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Thread: Name your Top 10 Favorite All-Time Players.

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    1. Bob Gibson
    2. Mickey Mantle
    3. Willie Mays
    4. Lou Brock
    5. Ron Guidry
    6. Luis Tiant
    7. Julian Javier
    8. Thurmon Munson
    9. Kirby Puckett
    10. Hank Aaron

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    Jimmie Foxx
    Rogers Hornsby
    Harmon Killebrew
    Turkey Stearnes
    Babe Ruth
    Pop Lloyd
    Mark Bellhorn
    Billy Williams
    Buck Ewing
    Kevin Rostenkowski

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    I saw all of these guys play(ballpark and on TV). I will call them the all-time greatest(better than Ruth, Cobb, Mays, Bonds, and all others).

    Kirby Puckett
    Rod Carew
    Joe Mauer
    Justin Morneau
    Johann Santana
    Kent Hrbeck
    Gary Gaetti
    Tom Brunansky
    Dan Gladden
    Frank Viola

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    1. Eric Byrnes
    2. Ken Griffey Jr.
    3. Mike Schmidt
    4. Chase Utley
    5. Richie Ashburn
    6. Mickey Morandini
    7. Rube Waddell
    8. John Montgomery Ward
    9. Stanley Coveleski
    10. William Shakespeare Wetzel
    "I go all out. And I'm going to bring that to the table every day, in good times and bad times." - Eric Byrnes

    "...far too many people want to retroactively apply today's standards to yesterday's players, as if they played the game under the same assumptions and just heedlessly and obdurately plowed on in their own groove." - Los Bravos

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    1. Mike Piazza
    2. Fernando Valenzuela
    3. Steve Garvey
    4. Ramon Martinez
    5. Orel Hershiser
    6. Jimmie Foxx
    7. Lou Gehrig
    8. David Wright
    9. Babe Ruth
    10. Roy Oswalt

    Obviously, I didnt see Ruth, Foxx or Gehrig play. There just seemed to be something larger than life about them, almost mythical. I don't think any modern hitter can compare to them.
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