boston Red Sox 93 47 46 0 .505 7.0 391 404
    Cleveland Indians 94 42 52 0 .447 12.5 281 314
    Milwaukee Brewers 95 37 58 0 .389 18.0 281 376

    AL West

    Team Name G W L T PCT GB RS RA
    Oakland Athletics 97 59 38 0 .608 - 382 291
    Chicago White Sox 96 53 43 0 .552 5.5 351 342
    Minnesota Twins 92 47 45 0 .511 9.5 330 330
    Kansas City Royals 95 46 49 0 .484 12.0 369 339
    California Angels 97 44 53 0 .454 15.0 298 367
    Texas Rangers 96 39 57 0 .406 19.5 303 378

    The games played will be different in my sim because I played the games that had been wiped out by the strike.
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