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Thread: End of year awards

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    End of year awards

    Hey Guys,

    As our season is wrapping up, I am looking for some ideas for fun awards for the kids. We've got our usual MVP, Gold Glove, Highest Batting Avg. but I am looking from some fun ideas to make sure all the kids get something.

    Any info is appreciated.


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    I've given out the "Eagle Eye Award" for the kid that has the most walks. I've given out the "True Grit" award to the catchers for having to put up with all sorts of bad throws. I've given out the "Most Versatile Player" award for those kids I could put anywhere. I also had an award for highest on-base percentage. I've also given out an award to the kid who got hit by the most pitches. You can also give out the "Charlie Hustle" award, or the "Best Teammate" award. If you're creative enough, you can think of something for everyone.

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    Consider the "TEAM > ME" award ... meant to thank a kid that may not have been #1 in any particular category, but always placed the team ahead of themselves.

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    Yogi Berra was asked by a reporter "How do you catch a knuckle ball?" He came right back and said "When it stops rolling"

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    Go through the scorebook and figure out some web-gem awards for various outstanding plays.

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    Thanks for the ideas guys. Yes, we've got one for most stolen bases, a coaches award for hustle, attitude, etc. I like the Eagle eye for walks, I've already been going through the scorebook to keep track of on-base percentage, batting average, walks, K's, hits. We have the usual, MVP, Big Bat, was just looking for any other unique awards. What do you all think about letting kids vote on a "teammate" award or getting parents involved with MVP award. Just trying to mix things up this year and have some fun at the end of the year, many of these kids will not be playing ball much longer.

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    Like the idea of the kids voting for the MVP.

    Don't like the idea of parent involvement in the selection process.

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    What age level?

    For the 9-10 year olds, I have done awards like the "OUTSTANDING HUSTLE BY A 10 YEAR OLD PLAYER" award. That way I could give one for each age. And you can do the "MOST AGGRESSIVE BASERUNNING" award. Pretty much anything you can think of. And I do also give out either an MVP or CO-MVP and save those for last.

    Or depending on your team name you could pick famous players from that teams past. So if you were the Giants you could have the Juan Marichal award for pitching (or Tim Lincecum!), the Willie Mays award for the best catch of the year, etc, etc.

    But I think the best is that when you hand them their award or participation certificate you tell a particular story that stood out for the year for that player (the player who had scored the walk-off win by stealing home, or the hilarious swinging bunt that cleared the bases)

    My favorite was my own kid who, when he wasn't getting strikes called by the umpire that looked to all of us like strikes, asked the umpire to please clean off the plate! He didn't realize he was "showing up" the umpire, but he started getting the calls and we all laughed about it after. Another good one is the player who showed up with a sprained thumb on his glove hand, so he played the whole game in right with a lefty glove and bunted every time he was up. That's dedication!

    I also have ideas for 13-14 but gotta go get some work done!
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    During the Mustang and Bronco years we used to have a secret vote at the last game for "best team mate" and we'd have an award for that at the season ending pizza party. The coaches never defined the term, and left it up to the individual players to make their own decisions.

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    A few years ago our team (10YO) had a "tie" for two players for "Rookie of the Year". These went to younger players at a higher level for the first time.

    During the season I gave $1 to any player that hit a home run, or an outfielder that caught a fly ball. I think it cost me no more than $7 for the whole year! So i gave out a "Most likely to make money from the coach" award. It was great - the kid was not very good but he did catch 3 flyouts.

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    Thanks for all the input and ideas. We did use a few, like the "Best Teammate" with a secret ballot.

    Let me ask you guys, our Head Coach wants to give one MVP award to our MVP and a second MVP award to a kid who had an ok year, but his parents say he doesn't want to play ball next year. He thinks this make keep his spirits up and make him want to play again....I think it will water the MVP down for our real MVP. Again the kids are 9-10YO, any thoughts?

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    No to 2nd MVP. Just call it something else.

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    What one coach I had did was make baseball cards of each player, just AVG, OBP, SLG, and walks and for pitchers IP, ERA, K's, and K/BB. It wasn't much, but it meant a lot back than.

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    I put together a few individual stats you might like to try if you have the time. Getting away from the same old stats can be enlightening.

    Hitting Streaks can be a lot of fun. Also look at run production rather than just runs or RBIs. I donít know how well your book is kept, but if you can, try MRUís. Iíve been running numbers a heck of a long time, and been tracking this one for most of that time. It never ceases to surprise people when they see it.

    Doing pitcher stats like that can be tricky because it almost always seems like youíre beating up on the Pís. But try Pitcher mistakes.
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    We made sure to give each player a ball in a ball cube with a personalized note from the coaches like "Sweet Swing", "Really looking forward to having you back next year", "A really clutch hitter", "We'll miss you next season when you move up", etc. We'd sign it and date it and write the team name on it, too, so the kids could remember their teammates and the season. They weren't awards per se, but mementos. The best award I ever got for coaching was a team ball signed by the kids. I look at it every now and then and remember each and everyone of them - and now most of them will be graduating high school this year or next! Wow, how time flies by!

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    Why give awards if everyone gets one? The kids aren't stupid. They know which awards are meaningless. If these are preteens give them all a baseball and have them pass it around so everyone signs it.


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