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Thread: Tigers acquire Jhonny Peralta, lineup, and other possible trades

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    Exclamation Tigers acquire Jhonny Peralta, lineup, and other possible trades

    The Tigers acquired 3B/SS Jhonny Peralta. I like this move, especially because they got him for almost nothing. I think this could be a lineup until Inge, Maggs, and Guillen return:

    1. Austin Jackson CF
    2. Wil Rhymes 2B (seems great defensively, can draw a few walks and steal a few bases)
    3. Johnny Damon DH
    4. Miguel Cabrera 1B
    5. Brennan Boesch RF
    6. Jhonny Peralta 3B
    7. Ryan Raburn LF
    8. Alex Avila C
    9. Ramon Santiago SS

    The Tigers still need to make a few moves if they want to compete. I think their primary target should be Adam Dunn. With all the injuries, offense is badly needed. Dunn could play left field, right field, and DH. And with the injury to Maggs, he probably won't get his option for next season. Dunn could be resigned cheaper than Maggs.

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    Some people are saying it WILL be the Tigers who end up with Dunn

    He may be exactly what the Tigers need

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    Jhonny Peralta to the rescue. Puzzle completed. Now, we all know that there's a better possibility of the Royals or Indians passing the Tigers in the pennant race than the Tigers moving up in the standings. I, being a person who watches every single Tiger game, would prefer cutting to the chase much more quickly. I propose that after every Miguel Cabrera at bat, the following hitters could expedite the inevitable outcome of their plate appearances, and save a lot of time until Cabrera comes to bat again. The games would go much faster, Rod Allen could stop suggesting that these players slow the game down, and Miguel could just come up and take his shot at winning a triple crown. That way he could actually get to hit.

    Brennan Boesch gets one good swing at the first pitch. If he fouls it off, which he usually does, he'll be immediately called out on strikes, because the next pitch will be a nipple-high fastball, and the one after that will be a neck-high fastball, and as we all know, he has an aggressive (idiotic) approach.

    With a Ryan Raburn at bat, you have to take the opposing pitcher into consideration. If the pitcher has been in the big leagues for less than three years, he can take his hacks. If it's a veteran pitcher, the umpire declares an instant out.

    Scott Sizemore walks directly to the umpire, looks him square in the eyes and says "Sir, I am completely overmatched at this level. Sir, may I grab some pine"?" Umpire salutes and chalks up another out.

    Alex Avila is told that he can't bat until he either shaves or grows a full beard.

    Gerald Laird is given a fungo bat, told to aim toward right center field, and given one chance to hit a pop up so high that it might, just this one time pleasepleaseplease never come down and be declared a ground rule double.

    Danny Worth and Ramon Santiago are instantly given two strikes (recorded as foul balls on belt-high fastballs for the sake of historical accuracy) and given one chance to ground out, dribble out, foul out or strike out on the one breaking/off-speed pitch that they're allowed to swing at.

    Austin Jackson is allowed to predict the winner of a dot race on the scoreboard. One chance in three. If he wins, he's awarded a bloop single. If he doesn't, it's chalked up as a swinging strikeout.

    Johnny Damon is awarded a full chance at bat in honor of his tenure and status in the league, and his ability to correctly spell his first name. Chances are he'll single or double with the bases empty. If there happens to be a runner or two on, bank on a check swing strikeout.

    Will Rhymes? The umpire will inform him that a player must be taller than his bat to play with the big kids, pull a handkerchief out of his back pocket and kindly wipe off the chocolate smudges on his cheeks, and ask if his parents know where he is.

    Anyway, the Tigers drew the short stick this season. I'm not going to put a happy face on it. It sucks. We're done. We are the Cubs of the American League.

    I'll still watch every game, though. And wonder every time why the Tigers actually pay Gerald Laird money instead of an internship arrangement.

    Go Tigers


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