I would like to start off by saying thank you for all the help you all have given me to start my blog. You all have been really helpful in getting me started on Baseball-fever.
I think that the spring training and all the cactus league baseball is showing alot about where the organizations are going to be in the regular season. The way that organizations are getting a whole new roster and cleaning house (signing and releasing a lot of players) is going to benefit them after the all-star break. A prime example of a team that cleaned house was the Pittsburgh Pirates. They went along with a whole new scheme and hired a new GM. They got rid of Dave Littlefield and picked up a very abstract-minded GM. He went from the gound up in rebuilding the Pirates. The Pirates havn't had a winning season in 14 years. I would think it is time to build from the ground up and start to improve the farm system in the minors.They can get rid of some high salary players and go out and get some good deals in the free agency. They can really put together a ball team if they just keep it simple and don't get too trade-happy and just make the right decisions on who to cut and who to pick up.
Another topic i would like to go over is the yankees. The Yankees have a very good starting rotation for the up coming season. Their bullpen is going to be phenominal in the post season if they can keep everybody healthy. With the departure of Joe Torre, the Yankees are going to miss the respest that Joe had for his players. With Joe Girardi coming in as manager, it will be a new experience to have a yonger mind as the manager. Girardi will be more agressive when it comes to baserunning and hit-and-run situations. The current hitting coach is Kevin Long. He will bring liveliness to the clubhouse and will be a favorite among many older players.
That will conclude my blog about the futures of teams in the '08 season. I hope this will be helpful for the baseball fans like me!