Too often, young hitters are taught to stand as still as possible in the box as they wait for the pitcher to throw the ball.

The problem with this teaching is that the hitter never gets ready to hit with his body. Consequently, he misses a ton of pitches he should drive.

Nothing powerful in athletics is done from a stand still position. There has to be movement to overcome inertia. So teach the hitter to create some controlled movements in his stance. It doesn't have to be a lot, but it needs to be there. Big league hitters never stop moving altogether once they step into the box. This keeps them athletic and tension-free.

Below is a drill I use to help hitters create energy. It works great for any lower body flaw, but is particularly great for hitters who don’t get their body in motion.

The keys are to stay controlled in the movements by doing them slow and early. Also, to focus on the move back AGAINST the back leg–not over the top of it. From here the hitter steps to hit–just like he would step to throw the ball hard– and finishes focusing on hitting AGAINST a stiff front side. Now we have balance, explosiveness, and our body is in control through the whole swing.