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Thread: 1st visit to Tropicana Field - any suggestions?

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    1st visit to Tropicana Field - any suggestions?

    Can anyone offer any suggestions for a first-timers trip to Tropicana Field next weekend when the Blue Jays are in town? Are there any local ticket offers/coupons/deals? Good food in the area or at the ballpark? What is parking like?


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    Hey Dwayne--

    Sorry to be answering this after the fact , but in case you plan to go again:

    Against the Blue Jays the tickets would probably not be too expensive, depending on the day of the week. Games against the Yankees and Red Sox are considered premium games and cost more. (It costs more to park at premium games as well.) The tbt* Party Deck seats aren't any cheaper than the upper level seats and are the worst seats in the place, but people still go there for the party atmosphere. They have all-you-can-eat deals there sometimes. Upper deck seats are inexpensive and cost the same behind home plate as they do down the baselines, I would shoot for that.

    If you can get three fans to go with you, parking at the Trop is free for carpools of four or more for Bronze and Sunday games; at least it was in 2010. Don't know if they're still running that particular promotion. Otherwise there are nearby lots that charge slightly less. For certain games there is a "Looper Trolley" that runs from downtown St. Petersburg to the Trop and back after games. There is plenty of cheap parking there, and the shuttle is free.

    There aren't many restaurants nearby but Ferg's is a popular hangout joint for Rays fans. There is outdoor seating there (unlike the Trop!) and they're known for their wings and buckets of inexpensive beer.

    Hope this helps in case you decide to go again in the future.

    Everything from parking to peanuts at the ballgame...check out!


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