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Thread: Minor League Baseball Simulation

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    Minor League Baseball Simulation

    I've been working on a batter by batter baseball simulation game. It has some bugs and is not yet 100% complete, but I thought some may be interested. It's best viewed in the latest version of firefox/moxilla and Internet explorer 8.

    Right now I have:

    AA and AAA teams from 1963-2009. 2010 AAA
    MLB teams from 1927-2010.
    Japanese teams from 1984-2009 (they are listed with the major league teams)

    I also have the ability to add college, high school, little league and more. Here is a sample game

    2010 Fresno vs 2010 Syracuse

    MLB 1986 Boston vs 1986 NY Mets

    Here is the link to start your own game

    Currently all of the teams/sport have the "DH" rule in place and you can only sub batter for batter and pitcher for pitcher. Also stolen bases are not an option right now, I'll have that available by the end of the week I hope. There is also a bug in the play by play, some time's the game will have a double play which is actually correct, but it won't say double play in the text. Right now I'm working on pitching stamina as well, so if you've ever thought about making Goose Gossage or Mariano Rivera a starter here's your chance.

    Try it out, let me know if you'd like any specific team added on any level.

    Again, it's a work in progress but I’ve found it fun, even though it's not 100% complete.

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    1962 Eastern League (A Ball, but it really good quality and upgraded to AA the next year); if you could work that in, that would be awesome!

    All-in-all an excellent job, though some players are lacking their correct nicknames (for example, on the 1963 Elmira Pioneers, Lawrence Clayton always went by "Cotton Clayton" and is even listed as such in the scorebooks; "Pete Anthony" was also "Photi Anthony" and shows up in the scorebook as such, Dick Tetrault often went by "Lefty"...likewise, some just need to be shortened; i.e. Phillip Barth goes by Phil, Stephen Cosgrove went by "Steve," James Liggett went by "Jim," Timothy Pelczynski went by "Tim," etc. Also, for the 1963 Rochester Red Wings, Raynor Youngdahl always went by Ray and Donald Brummer always went by Don. Still...a REALLY awesome game! Keep up the good work!
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    Thanks for taking a look. I'll try and update those names you've given me, and any others you'd like done. Just do me a favor, put them in a list so it's easier to read. example

    1963 Elmira Pioneers

    Lawrence Clayton= Cotton Clayton
    Pete Anthony= Photi Anthony

    I also added the CLASS A Eastern League and S. Atlantic leagues (1958-1962) to the the AAA/AA list of teams as everything I've read on those two leagues were virtually the same as AA and produced a ton of pro's.

    There are also so many different B,C,D and other smaller levels that will occupie the A/Rookie level I have set up in the database.

    I'll continue to add past years as right now I have AAA-AA 1958-2010.

    Let me know of any particular league or teams you'd like and I'll push them to the front of the list when I add more over the next couple days.

    I'm hoping to have sounds, scroll, and boxscore added this week as well.


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    I adjusted those players for the 2 1963 teams you listed. Plus the 1962 eastern league teams are located with the AAA-AA teams.

    We are also working on the ability to let the user edit player names for each team as well as creating your own "All-Star" team. You'd pick the players from any team, any year, for that particular level of teams. (MLB, AAA-AA, etc...). Users will be able to name their team and place them in any year they'd like. (Timetable is probably 10-14 days on that particular project).

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    Users can now edit rosters, great for HS and College teams. The link is here.

    You'll need a username and password if you don't already have one. Just sign up on the home page, it's free. Your custom team will appear below the other teams in the YEAR you place your team. It will have a *, next to it.

    home page

    I've also started the process of the Create a team feature. Users will have the ability to create a team on any level. For MLB they will also have an option to create a team with a "salary cap" that will be available for other users to play against. The user will pick their own players, name their team, and place it any year they'd like.

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    I would like to see the 1950s PCL

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    I've just added the teams you've requested (PCL 1950's). They are located in the pulldown menu (AA,AAA).

