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    Jays Prospects Mega-Thread

    This thread is to keep track of all rookies in the Jays minor league system who are highly rated or doing well at all levels of play. This way we can consolodate all of our players into one thread.

    DSL Blue Jays

    GCL Blue Jays

    Bluefield Blue Jays

    Vancouver Canadians

    Lansing: Single A

    Dunedin Blue Jays: Single A

    New Hampshire: Double AA

    Las Vegas 51's: Triple AAA

    Blue Jays Top 15 Prospects:
    1. RHP/ Kyle Drabek 8.0 B
    2. 3B/ Brett Lawrie 8.0 B
    3. RHP/ Zach Stewart 8.0 C
    4. OF/ Anthony Gose 8.0 C
    5. C/ J.P. Arencibia 7.0 C
    6. RHP/ Deck McGuire 7.5 B
    7. RHP/ Chad Jenkins 8.0 C
    8. RHP/ Aaron Sanchez 8.5 D
    9. OF/ Jacob Marisnick 8.5 D
    10. C/ Travis D'Arnaud 7.5 C
    11. SS/ Adeiny Hechavarria 7.5 D
    12. OF/ Eric Thames 7.0 C
    13. RHP/ Henderson Alvarez 8.0 D
    14. RHP/ Asher Wojciechowski
    15. OF/ Marcus Knecht

    LHP: Marc Rzepczynski
    LF/DH: Travis Snider
    LHP: Ricky Romero
    LHP: Brett Cecil

    Ranking System

    10: Generational Talent, Best ever; Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemmons, Albert Pujols.

    9: MVP Caliber, Wins many awards; Derek Jeter, Cliff Lee, Randy Johnson

    8: All-Star player, plays at a high level for most of their career; Carl Crawford, John Lester, Mark Tiexera

    7: Good Starting Player who could potentially make an all-star team every once in a while; Daisuke Matsuzaka, Jhonny Peralta, Ben Zobrist

    6: Average Major League player with no exceptional qualities; Jose Molina, Nate McLouth, Joe Blanton

    5: Utility Player; Johnny MacDonald, Kevin Slowey, Tony Gwynn Jr

    A: Blue Chip, baring injury should reach his full potential

    B: Very Likely to reach his full potential but there is still some work to do to reach it.

    C: Still has a modest amount of risk before fulfilling his potential.

    D: Not very likely to reach his full potential.
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    Kyle Drabek

    Assets: Has a live arm, throws 94-96mph. Has a great Curveball.

    Flaws: Still working on his change-up and Control.

    Comparisons: Ben Sheets, Chad Billingsley

    Rating: 8.0 B

    Career Upside: Has the potential to be a 1-2 type Pitcher. Must work on his change-up to reach Ace status. Likely a perennial 15 game winner.

    Brett Lawrie

    Assets: Very hard working player, does all the small things to help a team win. Great hitter

    Flaws: Defense needs work, he is learning a new position.

    Comparisons: Casey Blake, Aramis Ramirez

    Rating: 8.0 B

    Career Upside: Solid middle of the order bat. Fan favorite player.

    Zach Stewart

    Assets: Has a good slider to go with his good fastball. Lots of sink on his fastball. Throws in the high 90's.

    Flaws: Needs to build up his endurance to become a major league starter. Still needs to work on command.

    Comparisons: Roy Halladay, Derek Lowe

    Rating: 8.0 C

    Career Upside: Has the ability to be a top of the rotation starter 2-3.
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    Anthony Gose

    Assets: Speed, kid has lightning legs. Plays great defence covering allot of ground with his great speed.

    Flaws: Hitting is not yet polished, needs to work on being more selective at the plate to allow him to get on base.

    Comparisons: Kenny Lofton

    Rating: 8.0 C

    Career Upside: 50 steal threat gold glove center fielder.

    J.P. Arencibia

    Assets: He has the potential to drive in alot of runs due to his above average power.

    Flaws: He is not a defensively sound Catcher, although he has a strong arm.

    Comparisons: A.J. Pierzynski, Brian McCann

    Rating: 7.0 C

    Career Upside: Has the potential to be an average catcher with some power.

    Deck McGuire

    Assets: Has the body of a major league pitcher. Has good control.

    Flaws: Needs to get better movement on his pitches.

    Comparisons: Bartolo Colon

    Rating: 7.5 B

    Career Upside: Inning eater #3-4 pitcher.
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    Chad Jenkins

    Assets: Has a strong body built to log many innings. Has a fastball that reaches in the mid to upper 90's. Has strong sink on his fastball.

    Flaws: Needs to work on his control.

    Comparisons: Derek Lowe

    Rating: 8.0 C

    Career Upside: Middle Rotation starter who logs 200 innings.

    Aaron Sanchez

    Assets: Big bodied kid with a great fastball.

    Flaws: Needs to improve control.

    Comparisons: Chris Carpenter

    Rating: 8.5 D

    Career Upside: Staff Ace

    Jake Marisnick

    Assets: Potential 5-Tool Talent, Very Athletic

    Flaws: Needs to learn how to hit pro pitching.

    Comparisons: B.J. Upton

    Rating: 8.5 D

    Career Upside: 5-Tool outfielder.
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    Travis D'Arnaud

    Assets: Above average speed for a catcher, Developing a good eye at the plate.

    Flaws: Needs work on his defense.

    Comparisons: Brian McCann

    Rating: 7.5 C

    Career Upside: All-star Catcher

    Adeiny Hechevarria

    Assets: Has good size and is very polished Defensively.

    Flaws: Needs to learn how to hit pro pitching. Struggled since he began pro ball.

    Comparisons: Jimmy Rollins

    Rating: 7.5 D

    Career Upside: Has potential to be an All-Star Shortop who can challenge for Gold Glove titles, but first he needs to be able to hit major league pitching.

    Eric Thames

    Assets: Has good power, Chance to drive in runs.

    Flaws: Defence is Average and is a bit older in terms of prospects.

    Comparisons: Martin Prado

    Rating: 7.0 C

    Career Upside: Middle of the Order bat.
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    Henderson Alvarez

    Assets: Control artist, Has an excellent big league Change-up

    Flaws: Injured since 2010. Needs to get back on the mound and log innings.

    Comparrisons: Greg Maddox

    Rating: 8.0 D

    Career Upside: Has the potential to be a good middle of the rotation starter.
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