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Thread: Most innings without scoring a run

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    Most innings without scoring a run

    What is the most innings a team has gone without scoring a run (in other words, what is the longest amount of time a team has been shutout)? And what is the longest time, innings wise, a game remained tied zero-zero?

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    On May 1st 1920 Brooklyn and Boston went 20 innings without scoring a run and used only one pitcher each. The game lasted 26 innings.

    From 1954 to 2009 the record is held by the 1968 Cubs that got held scoreless for 46 innings.

    In the running 1906 Boston Americans and 1906 Boston Braves.

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    On April 5, 1968, New York Mets and Houston Astros played a 24-inning 1-0 game. They were 0-0 during 23 innings.

    1906 Philadelphia Athletics were held scoreless during 48 innings. According to my source, 1968 Chicago Cubs didn't score a run during 48 innings.


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