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Thread: Steve Finley Restaurant Bankruptcy

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    Steve Finley Restaurant Bankruptcy

    Former centerfielder Steve Finley is caught up in a controversy in Del Mar Ca right now. He was part owner of a restaurant that failed and the company has filed for bankruptcy. According to news reports, checks to workers bounced, and Finley promised them last August that they would be paid soon. They still haven't been paid.
    While not quite a Lenny Dykstra situation, it still seems to be a bad story.

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    Always a threat for home run, but known to steal. Does he have the eye for business to be above average? We'll see how is defense is. Maybe he can get another one thrown out.

    He played for every NL West team. He can start a restaurant in Arizona next, they've got real estate for sale.

    Also, Lenny Dykstra is a nut.
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    DB: Isn't he in Japan right now?
    JM: I don't know where Lou is right now. He's probably fleeing the authorities [laughs].

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    He made 68 million dollars in his career, does he not have money to pay them?
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