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Thread: Two AAGPBLers honored in Miami

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    Two AAGPBLers honored in Miami

    Mirta Marrero and Luisa Gallegos were inducted into the Cuban Sports Hall of Fame Sunday in Miami. This is separate from the Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame, dedicated to their Winter League, 1878-1961.

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    Also, at the February 2011 Joe DiMaggio's Children Hospital Benefit two AAGPBLers were introduced to the public and they got one of the strongest ovations, along with Brooks Robinson and a couple more former big league stars. I did not catch their names, though...

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    At the February 12 banquet of the Cuban Sports Hall of Fame (separate from the Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame), this one promoted by sportswriter Marino Martinez of the El Nuevo Herald, a Spanish version of The Miami Herald, Luisa Gallegos and Mirta Marrero were honored with trophies.
    Note the correct spelling of Mirta's name.
    They were applauded loudly, and they were very happy remembering their AAGPBL days, Mirta was at the Hall of Fame when they were honored with an exhibit, and when the end of the "League of their Own" titles were filmed.
    They recalled their barnstorming trip to Central and South America that started in Cuba, and recalled when the President of Nicaragua gave Mirta his medals, and when Romulo Gallegos, a great writer and President of Venezuela joked with Luisa.
    I had a great time talking with these two great ballplayers and ladies.
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