2015 brings 37 new high performance alloy and composite baseball bats to the world of BBCOR regulation.

The focus in 2015 has been swing speed. The most popular bat of 2014 (the Easton MAKO) returns with a lighter swing weight for faster swing weight. DeMarini's CF7 also comes in a lighter swing weight than the its CF6 2014 iteration.

As well, two major innovations hit the market this year also with increasing swing speed. The MAKO TORQ with its spinning handle was designed to get hands through the zone faster. Also, RIP-ITs 2015 Helium BBCOR puts a new stamp on the idea of light swinging bats with its pressurized cabin filled with helium for, you guessed it, a lighter swing.

All in all the world of BBCOR baseball looks to be an interesting one in 2015.

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