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    thank you friend

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    Create your own team.

    I've just finished the all-star team creator for the site. For MLB teams you'll have a budget of 120 Million Dollars to use to complete your roster. All teams from 1924-2010 in the database are available. See how your teams stack up against others.

    The available dollar amount is located on the right hand side of the page.

    For all other levels there is no salary cap, including all minor league teams.

    You'll need a username and a password to access this, you can sign up on the home page, it's free.

    Here's the all star feature page once you're signed in.

    Your team along with all other's created will be available to play against as long as you are signed in to your account. Here's a quick team I created to play against the 2010 Boston Red Sox.

    If you'd like, let me know once you get a team created and I'll set up a game link against my team or any team you'd like to play against.

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    I've added basic AI to the game (pitching changes, sac bunts and steals). You can now try a game against the computer. Here's a game I've set up against the computer. You are in control of the 2010 NY Yankees on the road against Cliff Lee.

    Try this game or create your own match up. I'm hoping I have all the kinks worked out, but there will probably be a few.

    I've also adjusted the MLB All-Star Salary cap for created teams on the site from 120 million to 135 million dollars. If you go to the All-Star feature and edit your team, you'll be able to adjust your roster and add more payroll. Teams have been struggling based on the initial payroll, this bump should help some and make teams more competitive.

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    I tried your game, with the 1956 Indianapolis Indians against home team 1956 Wichita. It proved to be a slugfest, but was quite enjoyable. I've been tempted to create some minor league teams to use with my old computer version of APBA Baseball, but may just save myself some effort and stay with your game instead.

    Thanks for a really enjoyable experience!

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    ox, thanks for checking the game out. Let me know if you'd like any other teams added. I'll do my best to track the info down and add them to the database.

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    I've added 2011 AAA and AA teams along with a few class A teams including Rookie Phenom Bryce Harper at Hagerstown. Here's a sample game with his team vs Arod's first team the 1994 Appleton Foxes.

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    Very cool and addicting.

    You plan on somehow adding all the ballparks and with the ballpark factors ?

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    I'd love to add more ballpark images. if you have a good link to any images or would like certain ones added, I'll try to get them online.

    As far as breaking them down by park factor for the statistical game, I'm not sure I'm going to get that in-depth right now. In the future maybe.

    Thanks for checking it out. I'm always looking for feedback.

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    Looks good I would like to see ACES BALLPARK in Reno, NV

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    Here's Aces Ballpark. I'll try to find a better picture but this should work for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebemiss View Post
    Here's Aces Ballpark. I'll try to find a better picture but this should work for now.
    hey looks great looks like the way it was when I was there on Weds night lol

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    Great games submitted by users or selected based on game results are now listed here:

    After each game is complete you can click the submit headline button and create your own newspaper style recap. Type in your headline, and your write-up. The game itself will select stars of the game and the play by play is listed below the box score.

    Other "great" games will be selected throughout the day to appear on this page as well. This new page has made it easy to add submissions and will be updated all the time. The original way was too labor intensive just to get a game online. This is a 1 click deal.

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    2011 AAA and AA have been updated through yesterday's games. Here's a sample game:

    Scranton/Wilkes Barre Yankees vs Gwinnett Braves

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    All single A teams have been added as well.

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    Fascinating game. I've played a couple and it works well. One question - what determines how many in a lineup? I see some games with 8, others with 9. Is there an option for pitchers to bat?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mjrbaseball View Post
    Fascinating game. I've played a couple and it works well. One question - what determines how many in a lineup? I see some games with 8, others with 9. Is there an option for pitchers to bat?
    Should always be 9 batters. Players are listed in order of most at bats. Currently I don't have it set up for pitchers to bat, dh only, unless they are in the top 9 in at bats. Some of the older teams may have this.

    If you think there is an error send me the two teams you played and I'll check it out. thanks

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    2012 AAA and Mexican league teams added

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    AAA and AA teams updated. set your own game up here:


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