Game #1292

It's a Mystery? How can a Baseball Team that is as Hot as Hot can Be winning game after game turn as cold as cold can be not winning a single game and have it Happen simply Over Night all when the Brewers are changing Credit Cards for Playoff Tickets.

Well, I'm at the Game and I'm watching. It's the 8th Inning and it is one of the time I'm not roaming around and Yost brings in Gagne and Boom Home Run Tie Game. And the thought become what I would say in the Blog if indeed the Brewers lost again and I came up with that.

But Lucky the Brewers win but I desided to post that anyway for it is a cool to say and it is so true too. It is a Mystery. The same problem of not getting runners in that has been there all homestand was still there. Yeah the Brewers did win but it could of easily been a Lose.

It is a Mystery that defy logic almost as much as the Brewers did in 2002 in there 106 Lose Season. Tell this day I belive a Team could of try to lose all there games and still do better.

But I'm happy to have the Win anyway and I am hoping it leads to Another.