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Thank you all for the feedback.

Funny everyone should mention his bat drag issue because that is one of the things we were working on tonight. We were focusing on staying connected and working the front elbow up and getting on plane. Still has a lot of work to do; but is much improved from where he was; even though he still has bat drag almost all of his hits tonight were raisers to the top of the back net.
Don't focus so much on results. He can show good results in the cage with poor mechanics and it might or might not always translate to a game. You want mechanics that will translate to higher levels of the game be it HS or just better competition. Better to work on mechanics and the line drives will be a by product.

His swing looks good for the most part. There is one thing that I see that could help him hit more balls hard with regularity and that is to incorporate what some hitting instructors call a trigger. That may sound complicated but it's not. Essentially all a trigger is, is this: when his weight goes back into the load his back elbow needs to raise up... but not higher than his hands and the top part of the back arm should never get higher than parallel to the ground....also the bat head should not travel above the head but should be angled behind the head to avoid adding length.

It is kind of like he would be throwing a punch at someone standing on the front part of the plate with the top hand (from the stance position), and if he wanted to throw a punch with some force behind it, then the elbow will need to come up slightly going back before going forward. Think of it like a pendulum.

At his age, developing the hand-eye coordination in this manner is most important. As he get's older focusing on the lower half will play a bigger part.