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Thread: New office in-box....

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    New office in-box....

    I've been looking at photos of the Ranger's ballpark and I noticed that office-building out center-way.

    Have those offices ever been struck by a homerun?
    How far would a HR have to travel to do so?


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    Nothing has ever hit it in a game on the fly.

    In 2008, Josh Hamilton one hopped it on the RF side of the bleachers in CF.

    In 1995, Mike Piazza hit the base of the glass just behind the visitors bullpen during the All-Star Workout. I know this because I almost took it in the noggin as I was walking from the RF Porch to my season ticket seat in LF.

    About 20 punk kids started to converge on me and the ball and I started yelling at them saying, "My gosh, its just a ball that costs $8." I said that thinking that it was thrown up there by one of the players on the field.

    It would have to travel well over 500 feet to hit it.

    I would guess that only about 15-20 have ever made it up on the second level in LF. The most notable one was Mark McGuire in 1997 as it hit the back wall of the second deck. Not too many make it up that far.

    RF Porch is a little different as the upper deck hangs over the lower deck and is in the trajectory of a ball that would land 15 rows up in the lower seats.
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