I have been doing ttm requests for more than 20 yrs now. I started to notice a trend about 5 yrs ago or so. Players started to send price lists with your cards UN signed back to you. They used to just keep the cards and that was it. Keeping you guessing whether or not they would sign them or not. I do not recall who's price list that I ever received first. I used to always get ticked off... John Doe wants me to PAY for his autograph!?!? WHATEVER!!!! I used to put the UN signed cards back in the sleeves, and throw away the price lists. UNTIL....

Last year I was attempting to complete a ttm project of mine. I needed several players from the ERA of the Amazin Mets. Ron Swoboda (current tv announcer for the Mets AAA New Orleans Zephyrs). Not knowing if he charged, or even signed or not. I sent him an UN signed 8x10 of himself back in his playing days. To my horror about 2 weeks later I received the 8x10 with a small note. "I charge $5 per autograph."
Well, I bit my tongue and mailed it back out with a 5 dollar bill. 8 days later it came back inscribed: "To Tony
Best Wishes!"
~Ron Swoboda~
That signed pic is hanging in my den.
Players whether they are past or present can charge money if they like. I don't have a problem with that. It's the one's that charge outrageous fees. Hank Aaron? What's he at now? $200 an auto? Willie Mays? $100-200 an auto?
That is insane. I work for a living, and do this as a hobby. I'm not trying to go into debt while trying to obtain an autograph.

This is my first blog here on this site. Whether you agree or disagree with me ... well that's your choice.
I just needed to rant.