As some of you have seen, I'm trying to finish a 2007 Pawtucket Red Sox set signed by the 30 players in it. I'd appreciate help finishing it, as most of the ones I have left either don't sign, are retired, or both. The players I still need, along with as current information as I have, are:
Abe Alvarez-played in Italy last year, haven't heard from him since
Kevin Cash- Round Rock (AAA) for Astros
Jacoby Ellsbury-Red Sox DL
Barry Hertzler-retired, I believe he is living in CT, but I'm not sure
George Kottaras- Brewers
Jon Lester-Red Sox
Brandon Moss-Indianapolis Indians (Pittsburgh AAA)
Ed Rogers-Reno Aces (Dbacks AAA)
If anyone can 50/50 any of these players, please let me know. Also (and this is important) this set was not the team issued set for 2007, but was a promotion at a game that year. They came in perforated uncut sheets of 30 that folded into booklets. Thanks.