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Thread: Rays trade Iwamura to the Pirates

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    Rays trade Iwamura to the Pirates

    It was kind of expected that the Rays would not be picking up his option at $4.85M, especially after him being hurt for 4 months this year and Zobrist stepping in to play a solid offensive 2B, and with decent defense. I haven't heard much about the guy we get in return, but he sounds like he has a live fastball, and is young (re cheap). Hopefully Zobrist's D continues to improve and his offense doesn't suffer, because teams like us need to have solid defense up the middle to be able to compete with the big boys in our division. Aki was solid for us at 3B and at 2B and will be missed.

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    Aki shouldn't buy a house in Pittsburgh. He's now the highest paid Pirate.

    Translation: He'll be gone come July 31 from PNC Park.
    Man, do I *HATE* the Yankees!!!!!!


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