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    Bennett Park

    The precursor to Navin Field, and the home of the Detroit Tigers from 1896-1911. The Tigers were part of the Western League from 1896-1899, the minor league AL in 1900, and then the major league AL from 1901 onward. Named after the popular catcher Charlie Bennett, who played for the NL's Detroit Wolverines in every year of their existence (1881-1888, including a World's Championship in 1887), became the most popular Detroit ballplayer of the 19th century, and had had his legs amputated in 1894 after a train accident. Bennett "caught" every first pitch of every Detroit home opener from 1896-1926, and died in 1927.

    Some interesting facts is that the field was oddly configured, with home plate in the SE corner of the site, so left handed batters had the sun in their eyes most afternoons (didn't hurt Ty Cobb too much though). And, maybe one of the first parks to take advantage of the buildings around it for choice seating, with "wildcat" bleachers popping up around it starting in the 1880's, as a kind of proto-Wrigleyville. Also, it saw three World's Series, 1907, 1908, and 1909, including the Cubs' last Championship to date, in 1908.

    1907 WS


    1909 WS
    Larger size

    Raising the AL pennant flag, 1910

    Last Opening Day (in the snow), 1911

    And, Doctor Gogol's amazing Flickr set on the park ->
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    Some absolutely great pics, alpineinc!! A terrific exhibit. Thanks much!
    Put it in the books.

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    The first pic below is one of the most unusual I've seen of stands at a pro baseball park. The caption indicates that it shows Bennett Park in Detroit, 1896. Just look at those stands!

    1896 was the first year for Bennett Park, when the Tigers were part of the Western League, a minor league. The left billboard cites a Monroe Avenue address, and there is indeed a Monroe Avenue in Detroit.

    Here are 3 more from the Bennett Park days. Not sure that they were all taken there, but here they are.

    1908 Ed Killian, Detroit Baseball Club pitcher,

    1909 Ed Summers, Detroit Baseball Club pitcher

    1910 DONIE BUSH Detroit Tigers

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    Friday, October 2, 1908, Browns in town, Ty Cobb steals third in the first inning as Hobe Ferris tries in vain to corral Syd Smith's errant throw. Tigers prevailed, 7-6, as they remained 1/2 game up on the Cleveland Naps with 4 games to play. The Tigers would split their last 4 games (both wins by Wild Bill Donovan) to secure the pennant by that 1/2 game, but would lose the Series to the Cubs, their last championship to date.



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